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How do I get past Groznyj Grad?

How do get past Groznyj Grad after the torture scene without getting caught so that the door at the north end stays open

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Also, do you have to knock them out before it says caution or that the person sees you, and is alert?


Wolfang_zero answered:

Find the cardboard box behind the prison building watch out for guard though. Then equip the box. When the enemy says "huh" stop moving let him get close enough. Then let him check you for a while. Before he open the box unequip it then punch him with all you've got until he pass out. Repeat this method until you reach the sewer.
Well I dunno is this help you, but this is the trick I use on extreme difficulty.
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Wolfang_zero answered:

Yes, knock him out ASAP before it become alert condition.
If he see you but from far distance and says "huh" it's okay just seek a cover or hide in the box to ambush him.
Caution is fine as well but it will be harder to get into the sewer because of the patrol reinforcement.
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Wolfang_zero answered:

Oh and be careful with the dog guarding the entrance to the sewer. It's better to avoid and pass them while they're sleeping.
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