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Normal Clear medal won't pop?

I have killed every single enemy in the game including all the bosses on normal, and it refuses to give me the normal clear medal... is this a huuge game bug that i can fix, or am i just SOL? I know its really just bragging rights for my G-Card, but its really bugging me, I worked hard for this! and I didn't do it on easy =/

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Emmy_Altava answered:

Go beat the Heavenbringer again within the Medium's dream on Misty Ravine B1F.

It should take all of about three turns if you're maxed, and it *should* give you the medal.
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rotten_totem answered:

All bosses including 6th stratum and dragons? Not just storyline. Also, is there any point in the game you think the boss is too hard to take on, then switched the difficulty to casual, and popped it back to normal after defeating the boss, and did not defeat him again on normal?
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gamingod101 answered:

Maybe you have to get all items? I don't know
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Chaosmaster00 answered:

You have to beat all of the following bosses in normal difficulty :

Berserker King
Hollow Queen
Boiling Lizard
Cradle Guardian
Heavenbringer (you MUST fight the version that the Medium spawns in her nightmare in postgame in the Vessel village; beating the story mode version is not required)
Warped Savior
Baboon King
Sand Leviathan
Chameleon King
Great Dragon
Storm Emperor
Blizzard King
Fallen One


Not in any particular order, but you must beat all of them in Normal difficulty.
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