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Getting a cat to bring presents?

So, in the booklet and the tips you get from the game it says your cat can bring you presents. However, I have been playing this game since release, and I have a cat since the third day, but it still hasn't brought me anything.
Is there some sort of requirement for this event to happen?

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LifeCat15 answered:

LaffyTaffy3 is wrong, you don't need 2 dogs, my cat brought me a present and I only had 1 dog (None in the hotel, either). Just leave your 3DS open for about 30-45 minutes and your cat will go outside, let your cat outside long enough (meaning, don't call it back inside, stuff like that, you can, however, focus on your cat.) and if you focus on it, your cat will eventually bring you a present.
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LaffyTaffy3 answered:

Do you have two dogs??? If not, you cant do anything yet with your cat. I dont know why though. So start saving up for another dog. lol. Good luck! ;D
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