Question from shell_leann09

Does anyone know other recipes?

I'm on my own now for the cooking festivals.....I have no idea what any recipes are and I can't the the items from before right now.


HitTheGroundWal answered:

Have you checked Fogu? They have a full list.
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Threebdog answered:

I only know 2 ways of finding recipes 1 is you can look in other peoples houses and some have recipes like omeletes and a advanced marinated fish 2 is you can go to and find harvest moon and they tell you.
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empressdee answered:

There are a few that I have learned through trial and error. The first one is turnip salad. To make this answer easier, I will use my cool format.

Recipe name: Turnip Salad
Utensils needed: None
Ingredients needed: Turnip

I cannot think of any more recipes right now, but you know what I did just to find recipes?

I went foraging first, then using my "No tool", I selected an ingredient that I thought made something. I do recall making something that way, but I forgot what it was.

Here are two recipes you can try for the fun of it:
(Using my format again)

Recipe name: Mayonnaise
Utensils used: None
Ingredients used: Egg + oil

Recipe name: Fried eggs/omlette
Utensils used: Frying pan
Ingredients used: Egg + oil

The two I just gave you I haven't confirmed, but if they did work, especially that second one, then with that second one, add stuff to it like cheese and mushrooms.

Anyway, I hope that helped.
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