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AR Card issue? 0
Weird AR card problem? 0
Where can I find Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance in Qatar? 0
Any specific dream eater recommended? 2
Are there any other secret/special boss(es)? (Possible Spoilers) 4
Can you rematch Xemnas? 1
Details on streetpass portals? 1
Difficulty spike? 2
Does it matter what world you start first? 4
Dream Eater Attacks: What do they do? 1
Exp help? 3
Friend Codes? 1
Glitch or what? 1
Has anyone else noticed...? 1
How do I get 100%? 1
How do portals work? 2
How do the (wireless) Link Portals work? 3
How do you achieve S-rank in flick rush? 1
How to increase your HP? 2
I can't drop back to Sora? 2
I can't find the boss for the ultima? 2
I just got this game any tips? 2
If I learn an ability stat is it permanent? 1
Is it possible to get all abilities? 2
Is there a way to check how many Drop Points you've accumulated? 2
Kingdom Hearts 3D, or Fantasy life? 1
Mementos HELP? 1
Problem with Traverse Town's second visit? 3
Question about Queen Buzzerfly and repeating dives later in the game? 1
Rikus secret portal help? 1
Secret message? 3
SkelterWild rage mode? 2
So question about axel? 7
Song that plays during Riku's first scene in La Cite Des Cloches? 1
Sweet dream keyblade? 1
What do I do with all the extra link points for a spirit, after the Ability Board for that spirit is complete? 1
What does Proud mode have over Standerd? 2
What is an effective way to use treats? 1
What is the best way to make munny? 3
What is the final award for Flick Rush? 6
What is the local co-op play for this game? 2
What magics are in this game? 4
Where can i find the items for "Cera terror"? 1
Where do I find the portal in the grid with riku? 1
Where do I get Break Time? 2
Why cant I get new Abilities for my Spirit When i change his Disposition? 2
Why is my dream eater sparkling during gameplay? 1
Why is Riku's hair a lot shorter? 2

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