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                   S N A K E          E A T E R

A FAQ/Walkthrough by MHamlin - cmhamlin@mchsi.com
v1.00 completed 11/10/05

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

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Version History                                                          [000]
Basics                                                                   [001]
 -Life and Stamina                                                       [002]
 -Controls                                                               [003]
 -Actions                                                                [004]
 -CQC                                                                    [005]
Enemies                                                                  [006]
 -Enemy Units                                                            [007]
 -Behavior                                                               [008]
 -Alert Modes                                                            [009]
Survival Viewer                                                          [010]
 -Camouflage                                                             [011]
 -Backpack                                                               [012]
 -Food                                                                   [013]
 -Cure                                                                   [014]
 -Other things                                                           [015]
Camouflage                                                               [016]
Infiltration Tips                                                        [017]
Walkthrough                                                              [018]
 -Virtuous Mission                                                       [019]
 -Operation Snake Eater                                                  [020]
  -Dremuchij, Bolshaya Past, and Ocelot                                  [021]
  -Chyornaya, Ponizovje, and Graniny Gorki                               [022]
  -Svyatogornyj and The End                                              [023]
  -Krasnogorje and The Fury                                              [024]
  -Groznyj Grad and The Sorrow                                           [025]
  -Return to Groznyj Grad and The Boss                                   [026]
Appendices                                                               [027]
 -Equipment                                                              [028]
 -Weapons                                                                [029]
 -Food                                                                   [030]
 -Uniforms                                                               [031]
 -Face paints                                                            [032]
 -Kerotan Frogs                                                          [033]
 -Codenames                                                              [034]
Extras                                                                   [035]
 -Equipment                                                              [036]
 -Easter Eggs                                                            [037]
Credits and Copyright                                                    [038]


VERSION HISTORY                                                          [000]

v1.00 - First version complete. 11/10/05


BASICS                                                                   [001]

Getting acquainted with the basics is essential for making it through MGS3. 
Here, you will find everything you need to know to get yourself started off.

-Life and Stamina                                                        [002]

There are two bars on the upper left hand corner of the screen. The bigger bar 
is your life. When Snake is injured, the bar will decrease. If it runs out 
completely, the game is over. Although there are methods of restoring your 
life, it will regenerate itself over time. Lying down will also speed up your 

The smaller bar beneath the Life bar is your stamina. As Snake runs around out 
in the field, this bar will slowly decrease. As it gets lower, Snake's ability 
to fight or perform other actions will deteriorate. When it gets down to 50%, 
Snake's stomach will start to growl (which will alert nearby enemies). You 
need find and eat food to keep your stamina up. Generally, it's a good idea to 
keep your stamina above 50%; any lower than that, and you will see some 
noticeable changes in Snake's performance. Here are the effects of low 

-Aim gets shaky
-Rate at which life recovers is slowed
-Rate at which wounds heal is slowed
-O2 and grip decrease

When you are hanging or swimming, the stamina bar will turn blue and decrease. 
When under water, the blue gauge represents your O2. If it runs out, your life 
will decrease. While hanging, the blue gauge represents your grip. Snake will 
let go and fall if it runs out. The higher your stamina, the longer you will 
be able to hang or stay under water. Keep in mind that there are other ways in 
which your stamina will deplete.

-Controls                                                                [003]

Left analog stick: Move.

Right analog stick: Move camera.

D-pad: Stalk.

X: Crouch/Crawl.

Square: Weapon.

Triangle: Action.

Circle: CQC.

R1: First Person View.

R2: Weapon window/quick weapon change.

R3: Zoom in (radio).

L1: Aim/lock-on.

L2: Item window/quick item change.

L3: Threaten (CQC).

Start: Survival Viewer.

Select: Radio.

-Actions                                                                 [004]

Movement: Use the left analog stick to move Snake around. The speed at which 
you move depends on how hard the stick pushed. Push the stick far to run. Push 
the stick slightly to walk. The left analog stick also control your movement 
when crawling, hanging, and swimming.

Stalking: Use the D-pad to stalk and move quietly. While stalking, Snake's 
footsteps cannot be heard, so you must use the D-pad if you want to sneak up 
on an enemy. The slow and careful movement of stalking also allows Snake to 
spot traps set by the enemy; a "!" will appear over his head.

Crouching and crawling: Press X to crouch down. While crouching, use the left 
analog stick to lay down and crawl. If you crawl into thick grass or 
underbrush, you will automatically go into First Person View, or Intrusion 
Mode. In this mode, you can also press the d-pad left or right to strafe-
crawl. If you hold down the X button while standing, Snake will hit the deck 
and lay down without crouching. While crawling, press the X button to go back 
to a crouch, or hold X to stand up.

Diving roll: While running, press X to perform a diving roll. This move can be 
used as a defensive measure to avoid gunfire or to cross over enemy traps 
without tripping them. You can also roll and crash into enemies to knock them 
off their feet. If you press and hold X during a diving roll, Snake will end 
the roll lying down.

First Person View: Press and hold R1 to go into First Person View. In this 
view, you can use the left analog stick to view your surroundings. Many other 
actions can be performed in this view, such as crouching, attacking, and 
leaning. Press and hold L2 or R2 to lean in those directions. The harder you 
press on the button, the further Snake will lean. If you press R2 and L2 
together, Snake will stretch up on his toes.

Camera movement: The camera is usually above Snake, but can be moved around 
with the right analog stick. This will allow you to see what is in the 
immediate area without actually having to turn and look.

Wall movement: Move to a wall or other flat surface and press the left analog 
stick towards it. Snake will flatten against the wall and the camera will 
usually turn to face him. While still pressing against the wall, tilt the 
stick left or right and Snake will shuffle along the wall (he can do this 
while crouched, too). If you come to a corner, the camera will turn to face 
Snake so you can see what is around the corner. Hold L2 or R2 (whichever one 
goes towards the corner) to peek around the corner. You can also use the right 
analog stick to move the camera, or R3 to lock the camera in place. If you are 
holding something that can be thrown, peek around the corner and use the 
Weapon Button to throw the object around the corner.

Climbing: When faced with a roughly waist-high surface, press against and hit 
triangle to climb up.

Hanging: Press against a waist-high railing and press triangle to jump it and 
hang over the other side. While hanging, use the left analog stick to shimmy 
left and right. Press X to drop down and triangle to climb up. If you are 
equipped with a handgun, press and hold square to fire (it would be a good 
idea to use First Person View, too). You can also press and hold L2 and R2 to 
do pull ups. If you slip off the edge of a cliff, Snake will automatically 
grab the edge. Let go of a ledge and repeatedly tap triangle, and Snake will 
catch any platforms or ropes beneath him.

Climbing trees: Press against a tree covered with ivy, and then press triangle 
to climb up and stand on the branch. You can move along the branch and fire 
and attack enemies if equipped with a handgun. Although you can step off the 
branch and fall, you can also press triangle to hang.

Swimming: Use the left analog stick to maneuver on the surface or underwater. 
Press and hold X to dive down. Once under water, repeatedly tap X to swim 
forwards. Use triangle to make a rapid ascent.

Wall tapping: While pressed against a wall, press circle to tap on the wall. 
The noise will get a nearby enemy's attention.

Attacking: Press the Weapon Button to use your equipped weapon. Most weapons 
are operated by holding the Weapon Button and releasing to fire. For automatic 
weapons, simply hold the Weapon Button.

Lock-on: Press and hold L1 when near an enemy and Snake will lock-on and fire.

Shoulder aim: While aiming in First Person View, hold L1 to aim through the 
sight for more accurate shots.

Throwing: When equipped with something you can throw, press and hold the 
Weapon Button and release to throw. The harder you press the Weapon Button, 
the farther you will throw.

Equipping: Press and hold L2 or R2 to open the Item or Weapon windows, 
respectively. Use the D-pad to cycle through your equipment and then release 
L2 or R2 to equip it. If you tap and release L2 or R2, you can quickly equip 
and unequip your weapon or item.

Jump-out shot: When pressed up against wall and near a corner, equip your 
weapon and press and hold the Weapon Button. Snake will jump around the corner 
and attack. Release the Weapon Button and Snake will duck back around the 
corner for cover.

Hold-up: Sneak up to an enemy undetected (usually from behind) and aim your 
weapon at the enemy. Snake will say "Freeze..." and the enemy will drop his 
weapon and hold up his hands. Circle around in front of the enemy and aim your 
weapon at his head or groin and he will give up items. If you turn away from 
the enemy or unequip your weapon, he will try to turn the tables on you, so 
keep your weapon aimed at him. If you hold up an enemy while he is lying face 
down on the ground, he will drop his weapon and place his hands above his 
head. Although you cannot threaten him for items, he will remain in this state 
forever, even if you lower your weapon and walk away.

Drag enemy: Unequip your weapon and approach a dead, sleeping, or unconscious 
enemy. Hold the Weapon Button to pick him up and use the left analog stick to 
drag the body around. Release the Weapon Button to put the body down.

Lockers: Stand in front of a locker and press triangle to open it. Move inside 
and Snake will shut the door to conceal himself. While inside, hold R1 to lean 
forward and look through the slits in the door (if you press too hard, Snake 
will his head and make noise). Hold L2 or R2 to glance left or right or press 
triangle to open the locker and get out. If you drag an enemy's body to an 
open locker, Snake will shut the enemy inside. Open locker doors can also be 
used as cover in a gunfight.

-CQC                                                                     [005]

CQC is short for Close Quarters Combat. This is the hand-to-hand combat method 
that Snake uses to take his enemies down. Although you can use CQC bare-
handed, it is also possible to execute these attacks when equipped with any 
weapon that has the red "CQC" icon. These weapons include:

Cig Spray
EZ Gun

Press the CQC button to throw a punch. Press it repeatedly to unleash a three 
hit punch-punch-kick combo. The kick has a wide range of effect and will floor 
your enemies. Punching and kicking will eventually knock the enemy out.

When near an enemy, move the left analog stick in any direction and press hold 
the CQC button. Snake will grab the enemy and throw him to the ground very 
hard, resulting in an instant knockout.

When near an enemy, press and hold the CQC button without moving the left 
analog stick and Snake will grab the enemy and hold him by the neck with his 
left hand (the knife will appear in Snake's hand) and restrain the enemy's arm 
with his right hand. At this point, you will have several options:

Drag- Move the left analog stick to drag the enemy around. Each pull on the 
enemy's neck will tighten Snake's grip, so the enemy will lose consciousness 
if dragged too far.

Threaten- Hold L3 and Snake will threaten the enemy with his knife. Most 
enemies will give up information such as the location of enemy guards (they 
will appear on the map), tips about the local area, or radio frequencies.

Strangle- Repeatedly tap the CQC Button and Snake will strangle his victim. 
The enemy will eventually lose consciousness but if you continue applying 
pressure, Snake will snap his neck.

Neck Slice- Press down hard on the CQC Button and Snake will cut the enemy's 
throat with his knife. Quick, but messy.

Throw- Move the left analog stick in the direction Snake is facing, and then 
let up on the CQC Button and press it down again. Snake will throw the enemy 
face-first into the ground. If you move the left analog stick to the left or 
right of Snake's direction, Snake will throw the enemy down sideways. While 
the enemy is on the ground, you can quickly aim your weapon at him to hold him 

Human Shield- While holding the enemy, his comrades will be hesitant to 
attack. If you are equipped with either the M1911A1 or Mk22, you can take 
advantage of this by holding the Weapon Button to aim your gun and open fire 
(while aiming, you can let up on the CQC Button). You can also hold down R1 to 
aim more precisely, but keep in mind that enemies will try to counter this 
tactic by circling around or rushing you with a melee attack. Keep in mind 
that Snake cannot change magazines while holding an enemy.

Sedate: When equipped with the Handkerchief, grab the enemy with CQC and Snake 
will cover the enemy's mouth, putting him to sleep.


ENEMIES                                                                  [006]

Your foes are many, so get used to the kind of enemies you'll be facing. The 
section will describe the enemies you'll face how they behave to certain 
situations. Knowing what your enemy is capable of and knowing what he'll do 
next are crucial for defeating them.

-Enemy Units                                                             [007]

Infantry: These are the regular grunts you'll encounter throughout the entire 
game. They are equipped with AK-47's, pistols, knives, and grenades. Although 
they aren't terribly difficult to defeat, they can become quite a nuisance on 
higher difficult levels because of their sheer numbers. They will usually hold 
their ground and fire with their rifles but if you disarm them (holding them 
up or shooting their right arms), they attack with pistols instead. If you get 
close to them, they will do vicious knife slashes that will floor you. And 
finally, if you crawl into a tight space or climb up on a ledge where they 
can't reach you, they will start tossing grenades.

Heavily Armed Troopers: These are the elite heavily armed soldiers that appear 
as backup when you are discovered. They come equipped with body armor and can 
take more abuse before dying. Some also carry shotguns and one blast will 
floor you and cause substantial damage. Some of these troopers carry shields, 
which make them impervious to gunfire. Although these soldiers don't carry 
knives, they will floor you with a shield bash if you get too close. Try to 
aim for their feet first; this will cause the soldier to stumble and drop his 
shield for a moment.

Guards: These guys are usually found indoors and are dressed in officer 
uniforms instead of battle fatigues. They are a little easier to deal with 
because they only have pistols and knives but if you discovered, the 
reinforcements will be carrying shotguns.

Attack Dogs: These annoying pups are very hard to sneak past. They can 
actually smell you, so you can never get too close or they will discover you. 
Even if you make the slightest disturbance, the dog will start barking and a 
soldier will show up to investigate. If you are running from the enemies, the 
attack dogs will be able to follow you by scent, making it nearly impossible 
to hide. However, the dogs are easily tricked; simply throw some food out near 
the dog and he will eat it and fall asleep.

Flamethrowers: You will only encounter them in one area, but they are pretty 
dangerous. Their flamethrowers have short range but cause immense damage, 
severe burns, and will also knock you over. However, each flamethrower carries 
a fuel tank on his back. Shoot the fuel tank and it will explode, taking him 
out and any others nearby.

Hovercrafts: These guards are riding around on hovering vehicles. They attack 
with quick bursts of machine gun fire and are hard to attack because the front 
part of their vehicles shield them from gunfire. However, you can take them 
down with a well-placed shot to the head or by delivering a substantial amount 
of gunfire to the bottom portion of the vehicle to make it explode. 
Alternatively, you can also shoot the headlight out and the guard may leave 
the area for repairs.

Scientists: You don't need to kill them but they can be pretty annoying. 
Usually, you will need to sneak around in disguise but the scientists are not 
fooled. Once a scientist sees you, he will say something like "Huh?" and try 
to get a better look at your face. Quickly turn and walk away; if he sees your 
face for too long, he will recognize you as an intruder. Although you can use 
CQC, it's risky because you have to get out of disguise to do it. Holding up a 
scientist does no good, either.

-Behavior                                                                [008]

Each enemy behaves in basically the same way. If they see or hear anything 
suspicious, they will stop their patrol and come to investigate. Tapping on 
walls or making noise while walking will cause soldiers to this. If you just 
got out of the water, or if you are walking in a puddle, you will leave 
visible footprints. If the enemies see these, they will follow them.

If an enemy spots you in the distance, he will won't be able to tell you're 
actually an intruder. Simply lay down and equip better camouflage and he will 
dismiss you as a figment of his imagination. If you fail to do so, the guard 
will come to investigate.

If a sleeping or unconscious guard is discovered by another guard, he will 
wake him up. The game may or may not go into Caution mode; if you put the 
guard out with a tranquilizer round, he won't really know what happened, so 
there will be no Caution mode.

The guards will produce question marks and exclamation marks when they see or 
hear things. Shooting these marks will stun the guards for a short period of 

-Alert Modes                                                             [009]

ALERT: Occurs when you discovered by an enemy or an enemy hears the sound of 
gunfire or an explosion. The enemies will call for backup and then hunt you 
down. They already know where you are, so you must evade them or kill them. 
When you are not in the sight of an enemy, the counter will decrease. When it 
reaches zero, the guards will lose you and stop attacking.

EVASION: After ALERT, EVASION will begin. In this mode, the guards are 
actively looking for you. You need to secure a hiding spot until the counter 
reaches zero. If you are discovered, the game re-enters ALERT.

CAUTION: Occurs after EVASION. The guards have given up looking for you but 
they are now more vigilant than usual on the patrol routes. The reinforcements 
that were called in earlier will stay as extra security. The game will return 
to normal when the counter reaches zero.

There are a number of ways in which CAUTION mode can be invoked:

-Attack a guard.
-A guard discovers the corpse of another guard.
-Holding up a guard and then leaving.

Some of the guards have radios and they will call for backup if alerted to 
your presence. Even if you are spotted, you can quickly take down the guard 
before he can alert others and ALERT will instantly cancel. You can also 
attack a guard with a radio to disrupt his call, though doing this will summon 
a search team. If you can move the guard away from that area, the search team 
will find nothing. If you make any kind of disturbance in CAUTION mode, a 
nearby guard will radio in and the counter will restart at 99. If you take out 
the guard before he completes his call, the counter will drop back down to 
what it was before the call.


SURVIVAL VIEWER                                                          [010]

Pressing Start will open the Survival Viewer. Here, you will find everything 
you need to survive in the jungle. The options available to you are 
view Snake and then rotate him with left analog stick and zoom in and out with 
triangle and square.

-Camouflage                                                              [011]

Choosing this option lets you change your uniform and face paint. Select 
Uniform or Face and the patterns you have will be shown. The numbers to the 
right indicate the kind of effect the patterns will have on your Camo Index. 
You can also select camo patterns from your Memory Card if you downloaded any.

-Backpack                                                                [012]

Whenever you find a new weapon or piece of equipment, it will be stored in the 
backpack. Snake can carry up to eight items and eight weapons. Simply 
highlight either the item window or weapon window and choose what equipment 
you want. You can also hold down R2(weapons) or L2(items) and then press Enter 
to quickly remove equipment and put it in your backpack. Also note that each 
piece of equipment has a specific weight. The more weight you put on Snake, 
the faster his stamina drops. Make sure you don't weigh yourself down with 
equipment you're not using.

-Food                                                                    [013]

Snake must find and eat food to keep his stamina up. Selecting this option 
allows you to view all of the food items you have. Select any item and then 
select "Eat" to eat it or "Dispose" get rid of it. The top three slots are 
cages; if you capture a small animal live with your Mk22 or Mousetrap, that 
animal will be stored in a cage. Your food will start to spoil if you keep it 
for too long. Look at the icon for the food item; if there is a fly, that 
means it's spoiling and eating it could result in a stomach ache. If there are 
two flies, that means the food is completely spoiled. Animals captured live 
will never spoil. Man-made food items, such as Rations, won't spoil, either. 
Snake can only carry a limited amount of food. Also note that the amount of 
stamina you recover depends on the taste; good-tasting food will give more 
stamina. However, Snake's tastes will change over time. If you keep eating the 
same food, Snake will eventually develop a taste for it and it will give you 
more stamina.

-Cure                                                                    [014]

When you are severely injured or feeling under the weather, go to CURE to 
patch yourself up. When Snake receives a bad injury, the life gauge will turn 
red. Snake's life will only recover up to the red portion, so you never fully 
recover your life with a bad wound. In the CURE menu, simply place the cursor 
over the wound and it will give a short description and a percentage 
indicating how much the wound as healed. Hold down R2 for medical items or L2 
for medicine and then cycle through and hit Enter to use that item. Each time 
you use an item, the healing percentage will go up. You have a limited amount 
of medical supplies, so don't waste them. Here are the common injuries and how 
to heal them:

Deep cut- Caused by being cut with something, such as a knife or other sharp 
object. Heal with Suture Kit, Disinfectant, Styptic, and Bandage.

Gunshot wound- Caused when shot at close range. Heal with Knife, Disinfectant, 
Styptic, and Bandage.

Fracture- Caused by a bone fracture, usually from taking a long fall. Heal 
with Splint and Bandage.

Burn- Caused by coming into contact with fire or being caught in an explosion. 
Heal with Ointment and Bandage.

Needles and Bolts- Caused when being shot by such objects. Heal with Knife.

Leeches- Caused when crossing murky water or swamps. Leeches will slowly drain 
your stamina. Heal with Cigar.

Poison- Caused when attacked by a poisonous animal. Heal with Serum.

Food poisoning- Caused when eating a poisonous food. Heal with Antidote.

Stomach ache- Caused when eating rotten food. Heal with Digestive Medicine.

Cold- Caused by swimming in cold water without a shirt on. Snake will start 
sneezing every now and then, which will alert guards to your presence. Heal 
with Cold Medicine.

Note that Snake's injuries will heal themselves over time. The higher your 
stamina, the faster they will heal. If you use at least one medical item to 
start the healing process, the injury will heal on its own much faster.

You can also quickly rid yourself of food poisoning or a stomach ache by 
vomiting. Simply open the Survival Viewer, press R1, and spin Snake around for 
15-20 seconds. Exit the survival viewer and Snake will vomit up the poison or 
rotten food. Doing this, however, will decrease your stamina by 25%.

-Other things                                                            [015]

OPTIONS and MAP can also be selected. OPTIONS will let you adjust in-game 
options while MAP will let you view a map of the area. Snake will 
automatically draw the map as he explores. The MAP will also show the location 
of Mousetraps or TNT that you may have placed. If you interrogate a guard and 
he says he knows where enemy patrols are, their positions will appear on the 


CAMOUFLAGE                                                               [016]

Camouflage is absolutely critical for making it through MGS3. By blending in 
with nature, Snake can sneak past his enemies even if he is in their sight 

On the upper-right hand corner of the screen, you will see a number; this is 
your camo index. That number shows how well Snake is blending in. A high camo 
index means Snake is blending in well and the enemies will have difficulty 
seeing him. A low, or negative, camo index means that Snake is standing out 
and the enemies will spot him easily.

Your camo index depends on what face paint and uniform you are using as well 
as the terrain you're on. Make sure to equip the best possible uniform and 
face paint for your location. However, there are several other factors that 
affect your camo index.

Staying low will increase your camo index up to favorable level. Crouching 
will boost your camo index and laying down will boost it even more. It is also 
necessary to remain still. When you run, your camo index decreases by 10%. 
Walking and fast crawling will decrease it by 5%.

Camouflage is not infallible; if you don't stay low and go slow, your enemies 
will notice you. It can also be difficult to blend in with some areas, 
especially urban areas. However, even if an enemy notices you, don't panic; he 
might not recognize you if you remain still.

The camo index basically shows how close an enemy needs to be in order to 
discover you. At a distance, an enemy may spot you and say "Huh?" When this 
happens, he is looking in your direction, so immediately equip your best camo, 
lie down, and stay perfectly still. This will usually cause him to dismiss 
you. If he is too close or if you don't stay still, he may walk over to 

As far as how high you should keep your camo index, anything 80 or above is 
good. This is not hard to achieve on most backgrounds as long as you lay down. 
If your camo is below 80, the enemies will be able to spot you from a 
distance. If your camo index is 90 or above, you have near-invisibility; as 
long as you don't move, the enemy can walk right by and not notice you. 100% 
is total invisibility and cannot be achieved by normal means.


INFILTRATION TIPS                                                        [017]

-Stay low and go slow. This will ensure that your camo index is as high as 

-Use the right analog stick to sweep the camera around you. The top-down 
perspective is not ideal for this kind of game, and you'd be surprised at how 
often you'll run into an enemy you didn't see.

-Use your binoculars to scout ahead from a safe distance. Observe the guards 
and memorize their patrol routes. Once you've done this, you can come up with 
a plan to either sneak by or take out the enemy.

-Go for radio silence to prevent enemy reinforcements from arriving if you are 
discovered. The guards that carry radios will have them plainly visible on 
their fatigues as blinking red dots. Shoot the radios and backup will never 
arrive. Alternatively, you can use a Chaff Grenade.

-Use your Thermal Goggles to spot enemies. Many enemies are camouflaged 
themselves and are difficult to see. The Thermal Goggles are very helpful 
throughout the entire game.

-If discovered, assess the threat. If you and the enemy are fairly isolated 
and close to each other, quickly take him out with CQC. This will immediately 
cancel Alert Mode. As long as the guard did not get a chance to open fire, 
none of his comrades should come snooping around. If the enemy was far away or 
if there are others close by, you will most likely not be able to stop Alert 
Mode without attracting any attention. In that case, prepare to fight or turn 
and run.

-Destroy the enemy's munitions with TNT to impair their performance. If you 
destroy an armory, the guards in the local area will run out of ammo. If you 
destroy a provisions storehouse, the guards will complain of hunger and can be 
baited by throwing food out to them.

-Explosive barrels can be shot, causing an explosion that will kill any 
enemies caught in the blast. Be careful when fighting around them, as stray 
shots will set them off.

-Keep your stamina up as high as possible. There is an abundance of food to 
capture and eat, so you should not have to worry about running out of food.

-If you get an injury, you don't need to heal it right away. Simply apply one 
medical item to get the healing process started, and then lay down and the 
wound will heal up on its own within 10 or 20 seconds (depending on your 
stamina). This will allow you to save medical items for when you really need 

-If you catch fire, simply change your camo outfit. You can also jump into 
some water or roll repeatedly.

-Don't use up your suppressors. Your M1911A1 and Mk22 are very useful tools 
when silenced, but they will wear out eventually. Make sure to remove 
suppressors from your weapons if you don't need them silenced.

-Life Medicine will recover your health automatically when it hits zero. 
Simply keep it equipped.

-You can get supplies from an enemy's body picking it up and dropping it 

-You don't have to kill every enemy you meet. Sometimes it's enough to just 
knock them out. Enemies will drop more supplies when you shake them down if 
you knocked them out rather than killing them.

-Use tactical reloading in a fight. A tactical reload is accomplished by 
quickly un-equipping and then re-equipping your weapon. When you do this, the 
weapon's magazine will be full, allowing you to skip the reload animation when 
the magazine actually does run out. This obviously allows you to fire slower 
weapons much faster; when using the M37 or the RPG-7, simply double tap R2 
after firing to ready your weapon again.

-Keep enemy bodies hidden. Lockers work well to conceal them but you can also 
leave them in tall grass or underbrush.

-Some areas have traps set by the enemy that are triggered by disturbing a 
rope stretched along the ground. You can crawl under the ropes or use a diving 
roll to pass by without triggering them. If you get caught in a snare trap, 
press Triangle to cut yourself down. There are also some instant-death 
pitfalls, too. All traps can be seen with Thermal Goggles.

-Some equipment uses battery power. When not in use, your batteries will 
recharge. You can find additional batteries to increase the amount of time you 
can use your equipment. Batteries can also be procured by holding up enemies. 
Despite Para-Medic's comments, Russian Glowcaps recharge your batteries when 

-Electrical fences cause a lot of damage and make a lot of noise when touched. 
Try to find the control panel and shoot it to stop the electricity. On the 
other hand, you can instantly kill an enemy by dragging him to a fence and 
throwing him into it.

-Some areas have gun emplacements. Stand behind one and press triangle to 
mount it and then use the Weapon Button to fire. Although you can kill enemies 
very quickly, your range of motion is limited.

-You can quickly knock out an enemy by dropping from a ledge onto his head or 
by aiming carefully and throwing a punch at his groin.

-Sleeping or unconscious enemies can be roused quickly by kicking them on the 

-Cross swamps quickly, otherwise Snake will sink and drown. Be especially 
careful when fighting around swamps; if Snake is knocked over and his head 
falls below the surface of the swamp, it's game over.

-The Fake Death Pill can save you when there are too many enemies. Make sure 
you use the Revival Pill soon, or you will remain dead.

-When you save and turn the game off, Snake will go to sleep. The PS2's 
internal clock will keep track of how much time passes when you load the game 
up again. While Snake is sleeping, he recovers life and stamina, and his 
injuries will heal; the longer you keep the game off, the more he will heal.

-Your radio is an important for finishing the game. Not only can you 
correspond with your backup team but also you can use your radio to cancel 
alerts and call in fire support. These frequencies only work once per game and 
can be obtained by interrogating enemies. Alert cancellations only work in 
EVASION or CAUTION and will cause the game to return to normal. Fire support 
requests only work in ALERT and will bombard the enemy with mortar fire.


WALKTHROUGH                                                              [018]

Metal Gear Solid 3 is split up into two distinct missions: Virtuous Mission 
and Operation Snake Eater. Virtuous Mission is much shorter and serves to get 
you accustomed to the game mechanics. Snake will not suffer any severe 
injuries during Virtuous Mission but you will still need to hunt for food 
every now and then. Operation Snake Eater is where the game really begins.

-Virtuous Mission                                                        [019]

Life Medicine

There are no enemies in this area, so feel free to walk around and get used to 
the controls. All you have on you in the way of weapons is your Knife. Head 
east, and the north up the long slope to find some Life Medicine. Jump off the 
cliff into a grassy area with a central tree. Climb the tree and then hang 
from the branch. Shimmy to the right and grab your backpack. This will allow 
you to access the rest of your starting equipment and your camouflage. Head 
north to exit the area.

Bug Juice
Mk22 ammo
Mkk22 suppressor

Watch out for crocodiles hiding in the thick grass on the southern bank. The 
Bug Juice can be found hidden in the grass as well. The central island with 
the tree has Mk22 ammo, but it is inhabited by two crocodiles. Grab the Mk22 
ammo and proceed to the other bank where more crocodiles hide along with an 
Mk22 suppressor. Go to the northern bank and get out of the swamp, and then 
follow the path to exit.

Bug Juice
Thermal Goggles
Mk22 ammo
Stun Grenades

This is the first area where you will encounter enemy guards. The log off to 
the west is an excellent place to hide from the first guard; there Bug Juice 
inside it, too. Follow the long path off to the east and you will find a 
secluded area with the SVD. Head back to the initial area and go north. At the 
tall the grass, the path splits. The northern path is the fastest way to the 
exit but the eastern route has more items. Going east, follow the path past 
the tree to a large grassy slope. There are Stun Grenades near the tree trunks 
just to the south. Go down the slope and stay in the tall grass to avoid the 
guard. The log on the northern end has Thermal Goggles in it. Head up the 
other side of the slope, staying in the grass and wait for any guards nearby 
to turn their backs before proceeding up to another grassy area. From here, 
just crawl north to the exit.

The northern path leads to a clearing with a guard patrolling around the 
edges. You can hide in the hollowed out tree trunk and ambush the guard as he 
walks past for an easy take-down. After that, simply head west, wait for the 
guard to turn around, and then crawl through the tall grass north to the exit.

Mk22 ammo

This area is divided up between a north cliff and a south cliff connected by a 
bridge. Although shooting the hornet's nest will get rid of the guard, it's 
only temporary. Slide down into the tall grass and use the trees as cover to 
sneak up on the guard. On higher difficulty levels, guards will patrol the 
bridge, as well, so you will need to take them out before crossing. This is 
easily done by leaning up against a tree with the Tree Bark camo and then 
waiting for the guard to walk by. The bridge is a little unstable, so running 
across it might result in slipping off the edge (Snake will grab the edge to 
save himself). You can also cut the ropes with your Knife to prevent guards 
from crossing if you are spotted. On the northern end, circle around the small 
hill and exit on the north-west path. There is a guard just to the south of 
that path; take him out and proceed down the hill. Lean against the wall and 
make your way to the alcove where you will find the Pentazemin and XM16E1. You 
can also reach this area by hanging and dropping from the cliff above.

Life Medicine
Mk22 ammo
XM16E1 ammo
XM16E1 suppressor

There are guard patrolling the perimeter and inside, so it is difficult to 
sneak around. Sokolov's room is the chamber on the very north-eastern part of 
the complex. Getting there isn't too tough, but the other areas are difficult 
to reach. This urban area is very difficult to camouflage with, so the enemies 
will be able to see you easily. The M37 shotgun can be acquired from some 
boxes on the south-western part of the complex, while the XM16E1 ammo and 
suppressor can be found at the top of some stairs on the western part.

Star by going north and crawling into the tall grass to the right. Equip your 
Woodland face paint and Tiger Strip camo and follow the grass north, staying 
next to the fence. Turn right when you reach the corner of the fence and 
continue following it east. Keep crawling until you reach another corner; 
follow the fence north until you come to some trees. By now, a guard a little 
further ahead will be walking by. Stay down next to the tree and let him walk 
past you. Continue north; you are now behind the eastern wall of the complex. 
As you approach the corner, you will see a ladder. Another guard is patrolling 
up north but if you got here fast enough, he should be facing north-east, away 
from you. Quickly climb the ladder to roof.

Up here, equip your Splitter face paint and Squares camo pattern. Crawl south 
along the roof until you come to the edge where you can see a room below you. 
A guard should be patrolling in the room just to the west; wait for him to 
turn his back, and then hang and drop into the room. Approach the closed door 
to the north-east to meet Sokolov.

After the cut scenes, leave the area the way you came. You will meet Sokolov 
back at the bridge, but the mission suddenly takes a turn for the worse.


Here, you will get introduced the CURE system. Snake is suffering from several 
deep cuts and two fractures; use Suture Kit, Disinfectant, Styptic, and 
Bandage for the cuts and Splint and Bandage for the fractures. After some more 
cut scenes, the mission ends.

-Operation Snake Eater                                                   [020]

This is where the real game begins. Anything you acquired from the Virtuous 
Mission will be lost, so you will start anew with little equipment. You will 
start Operation Snake Eater with an M1911A1, Knife, and Directional 
Microphone. As far as equipment goes, you'll have Binoculars, Fake Death 
Pills, and a Cigar. On lower difficulty levels, you will also have a Motion 
Detector and Active Sonar. You don't start with any food, either, so hunt for 
some in the opening areas where there no guards before venturing onwards.

-Dremuchij, Bolshaya Past, and Ocelot                                    [021]


Take some time to collect some food from this area. There are no guards or 
items to find, so head north when you're ready.


Jump off the cliff and follow the path until you hear a horse. A cut scene 
will start and The Boss will dismantle your gun, leaving you only with a 
knife. Two guards will show up soon to investigate the wreckage of your 
landing craft. If you don't want to infiltrate in Caution mode with no 
weapons, head south. If you'd like to just go on, head north for Rassvet. It's 
nighttime so keep your Black face paint on. You can infiltrate this area the 
same way as you did before.


Make your way across the swamp, keeping away from the crocodiles. Head south.

Stun Grenades
Chaff Grenades

Head south past the tree until you come to a log. Crawl under and go west 
until you come to another log. Climb over this one to a secluded area where 
you will find the grenades. There is also a Markhor you can knife on the 
southern cliff for food. Now head north for Dolinovodno.

Smoke Grenades
Life Medicine
Raindrop uniform

This area is the same as before, so take out the first guard with CQC by 
leaning against the trees with the Black camo pattern and waiting for him to 
walk by. If there are more guards patrolling the bridge, wait for them on your 
end and take them out. Proceed across the bridge and head around the small 
hill. Wait in the grass at the north end for the guard to turn around, then 
sneak up behind him and take him out. Proceed down the path to the alcove 
beneath the bridge for Smoke Grenades, Life Medicine, and the Raindrop 
uniform. Exit to the north-west.

Bug Juice
Cardboard Box A
Thermal Goggles
Mine Detector
Smoke Grenades
Zombie face paint
Scientist uniform

There are no guards here, so feel free to roam around and collect the AK-47 
from atop the metal stairs in the west part of the complex, the Cardboard Box 
A from atop the boxes in the center area, the Zombie face paint on the ground 
at the very north end of the area behind the building, and the Mine Detector 
from the south-east corner of the room just south of Sokolov's chamber. Go 
inside Sokolov's room and take the Thermal Goggles from the locker on the 
south-west part of the room. Leave the room for a cut scenes. You'll meet Eva 
and she will give you an M1911A1, Mk22, and a Scientist uniform. You will then 
be given an opportunity to save and Snake goes to sleep.

The next morning, Snake wakes up and the area is ambushed by the Ocelot unit. 
Eva quickly escapes to the basement via a secret passage, leaving you to deal 
with Ocelot's thugs.

You'll start in Sokolov's room with 9 enemies surrounding the area. 4 of them 
are on their way to your room; they will blast open the door and throw in a 
stun grenade first. Stand your ground and cap them in the head with your AK-47 
if you want to fight. If you want a more stealthy approach, you can stand over 
the trap door Eva used and press Triangle to escape into the basement. Either 
way, you must eliminate all 9 enemies. The 4 that go into your room are easy 
to deal with if you escaped outside; simply throw a Grenade through the window 
when you hear them in there. A sniper is waiting on the roof; throw a Grenade 
up to kill him, or climb the ladder and sneak up behind him while his back is 
turned. The last enemy you're likely to meet is at the very north-western 
corner of the area; you can actually crawl along the fence to the left and get 
behind him for a silent kill.

Once you've killed or knocked out all of the enemies, proceed to the north-
eastern part of the area where there is a gate. A cut scene will trigger and 
Ocelot will escape. Eva takes off on her motorcycle and rams the gate open. Go 
through it to the next area.

M1911A1 ammo
AK-47 ammo
White Phosphorous Grenades
Chaff Grenades
Stun Grenades
Smoke Grenades
Crocodile Cap
GA-KO uniform

The crocodiles in the swamp are dangerous; if you get too close to one while 
in the water, it's game over. Stay away from them as you cross the lake. The 
very south-west part of the lake has several types of grenades and AK-47 ammo 
in the shallow water. The north-eastern corner of the lake is where you'll 
find the GA-KO uniform. While in the lake, go west and swim under the log. Get 
out of the water and head north. Eva will give you a call and inform of the 
traps in the area. Climb up the tree and hang from the branch. Shimmy along 
the rope until you see another rope beneath you. Drop and down and grab the 
rope below, and then shimmy along until you reach a cliff. Drop down and take 
the Crocodile Cap. Head north from here to the next area.

Splitter uniform
Chocolate Chip uniform

This are can be entered from the north-west or north-east. Either way, you 
will be confronted with an electrified fence; shoot the control panel or crawl 
the through the low broken sections to proceed. Ultimately, you will reach a 
second fence with attack dogs on the other side. Collect any Claymores on the 
ground by crawling over them (use the Mine Detector or Thermal Goggles to see 
them). Throw some food over the fence to makes the dogs go to sleep, and then 
climb up the tree to the north-west and walk out over the branch. Drop down on 
the other side of the fence and knife the two dogs. From here, the area 
divides into a left path and right path. The right avenue is more easy to 
navigate, but the left path is faster.

Going to the right, you will find some swamps. Stay in the tall grass and take 
out the guard patrolling nearby. Go east and climb the ledges and the lean 
against the wall and shuffle along the narrow ledge to reach the Splitter 
uniform. There are fences up ahead, with an opening in the middle, but there 
are guards patrolling here. The best way to bypass this is to go to the 
western part of the fence and crawl through the broken part at the bottom.

If you take the left path, you will meet a fence. Look for the broken part in 
the middle of the fence and dive through it. From here, there is another fence 
with a broken part on the bottom. Crawling through here is easiest because the 
opening in the middle is heavily guarded. The Splitter uniform can be found on 
a ledge on the western part of this area. You need to go down to the swamps 
and climb the ledges, and the shuffle along the wall.

After getting to the northern part of the area, you will find that you can 
exit north-east or north-west. On the very western edge of the area, you will 
find a hollowed log with the Chocolate Chip uniform inside. Take either path 
to exit.

AK-47 ammo
M1911A1 ammo
M1911A1 suppressor
White Phosphorous Grenades
Stun Grenades
Digestive Medicine
Life Medicine
Snow face paint
Water uniform

This is a big area with lots of items, so tread carefully. Most of the areas 
can be reached via the trenches; crawl along the trenches with your Tree Bark 
uniform for 90% camo.

Your first stop should be the office building to the south. There are guards 
standing in front of both entrances, but your target it really the roof; 
that's where you'll find the Water uniform. The ladder on the south-west side 
of the building can be accessed after dealing with the guard.

Next, you should hit the trenches just west of the building. Underneath the 
small wooden bridge, you'll find the Snow face paint.

The north of the office building is a provisions storehouse you can raid if 
you need food. Watch out for guards patrolling nearby.

To the north of the provisions storehouse is a medical building. Although 
there are some medical supplies, including Life Medicine, to get, it's 
difficult to get inside. There is a guard standing right in front of the 
entrance. Try tapping on a wall to draw him away and then hide a safe distance 
away and attack him with a silenced weapon.

The armory in the north-eastern area has only one guard patrolling, so you 
should be able to get inside easily. You'll find some grenades, AK-47, and TNT 

The helicopter area is easy to navigate because only one guard patrols the 
perimeter. You can plant TNT on the helicopter and blow it up, but this 
attracts quite a bit of attention. The exit is at the north-center part of the 
area. You can also use the nearby machine gun turrets to mow your enemies down 
if you get spotted.

M1911A1 ammo
Mk22 ammo
AK-47 ammo
White Phosphorous Grenades
Animals uniform

BOSS: Ocelot

This is a typical gun battle with you on one side and Ocelot on the other. 
Although there are plenty of rocks and trees to hide behind, Ocelot can 
ricochet bullets off of other surfaces to hit you even if you are behind 
cover. With that in mind, it's really matter of preventing Ocelot from firing 
by hitting him first. The icons next to Ocelot's life gauge show how much ammo 
he has in each of his revolvers. When they run out, Ocelot must reload, giving 
you a chance to attack.

At first, the battle is fairly tame. Simply find a rock to hide behind and 
look in the First Person View. Watch when Ocelot runs behind something, then 
keep your gun aimed at that spot. When he leans out to attack, shoot him. Each 
time you hit Ocelot, he will immediately retaliate, so make sure you're under 
cover. After Ocelot's ammo runs out, he will start reloading out in the open. 
Shoot him and he will go behind a large tree.

Once Ocelot's life or stamina gets low, things will get a little harder. His 
shots frequently ricochet, making it nearly impossible to hide. When he fires, 
you should run in a tight circle to avoid the bullets. He will also reload his 
guns faster and will ALWAYS hide behind the large tree so you can't hit him.

During the battle, Ocelot's troops may open fire on you. Simply hide behind a 
rock to avoid this. Ocelot is vulnerable while he's yelling at them, so take 
the free shot.

Other things for this battle:
-You can shoot down the hornet's nest on Ocelot's side. This will cause a 
swarm of hornets to harass him, giving you a free shot. Likewise, Ocelot will 
return the favor by shooting the nest on your side; simply use some Bug Juice 
to ward them off.

-There is a poisonous King Cobra on your side to the right. Tranquilize it  
and then throw it to Ocelot's side. It will attack him, giving you a free 

-Ocelot is very proud of his attire and shooting his hat off makes him very 
angry. He will foolishly run out in the open to get his hat; you know what to 

-If you want to fight honorably, try a quick draw duel. Walk out to the edge 
of your side with your gun equipped but don't aim it. Ocelot will see this and 
challenge you to a duel. Although someone is supposed to say "Draw," Ocelot 
seems to ignore this rule. Simply look at him in First Person View and quickly 
fire your gun before he fires his.

-If you have the SAA, you can walk out in the open and twirl your revolver 
around. Ocelot will applaud your skills if you twirl it quickly. He will even 
walk out to show you some of his own moves. It IS possible to get a free hit 
by quickly shooting Ocelot while he's twirling his guns.

-Ocelot's men will laugh at you when: you equip the Croc Cap, hang over the 
edge of the cliff, or get attacked by hornets. They will hide if you open fire 
on them.

-Defeat Ocelot by draining his stamina gauge to get the Animals uniform.

-Chyornaya, Ponizovje, and Graniny Gorki                                 [022]

Night Vision Goggles
M1911A1 ammo
Mk22 ammo
AK-47 ammo
White Phosphorous Grenades
Bug Juice
Cold Medicine

This cave is very dark, so light up your Cigar to get some light. If you 
defeated Ocelot by draining his stamina, you will find the Animals uniform on 
a rocky ledge right next to you. Head to the right into the next cave and go 
up. There is a path leading up and right, a crawlspace next to that, and a 
path further to the left. Take the right path and follow it to some grenades 
and ammo. Go back to the previous room and take the left path. You will arrive 
in a large cavern with waterfalls. In between two of them, you will find the 

Opposite the waterfalls is another path. Follow this one to a crawlspace and 
crawl into the next cavern. Ignore the bats and go straight ahead to the next 
crawlspace. Follow this one until you reach a hole. On the other side of the 
hole, you will the Night Vision Goggles. Jump down the hole into the some 
water. Swim down the narrow path and take a right when you emerge in the lake. 
Climb out of the water and follow the path to find some AK-47 ammo and a 
Battery. Return to the lake and swim to the other side.

Follow the path and you will arrive back where you started. Go into the next 
room again, but this time take the crawlspace. You will return to the 
waterfall cavern on a high ledge. Follow the ledge around to exit.

M37 M1911A1 ammo
Mk22 ammo
AK-47 ammo
Snow uniform
Hornet Stripe uniform

Follow the cave path, picking up any ammo or supplies you see, until the path 
splits. Take the narrow right-hand path and follow it to find the M37. Crawl 
under the rocky overhang and proceed north through the crawlspaces, picking up 
the Snow uniform along the way. When you return to the main path, you can 
backtrack for any extra ammo you might have missed before entering the large 
cave to the north.

BOSS: The Pain

The Pain uses hornets to attack you in this fight. Whenever you are attacked 
by hornets, simply jump into the water to shake them off. The Pain will also 
drench Snake is some kind of liquid which attracts the hornets, so jump in the 
water when this happens.

The Pain uses his hornets to make weapons, too. When he creates a Tommy gun, 
jump in the water and swim to the other island. When he yells "Grenade," a 
cluster of hornets carrying the grenade will float towards you. Quickly shoot 
it and it will fall into the water.

The Pain spends most of his time with his body covered in hornets. Use a 
Grenade or a few shotgun blasts to blow the hornets away and then attack his 
body. The AK-47 or M37 will work the best. When he attacks you, jump in the 
water and swim to the other island. Repeat.

Once you've drained about half of his life or stamina, he will pull off the 
mask and shoot bullet bees. These will leave red trails when they fly around, 
so jump in the water. If one hits you, it will continue eating away at your 
life until you remove it with your knife. The Pain will also create a copy of 
himself; simply shoot either clone and The Pain will reveal himself. There's 
also plenty of fish in the water, so don't worry about running out of food.

Other things for this battle:
-If you defeat The Pain by draining his stamina, you can get the Hornet Stripe 
uniform. After the battle, go north and follow the narrow ledge around the 
room until you reach a high ledge. Use a diving roll to land on the central 
island to get the uniform.

-If you have a Baltic Hornet's Nest, throw it on the platform The Pain is 
standing on. After the battle, collect it again and you will find that it has 
changed to The Pain's Hornet's Nest. It really isn't any different from a 
regular hornet's nest, though.

After the battle, go through the cave path to the north to leave.

Mine Detector
M1911A1 ammo
Mk22 ammo
AK-47 ammo

Follow the rocky path until it narrows. Here, you can get the Mine Detector 
from the ledge to the right if you didn't get it before. When the path widens 
again, you will see a rocky alcove to the left. There is some ammo here, but 
Claymores are planted, too. Continue north until reach some cliffs. Carefully 
make your way down and exit north.

Chaff Grenades

You are confined to a narrow swamp in this area with guards on hovercrafts 
watching from above. Use your Water uniform and Croc Cap to hide from the 
enemies; simply crouch in the water and their searchlights will pass 
harmlessly overhead. Proceed to the north end of the river and go through the 
narrow path to the left (it's difficult to see).

M1911A1 ammo
M1911A1 suppressor
Mk22 ammo
Mk22 suppressor
M37 ammo
AK-47 ammo
Stun Grenades
White Phosphorous Grenades

This area has a dock sticking out in the water with a guard patrolling on it. 
Dive down and stay on the bottom of the lake as you swim for the south-west 
corner of the area. Using the Croc Cap, swim up to the front of the dock 
sticking out and shoot the guard as he approaches the end. There can be up to 
two more guards patrolling further north. Use your Splitter uniform as you 
approach the building to keep your camo index up. The ammo can be found on the 
boats but the real prize is inside the armory to the north-east; the SVD can 
be found here. Take it and return to the swamp, this time exiting north.

M1911A1 suppressor
M1911A1 ammo
Mk22 ammo
AK-47 ammo
SVD ammo
Stun Grenades
Smoke Grenades

First of all, it is possible to skip fighting The End later on. Using your 
SVD, scout ahead and look at the north-western part of the buildings. You can 
see The End being wheeled back inside. Shoot him in the head and he will 
explode, saving you the trouble of fighting him later.

Get some practice with your SVD by sniping all of the guards on the docks. 
Throw a Chaff Grenades beforehand to stop their radios, and then go to town 
with your rifle. Once the enemies are dead, you can pick up any supplies on 
the docks that you need (some are also underwater). When ready, go north into 
the narrow corridor to enter the warehouse.

Mk22 suppressor
Cardboard Box A
Desert face paint

For this area, keep your Splitter face paint and uniform on. Carefully make 
your way down the stairs when the guard nearby goes to the left of the boxes. 
From here, you can wait at the southern end of the boxes and then sneak up on 
the guard when he goes back around. The Desert face paint is at the dead-end 
to the south. The guard further north can easily be dealt with by sneaking up 
behind him as he walks around the crates. Head up the stairs and hang over the 
railing so you can drop down on the crates below for the Mk22 suppressor. The 
provision storehouse on the second floor has a Mousetrap as well as a Ration,  
Calorie Mate, and Instant Noodles. If there is a guard on the third floor, 
knock on a wall below him and then hide nearby in the Cardboard Box. When the 
guard goes to investigate, he will walk by you. Unequip the box as he passes 
by and take him out. Proceed to the top floor and exit north.

Life Medicine

This area is littered with traps, so use your Thermal Goggles to see them as 
you make your way north. The Life Medicine is on a high ledge in the south-
east corner; go to the north-east corner and head south up the hill to reach 
it. The exit is at the center-north of the area.

M1911A1 suppressor
Mk22 suppressor

This area has an electrified fence stretching all the way from east to west. 
Guards and attack dogs patrol on the other side. Make sure you're using Black 
face paint and start working your way west. When you get to the wall, crawl 
through the broken part of the fence. From here, there are two ways into the 
complex; east or west.

If you want to take the eastern entrance, you'll have to start crawling in 
that direction and staying in the tall grass. You will more than likely have 
to take out a guard or two on the way there. Once you reach the east wall, go 
north to the closed door. Knock on the door to summon the guard and then take 
him out from the tall grass nearby. In you go.

The west entrance is simple enough; just go north to the tall grass and crawl 
through the space in the wall.

M1911A1 ammo
Mk22 ammo
SVD ammo
M37 ammo
AK-47 ammo
Smoke Grenades

There are two ways into the building itself; the front door or the west 
crawlspace. Depending on how you got to the inside walls, you may or may not 
want to try to reach the armory in the north-east. The armory contains an 

There are guards patrolling pretty much everywhere, so use caution wherever 
you are. If you want to try the front door, head over to the south-east corner 
of the area (you're already here if you took the east entrance). Work your way 
up north to the wall of the building and then west towards the entrance of the 
building itself. Guards patrol out in the courtyard, so make you are using 
Black face paint. When you reach the door, check to make sure the guards 
aren't looking your way, and then quickly get up and go inside.

If you want the side entrance, you'll need to start at the south-west corner 
of the area (you're already here if you took the west entrance). Head north up 
the west side of the building but watch out for the guards. You will start in 
some tall grass, so wait for the guard to start walking north, and then crawl 
behind him. When he turns and heads east, continue going north, hugging the 
cliff to get by the second guard. The entrance is a small crawlspace nestled 
in some tall grass on the side of the building.

Cigar-Gas Spray ammo
Mk22 suppressor
Suture Kit
Serum Bandage
Ointment Bandage
Fly uniform
Desert face paint
Oyama face paint

While in the lab, put on the Scientist uniform and remove your face paint (the 
Mask can be used but is not necessary). As long as you don't do anything 
suspicious, the guards will leave you alone. Keep away from the other 
scientists, though. Before heading to the basement, there are some items you 
might want. There are some medical supplies in the library on the first floor. 
Just north of the library is a kind of courtyard. On the north-west wall here 
is a crawlspace. This is where you enter if you took the crawlspace route from 
outside. The Oyama face paint is in here.

The stairs to the second floor are just north of the courtyard. The north end 
of the second floor has a bathroom. Go in and punch the last stall door to 
knock it down, where you will get the Fly uniform. The north-western part of 
the second floor also has a bunch of lockers and a door leading to an outside 
balcony where you can get the Desert face paint if you didn't get it before. 
Going down to the southern part of the second floor, you will find the 
provision storehouse, which contains some Rations and Calorie Mates. Now head 
for the eastern basement; the stairs are right next to the stairs leading to 
the second floor.

Mk22 ammo
SVD ammo
M37 ammo
Life Medicine

Head down the corridor and enter the small room to the left. There is some 
ammo scattered in here, as well as under the tables. Continue along the 
corridor to the last jail cell, take the Mousetrap, and crawl under the bed 
(make sure no one sees you do this). Follow the crawlspace until you can hang 
a right. This will let you get the Life Medicine from under the bed in the 
middle cell. Now leave the way you came go back to the first floor. Enter the 
central room with the stone pillars and go down the stairs to the other 
basement section.

Cigar-Gas Spray
XM16E1 suppressor

Follow the corridor around until you can enter the small room. Get the Cigar-
Gas Spray and then go through the other door. In here, watch out for the 
scientist while you get the Handkerchief from the locker. Enter the next room 
and proceed north to the door. Go inside and you'll meet Granin.

After the cut scene, you'll need to leave the lab. Simply exit the building 
through the front door and proceed back to Graniny Gorki: South.

BOSS: The Fear

First off, you need to go to CURE and use Serum rid yourself of the poison, 
and then remove the bolt with your knife and heal up the wound.

The Fear's uniform uses optic stealth camouflage, making him nearly invisible 
and very difficult to see with the naked eye. Use the Thermal Goggles and 
you'll be able to see him wherever he goes.

The Fear will jump around in the trees above, going from branch to branch. 
Keep your weapon trained on him and fire whenever he reaches a branch. The 
XM16E1 or AK-47 can get the job done, but if he is on a branch that's close to 
you, use the M37 for some real damage.

The Fear will stop every now and then fire crossbow bolts at you. He will 
pause momentarily when doing this, so quickly shoot him to stop his attack. If 
you lose him, The Fear will most certainly get an opportunity to attack you.

He has several different attacks:
-He will shoot a single bolt. Easy to dodge by running in any direction.
-He will shoot a volley of bolts. Easy to dodge but you must keep moving until 
he stops.
-He will shoot a poisonous bolt, announcing it by saying "Taste the poison!" 
If you are hit, you will need to antidote the poison immediately.
-When he says "The next one will be on fire!", he will shoot a flaming bolt 
that causes a burn.
-His most deadly attack is an explosive bolt that causes a lot of damage and 
severe burns.

He can also crawl down to your level and rush you with a melee attack. When 
hear him skittering around, start running and use a diving roll to knock him 
down. Then he will return to the trees.

The Fear's camo takes a lot out of him and his stamina is constantly draining. 
When he gets tired, he will shoot some fruit out of the trees and eat it to 
recover his stamina. When you see this, simply stand nearby, wait for The Fear 
to get his meal, and then shoot him. Keep up the pressure, and you should have 
no problems beating him.

Other things for this battle:
-You can bait The Fear with your own food. When he says he's hungry, throw 
some of your own food out and he will come to get it, giving you an easy free 

-Throw out poisonous food and The Fear will get poisoned when he eats it. This 
will drain his life for a little while.

-Throw out rotten food and The Fear will vomit when he eats it, causing him to 
lose stamina. This is an easy way to get a stamina kill.

-Defeat The Fear by draining his stamina, and you will get the Spider uniform. 
It is sitting in the middle of the area after the battle.

After defeating The Fear, head back into the Ponizojve Warehouse and find the 
door you couldn't open before (it's on the starting platform in the south-east 
corner of the room). Go through and follow the corridor to exit.

-Svyatogornyj and The End                                                [023]

Cold Medicine

There are no enemies in this area. Simply head north up the hill to exit. The 
Book is hiding among the grass on the ledge just north as you enter. There are 
also several plants scattered around that you can cut for medical supplies. 
Use your Thermal Goggles to find them.

XM16E1 ammo

This is a dense jungle area crawling with guards, so use your Thermal Goggles 
to spot them. You just need to head north while avoiding the guards, which 
isn't too difficult considering all of the trees and tall grass. Use your Leaf 
uniform in the tall grass, Tree Bark when leaning against trees, and Tree Bark 
or Squares when crawling on brown muddy surfaces. And yes, you should be 
crawling through this whole area.

The path splits at the beginning, but they both lead the same way. Also watch 
out for snare traps and pitfalls. When you reach a muddy hill, crawl up and 
start heading north-east to exit to an optional area. If you want to skip it, 
take the north-west exit.

Mk22 ammo
M1911A1 ammo
M37 ammo
SVD ammo
XM16E1 ammo
XM16E1 suppressor

This huge area has a heavily defended log cabin. The best way in is from the 
north-west. Immediately head north toward the patrolling guards. Lean against 
a tree and use your Tree Bark camo. When they walk by, continue north. At the 
corner, go east and you will arrive on a cliff above a provisions storehouse. 
Clamber down the roof and enter the house to find some food. Continue east 
towards the rear of the cabin. Watch out for the guard patrolling on the west 
side as you crawl underneath the cabin. Down here, search the northern end for 
a trapdoor (you can see small bits of saw dust floating down). Press action 
and Snake will climb up into a section of a room surrounded by boxes. Pick up 
the M63 and equip Desert face paint and Chocolate Chip uniform. One guard will 
periodically come into the room; when he leaves, follow him into the next room 
and go towards the western room. In here, crawl under the shelves and collect 
any ammo you need. When you're ready to leave, return to the room with the M63 
and exit out the door. This will lead to the undefended east side of the 
cabin. Crawl along the east wall to the south-east corner of the area, where 
you will find a Book. Now, head west back to the entrance of the area.

Back at Svyatogornyj West, take the north-west exit.

Mosin Nagant
Mk22 ammo
SVD ammo
M37 ammo
XM16E1 ammo
Moss uniform

BOSS: The End

This is a battle attrition. The End is a sniper who will wait for you in one 
of the three Sokrovenno areas. You will need to find him first and then attack 
accurately in order to score hits. The southern area where you begin has a 
provisions storehouse where you can always get some extra ammo.

NEVER let your stamina drop to zero. If this happens, Snake will collapse and 
The End will carry him off to the prison at Graniny Gorki Lab. Make sure you 
hunt for food every now and then to keep your stamina up.

The End is using a tranquilizer rifle and each hit not only takes a lot of 
stamina, but also the darts will continue draining stamina. If you are hit, 
immediately remove the dart.

Finding The End takes some patience. He is well-camouflaged but not invisible. 
Your Thermal Goggles will find him if you are close enough. The Directional 
Microphone is your most important tool; it will pick up his breathing from 
ANYWHERE, so sweep it around until you hear it and then head in that 
direction. Use your Thermal Goggles in First Person View as you close in to 
get a fix on his exact location. Ideally, you'll find him and he doesn't know 
you're there. Attack him with your strongest weapon and he will run off.

Sneaking up on him is also a great way to cause some damage. When you hit The 
End three times, he will fall over. When he gets up, he will throw a stun 
grenade and run off. Turn away from the blast to avoid being blinded, and then 
follow him. You can also use your Active Sonar if you have it, but the pings 
can give you away if you're too close to him.

Your MAP will keep track of the areas The End is using to snipe. If The End 
spots you, he will open fire. His exact position will be marked on your MAP, 
so head over there once the action dies down. Often, The End will leave 
footprints that you can follow with the Thermal Goggles.

The End will periodically fall asleep. When you pick up snoring with your 
Directional Microphone, you can simply walk to his position and sneak up on 

When The End is low on life or stamina, he will call to the forest. A beam of 
light will come down and replenish his life and stamina, but it also gives him 
a way. Stop his regeneration immediately.

Stay low and go slow. The End can spot you from a great distance away, so you 
must keep your camo index high at all times. Simply use your Directional 
Microphone to zero in on him, use your Thermal Goggles to spot him, and then 
fire your strongest weapon.

Other things for this battle:
-The End's parrot can be captured and eaten. Doing this enrages The End.

-The sun will reflect off The End's scope, creating a gleam that will give him 
away. Likewise, the same thing happens to you when using your Binoculars or 

-Sneak up behind The End and hold him up for items. When he lays down, aim 
your weapon at his head three times and he will submit. The first time you do 
this, you will get his Moss uniform. Every time after that, he will drop ammo 
and food. After giving up the items, he will throw a stun grenade.

-If you defeat The End by draining his stamina, you can get his Mosin Nagant 
rifle. It's north-west of you after the battle.

-The End can sneak up on you. If you are in the same area as him and you 
continue staring in First Person View for a period of time, you will hear foot 
steps behind you. If The End holds you up, he will shoot you in the head, 
resulting in defeat.

-Saving your game and turning off the PS2 can have disastrous effects. If you 
leave the game off for 2-3 days, The End will sneak up on Snake and deliver a 
point-blank head shot. The End will then carry him off to Graniny Gorki.

-If you save the game and leave it off for about 10 days, The End will have 
died from old age! Easy victory. Set your PS2's internal clock ahead 10 days 
to speed this up.

-Although you can skip this fight by shooting The End back at Ponizojve, you 
won't be able to just walk through this area. You will face an Ocelot unit in 
each area of Sokrovenno, and they all must be taken out.

After the battle, head for Sokrovenno North and go through the passageway in 
the north-eastern corner of the area.

-Krasnogorje and The Fury                                                [024]


Follow the tunnel to the end, where you'll find a long ladder. Climb to the 
top (part of the Snake Eater theme plays while climbing) and go through the 
door at the end to enter the mountains.

Mk22 ammo
SVD ammo
Chaff Grenades
Smoke Grenades

Equip your Desert face paint and Chocolate Chip uniform (Animals actually 
works better than Chocolate Chip, but that's only if you got a stamina kill on 
Ocelot). Get the items up ahead and then follow the path west down the slope. 
In this large area, guards patrol in the trenches on the sides. As long as you 
move slowly, you should be able to stay in the center and crawl north. The 
first trench with a guard in it on the right also has a crawlspace. Crawl 
through and you'll arrive on a high ledge with another guard wielding an RPG-
7. Also in the center to the west is a large boulder you can crawl under for 
supplies. Crawl all the way to the north and exit.

Mk22 ammo
M1911A1 ammo
XM16E1 ammo
AK-47 ammo
SVD ammo
M37 ammo
Stun Grenades
White Phosphorous Grenades

Move north to the large alcove ahead and collect the items. Along the trail 
are several niches to hide in that also contains supplies. Hike up to the 
first ledge and sneak past the guard by going into the crawlspace. Collect the 
supplies and then exit out the other side when the guard isn't looking. 
Continue up the trail until you come to a gun emplacement. A guard is 
patrolling up and down the trail, but you can crawl through the hole just 
opposite the gun. Wait for the guard to walk by and then crawl out and move up 
the trail.

The next area has a central trail flanked by two ledges. There is a crawlspace 
on the ledge to the right with medical supplies in it. Take them and go up the 
trail, climbing the ledges until you reach the upper path. Follow it to the 
end where you can get a clean shot at the guards patrolling the buildings up 
ahead. The first building contains the RPG-7, among other munitions. The other 
buildings contain supplies and food. Exit north.

M63 ammo
M37 ammo
SVD ammo
RPG-7 ammo
Smoke Grenades
Suture Kit

This area consists of several buildings intertwined with snaking trench paths. 
Get into the first trench straight ahead and crawl along it. When the path 
turns and goes north-west, take a look in the first person view and go through 
the south crawlspace. This leads to the southern building where you can get 
some supplies. Go back to the trench and take the eastern crawlspace. This 
will lead you right in front of another building with more supplies in it. 
Just opposite where you came out is another crawlspace. Go through it to 
another trench and follow this one forward. Right about where you see a wooden 
plank above you, there is another crawlspace to the left. This leads to the 
north-west building with medical supplies in it. Return to the trench and 
follow it all the way to the door in the north-east corner. Go through to 
trigger some cut scenes.

M1911A1 ammo
SVD ammo
XM16E1 ammo
AK-47 ammo
Mosin Nagant ammo

Go back into the shack and take the Instant Noodles from the ground. Go down 
the stairs and take the ammo from underneath the bed before exiting back 

Once outside, you will se flamethrowers patrolling around. You need to reach 
the red door on the cliffs below you. Use the trenches to head back to the 
second shack you entered before (in the center of the area). From there, head 
east down the small slope until you reach the door.

Mk22 ammo
M1911A1 ammo
AK-47 ammo
XM16E1 ammo
SVD ammo
M37 ammo

Go down the stairs. At the bottom, check the south-east corner for some 
supplies. Head north up the corridor. At the end, go right towards the barrels 
for some more items before doubling back and following the path to a ladder. 
Climb down and it's boss time.

BOSS: The Fury

This guy isn't as bad as he looks. The area you're fighting in is dark, so use 
your Thermal Goggles or Night Vision Goggles.

At first, The Fury will wander along the corridors, looking for you. Stay at 
one end and peek down each corridor. When you spot him, nail him with your 
strongest weapon. This should cause him to start flying around.

The Fury's flamethrower fires powerful waves of flame that will knock you off 
your feet in addition to causing severe burns. Never get caught in the same 
corridor as him. Your best bet is to ambush him from around a corner. You 
cannot survive a frontal assault.

The Fury will start flying around when he loses about half his life. He can 
find you quite easily this way, so most of the time, he will come to you. If 
you see him flying towards you, simply keep your sights trained on him and 
fire when he lands.

When his life gets really low, he'll initiate a countdown. After that, he'll 
fly directly to you, firing his flamethrower like mad. It is possible to 
locate him and attack while he's counting down. He will also start walking 
down the corridors, continuously firing his flamethrower. The flames can reach 
around corners, so don't bother trying a jump-out shot.

Other things for this battle:
-You can knock The Fury off the southern cliff, though he just flies back up.

-The explosive barrels cause MASSIVE damage. Shoot one as he walks by for a 
quick victory.

-The bats in the south-west corner of the area can also fall victim to The 
Fury's attacks. If The Fury hasn't torched them, though, they will attack you 
if you are nearby.

-If you defeat The Fury by draining his stamina, you can get the Fire uniform.

After the battle, follow the tunnel north, collecting the scattered medical 
supplies (and the Fire uniform if you got a stamina kill on The Fury), and 
exit up the northern ladder.

-Groznyj Grad and The Sorrow                                             [025]

M1911A1 suppressor
M1911A1 ammo
Mk22 ammo
SVD ammo
XM16E1 ammo
Smoke Grenades

In this area, you will need equip your Splitter camo and Black face paint. 
There are a lot of structures and buildings to use as cover, so you needn't 
rely too much on your camo. A lot of ammo can be found hidden under the stairs 
to the west. Get it and climb the stairs to the area with the large metal 
crates. Take cover and sneak up behind the guard to take him out and then 
collect the supplies from underneath the crates. Make your way to the north 
and go through the door.

Mk22 ammo
Smoke Grenades
Chaff Grenades
White Phosphorous Grenades

Head east along the building and then turn the corner. Quickly sneak up behind 
the guard to take him out. You need to enter the weapons lab via the door just 
up ahead to the north. There is a guard patrolling just south, though, so 
crawl over to the east a little ways and then north to the crate. This will 
put the large vehicle just to the west between you and the guard. From here, 
you can sneak back over west and enter that door. I can't recommend exploring 
for any items right now because security is very tight.

Mk22 suppressor
XM16E1 suppressor
M63 ammo
M37 ammo
XM16E1 ammo
Cigar Gas-Spray ammo
Suture Kit

Put on your Scientist uniform and remove any face paint. Note that some of the 
doors in this area are locked. With the proper radio frequency, they can be 
opened but it is not necessary to try and get into all of them now. Focus on 
finding Major Raikov; he's walking around in a military uniform and has blonde 
hair (he looks like Raiden from MGS2). Once you find him, you need to kill him 
or knock him out, and then drag his body to the lockers upstairs. If you kill 
him, make sure no one finds his corpse or it's game over.

The best way to get him is to follow him until he goes upstairs. He will walk 
south near the lockers; simply come up behind him and knock him out with your 
Cig Spray. Drag his body to the lockers and Snake will take his clothes and 
conceal the body. Now equip the Officer uniform and the Mask to don your 
perfect disguise of Major Raikov.

While disguised as Raikov, you can go ANYWHERE in Groznyj Grad and do ANYTHING 
you like; no one will stop you. All of the locked doors in the weapons lab 
will open automatically so feel free to walk in and take the items. Definitely 
get the Scorpion before exploring the rest of the base. When you're ready to 
go, return to the lockers and go through the southwest door.


This area houses the Shagohod but not even Raikov can get into the hangar. 
Remember the door, though, as you pass through the long corridor to the next 


Approach the two guards and they will let you enter Sokolov's chamber. After 
several cut scenes, you will be captured and given an opportunity to save.

Cigar Gas Spray
M1911A1 ammo
Suture Kit

After the cut scenes, you will begin again locked in a cell with one guard 
patrolling outside. Get the Fork nearby and kill the rat inside for some 
stamina. The guard will also throw food in to you every now and then. Check 
yourself out in the Cure menu. Remove the Transmitter (or keep it if you want 
a secret cut scene later on) and the bullet. When the bullet is removed, 
you'll also get a Fake Death Pill.

There are several ways of getting out of the cell:

1: Use the radio frequency. There were two opportunities to get it earlier (in 
a previous cut scene with Sokolov, the frequency was written on the board, in 
the cut scene with The Boss earlier, you could hold down R1 to see a ghost of 
The Sorrow holding a sign with the frequency) but if you missed it, there's 
still one more chance to get it. Keep picking up the food the guard gives you 
and throwing it back out of the cell. After doing this three times, a cut 
scene will occur. Hold R1 when prompted and look at the back of the photo for 
the frequency. After the cut scene, you will get the Cig Gas-Spray, which can 
be helpful later on. The frequency is 144.75 in case you're too lazy to get it 

2: Use the Fake Death Pill while the guard is away. When he sees your 
"suicide," he will open the door to investigate. Use the Revival Pill and then 
take him out.

3: Crawl under the bed while the guard is away. When he comes back, he will 
think you're gone. When he opens the door, scramble out from under the bed and 
take him out.

4: While the guard is patrolling outside, make Snake vomit. The guard will 
check to see if you're okay; you know what to do.

Once you're out of the cell, check around the area for supplies. The hallways 
to the west have a room where you can get the Camera as well as a room with 
medical supplies. Exit out the western corridor.

Cardboard Box A

You must now make your escape from Groznyj Grad. Right now, all of your 
weapons and equipment have been taken from you and you have no camouflage. 
Make sure you are always crawling wherever you go. Since you don't have a 
knife, you CANNOT use CQC.

To begin, head south-east. Wait against the wall for the guard to turn around 
and then slow-crawl behind him. When he turns and faces south, go to the 
alleyway to the north and get the Cardboard Box while the guard has his back 
turned. Return to the area south and quickly crawl under the truck. When the 
guard goes north, head for the south-west wall and crawl through the space.


Go north and stay against the northern wall as you make your way west. The 
guard patrolling around the metal crates should be going south so continue 
west until reach the corner. Wait for the guard to turn and head up the 
northern alleyway and then follow him. Punch and kick him to knock him out and 
then kill him with your Fork. Proceed along the northern wall west until you 
reach the north-western corner of the area. Go south to the door.


Go north up between the row of tanks. You'll find medical supplies underneath 
them but don't go under unless you're sure you can get back out without anyone 
seeing you. When you reach the last row of tanks, stay there and wait for the 
guards patrolling up ahead to turn and head north. Use your Cardboard Box for 
cover if need be and then proceed to the eastern wall. Follow right behind the 
guard as he proceeds north. Carefully make your past the sleeping dogs and 
when the guard turns to the west, continue crawling north under the pipes to 
the sewer entrance.

SAA ammo
Life Medicine

Collect the Life Medicine and SAA ammo from the catwalks before proceeding 
down the stairs. Head north along the sewer and then crawl through the space 
to the left. A dog is here on the other side of the fence. Go north and crawl 
through the next space.

Continue north and jump into the water for some SAA ammo and Instant Noodles. 
When you climb out of the northern end of the pool, head up the stairs and 
crawl the space. Two dogs will attack in here; knock them out with diving 
rolls and then finish them with your SAA. Crawl through the next space and 
then run north to exit and trigger some cut scenes. After that, you'll find 
yourself in a river.

BOSS: The Sorrow

This is not a true boss battle. The Sorrow is a ghost, so he can't really hurt 
you. Simply take your Fake Death Pill (or lay down in the water and drown if 
you don't have it) to get a game over, and then use the Revival Pill. You're 

Other things for this battle:
-You have all of your equipment for some reason, but none of it is of any real 

-The other ghosts you encounter here can drain your life if they come into 
contact with you. Only enemies you have killed will appear here, so this place 
will be fairly empty if you have few kills.

-The Sorrow can also fire blasts of ethereal energy at you. Simply wade 
sideways to dodge them.

-To get the Spirit uniform, you must make it to the end of The Sorrow's river. 
Wade north past the ghosts, dodging them as best you can. You will see all of 
the Cobra members you defeated along the way. When you reach the end, approach 
the body of The Sorrow and Snake will die. Take the Revival Pill and continue 
as usual; the Spirit uniform will automatically be added to your inventory 
when you get your equipment back.

-Return to Groznyj Grad and The Boss                                     [026]

Life Medicine
Kabuki face paint

In this area, go east across the stream and then north around the large hill. 
At the top, go west and cross the log. Continue north along the stream to the 
next area. If you did not remove the transmitter from before, an Ocelot unit 
will be here. Crawl under the rocky ledge to find some Life Medicine and then 
go north along the stream until you reach a waterfall. Go behind it. You 
cannot get the Kabuki face paint right now.

M1911A1 suppressor
Mk22 suppressor
M1911A1 ammo
Mk22 ammo
AK-47 ammo
Cardboard Box B

After the cut scenes, you will get all of your equipment back, plus the C3 
you'll need to destroy the Shagohod. If you want, the Kabuki face paint can be 
acquired from the pool back out in front of the waterfall. Follow the corridor 
north, taking the suppressors and ammo, until you reach the end. Grab 
Cardboard Box B and go through door and up the ladder to return to the Groznyj 


The item placement is the same, so you can still get more ammo from the armory 
in the north-west. The guard placement has changed, though, so be careful. Use 
your Splitter camo and Splitter face paint and start crawling along the 
southern wall, to the east. You will need to go back to the Groznyj Grad 
Weapons Lab.

Sneaking uniform
Maintenance uniform

You can still use your Scientist uniform to disguise yourself but since the 
enemy knows that Raikov is dead, your Officer uniform won't work. Head up the 
stairs, back toward the south to the main wing of the weapons lab. On the way 
there, stop by the lockers and open the one you put Raikov in for the valuable 
Sneaking uniform. The locker further north to the right from the Sneaking 
uniform contains the Maintenance uniform.

M1911A1 suppressor
XM16E1 suppressor
Mk22 ammo
SAA ammo
Life Medicine

In this area, you can put on your Maintenance uniform and remove your face 
paint to disguise yourself as a member of the maintenance crew. The real crew 
workers can still recognize you, so stay away from them.

There are four fuel tanks in the area: one in the north-west part of the room 
near the stairs, one in the north-west corner of the room near the trucks, one 
in the north-east corner of the room, and the last one just south up the ramp. 
You will need to lean up against each tank and plant a C3 charge. If anyone 
sees you do this, the mission is over, so make sure no one is looking when you 
plant a charge. Although being discovered by the guards will not end the 
mission, the fuel tanks can explode prematurely if shot, so avoid getting into 
a fight.

Eva will call you after you plant the second charge. Also note there are some 
items to find, most of them near the trucks. You can also walk around the 
catwalks near the ceiling; simply climb the ladder on the north-east wall 
(it's near a fuel tank). Up here, you can also walk to the very north-east 
corner of the room to find a Calorie Mate.

After planting the last charge, a cut scene will start and it's time for a 

BOSS: Volgin

Volgin's body carries an electrical charge, so you can be injured just from 
coming into contact with him. If you have any weapons equipped, all of the 
ammo remaining in the magazine will be blown away if you are electrocuted. 
Volgin will fight you hand-to-hand and your CQC moves will work on him.

At first, Volgin will throw regular punches and kicks. You can only grab him 
when there is no current in his body; this usually occurs after an attack. 
After dodging an attack, run up and grab him with CQC. At this point, throw 
him to the ground and then kick him or shoot him with a weapon. Volgin will 
simply throw you off if you try to drag him around, strangle him, slit his 
throat, or interrogate him with your knife.

Volgin's electric current will repel bullets, so you must throw him on the 
ground to get a clear shot. However, Volgin can be shot from behind; he will 
give you an opportunity to do this by saying "Here it comes!" or whenever 
Volgin yells at Ocelot for complimenting you.

Volgin also has an attack where he shoots bullets at you from his hand. Simply 
get close and run around behind him. When he finishes, grab him.

Once Volgin loses half of his energy (life or stamina), things get a little 
tougher. Volgin will use a move that causes bullets to fly in all directions; 
simply lay down on the ground to avoid it. He can also causes lines of 
electricity to streak along the floor. You can use a diving roll to get over 
them, but rolling directly into Volgin will cause him to block, thus 
interrupting the attack.

Volgin will also acquire a habit of breaking your CQC moves. If you find 
yourself repeatedly unable to restrain him, use a power throw (Circle + left 
analog stick) to floor him.

Volgin can also acquire electrical energy from the control panel nearby. When 
he does this, you can quickly shoot him in the back for a free hit.

Other things about this battle:
-Volgin doesn't like Russian Glow Caps. If you throw one out, he will jump 
away from it. If he tries to attack, the Glow Cap will absorb his electricity.

-Equipping the Mask will confuse Volgin; apparently, he hasn't gotten over 
Raikov. This gives you enough time for a free hit, but only once.

-Ocelot will throw more ammo down for you if you run out.

-Some of Volgin's attacks can make you vomit, so eat something if your stamina 
gets low.

-Getting a stamina kill on Volgin nets you his Cold War uniform.

After the fight, the C3 goes off and destroys the hangar but the Shagohod is 
still intact. Eva picks up Snake on her motorcycle and they attempt to escape 
but Volgin has boarded the Shagohod and gives chase.

For these next few areas, you will ride around in the sidecar of Eva's 
motorcycle. You have infinite ammo for all of your weapons, so equip a good 
rapid fire machine gun and go to town on the guards. The Shagohod will chase 
you but it cannot be damaged. Use a weapon such as the Scorpion or M63 to 
clear the guards out.

When you hit the runway, guards will approach from behind on motorcycles. The 
RPG-7 can make quick work of them. Volgin may also try to ram you in this 
Shagohod; shoot the treads with the RPG-7 to slow him down.

Once you've crossed the bridge, Snake will automatically equip the SVD and 
you'll have to snipe the bomb(s) Eva set up on the bridge. Destroy the last 
bomb only when Eva tells you to do so, otherwise the mission is over. After 
doing that, it's boss time.

BOSS: Shagohod

For this first part, you must target the treads of the massive tank to slow 
down and eventually stop its movement. This will give Eva the opportunity to 
drive around behind where you can target the upper part of the Shagohod. Use 
MUST use tactical reload here to fire fast enough so that the treads will stay 
immobile. Once Eva circles around, open fire on the weak spot.

Once the Shagohod's life is down, Volgin will get out and power it. Snake 
jumps off the motorcycle and Eva uses herself as bait. While Volgin is chasing 
Eva, simply attack him with any weapon, aiming for his back. Volgin's 
electrical charge can still repel bullets, so you must hit him in the back. 
Eva will also drop ammo if you run low.

Once you've hit Volgin, he go after you. He uses his machine guns at short 
range to keep you away. Get as close to him as you can, circling around behind 
him. Eventually, he will try to ram you; when he goes past, turn and fire on 
his back. Make sure to stay close to him to keep him from using his machine 

You can also use the heavy guns, though this process is slow and Volgin will 
ram the guns to destroy them. If he fires missiles in the air, aim upwards to 
blow them up before they reach you. Keep up the pressure and Volgin will 
eventually die.


You're still in the motorcycle, so waste all of the enemies. The first area 
has guards on motorcycles. In the second area, you'll have to contend with 
guards in the hovering vehicles. Eva will also warn you about a log; use the 
RPG-7 to blow it up. The last area simply has more motorcycle guards to deal 
with. After Eva takes the jump, things take a turn for the worse.

M1911A1 ammo
Mk22 ammo
AK-47 ammo
XM16E1 ammo
SVD ammo
Smoke Grenades
Stun Grenades

After treating Eva's injuries, she will join you as you make your way through 
the forest. There is a bunch of ammo and rations just north of your position, 
so stock up. Eva's stamina drops quickly and she frequently needs food; 
luckily, she has the same tastes as you, so the Reticulated Pythons in the 
area will work well as food. Proceed south down the path and the guards will 
begin swarming the area. Call out to Eva to get her moving and then quickly 
continue south-west. If the guards see you, you'll have to defeat them because 
Eva can't run. She can defend herself to some extent but is quickly 
overwhelmed, so lend a hand whenever possible. Keep going south across the log 
and then turn towards the south-east. When both you and Eva reach the cliff, 
Snake will help her climb it and then proceed to the next area.


This initial area is full of guards. If you want, you can shoot Eva with the 
Mk22 to put her out while you deal with the guards. Once you've taken them 
out, get Eva and head north to the fork. The east path leads directly to the 
next area but the north path leads to a cliff over-looking the next area. Head 
up to the cliff and snipe the guards hiding in the area. Once the coast is 
clear, proceed to the cliff in the north-east to exit.


BOSS: The Boss

After the cut scenes, you'll have to face The Boss. Her CQC attacks are 
powerful, so try to avoid CQC with her. If she grabs you, she will throw you 
to the ground, causing lots of damage and perhaps a broken bone. Wiggling the 
left analog stick and tapping the CQC button can sometimes cause Snake to 
escape but it never works when The Boss is low on life or stamina. 
Alternatively, you can counter The Boss when she tries to use CQC; simply tap 
the CQC button just as she grabs you and Snake will counter the move by 
twisting The Boss' wrist. This will stun her for a moment, so use your punches 
and kicks to floor her, and you'll get two free shots on her while she's on 
the ground.

Other than the CQC, The Boss will run around the trees, showing you with her 
Patriot. For some reason, you only need a camo index above 60 to fool The 
Boss, so the Snow uniform is very helpful. Equip that and the Snow face paint 
and you can avoid The Boss by simply crouching. She has a "tuition" that sort 
of leads her to you, so you can't hide forever. Use your Thermal Goggles to 
track her and then snipe her when she peeks out from behind a tree. She will 
open fire on you, so get behind a tree and then track her again.

Do NOT try to run from her when she tries CQC. If you do, she'll either catch 
up or kick you. The best way to deal with it is to counter it. Just be careful 
with your timing. You must hit the CQC button right when she grabs you. 
Sometimes she'll sidestep to fake you out, so be wary. You only have 10 
minutes to finish her off, so don't waste any time in taking her down.

Other things for this battle:
-The Boss can be fooled like the guards. Throwing an empty magazine near her 
will cause her to turn and fire in the direction, giving her away. If you do 
this a lot, The Boss will show her frustration by saying "Damn!"

-The Boss can be confused by equipping something silly such as the Monkey Mask 
or Crocodile Cap. This will let you have a free shot.

-There are three logs in the area. Next to each of these logs is a special 
silver snake which will recover all of your stamina when eaten. They are aptly 
called Snake Solid, Snake Liquid, and Snake Solidus.

-If The Boss grabs you while you have a weapon equipped, she will dismantle it 
and scatter the ammo around.


After the cut scenes, you'll have to face Ocelot in a duel. The SAA on the 
right is empty, but taking it will get you the SAA on your next game. Once 
you've picked up one of the guns, take aim and repeatedly pull the trigger 
until one of you has fired. After the cut scenes, the credits roll and you 
will get your ranking, as well as any other bonus items for your next play 


APPENDICES                                                               [027]

This section contains lists of equipment, items, and other things that I felt 
like listing. Check out the appropriate section if there's a particular piece 
of equipment or camouflage you're after.

-Equipment                                                               [028]

Location: Initial
Use: Not really useful. Gives you a little light in dark areas, but other than 
that, you'll only be using it to burn off leeches. Smoking is extremely 
hazardous and your health will decrease while the Cigar is equipped.

Bug Juice
Location: Various
Use: Wards off hornets and leeches for a short period of time. Highlight in 
the Item Window and press Enter to use.

Fake Death Pill
Location: Initial
Use: Causes Snake to go into a false state of death. Useful if you've been 
discovered and you want to get the guards off your tail. Take the Revival Pill 
quickly, though, because Snake will stay dead if you don't revive yourself 

Revival Pill
Location: Initial
Use: Wakes Snake up from a fake death. You always have it on you.

Location: Initial
Use: Allows you to view your surroundings in detail. Use triangle and square 
to zoom.

Motion Detector
Location: Initial (only on lower difficulty levels)
Use: Creates a radar display on the top-right hand side of the screen. Moving 
objects will be displayed as blips on the radar. Uses up your battery.

Active Sonar
Location: Initial (only on lower difficulty levels)
Use: Creates a radar display on the top-right hand side of the screen. Press 
triangle to send out a radar ping. All of living animals and humans will show 
up the display momentarily. Uses up your battery, and enemy guards can here 
the pings. Can also be used to ward off bats (because bats use sonar as 

Anti-Personnel Sensor
Location: (only on lower difficulty levels)
Use: Causes the control to vibrate when an enemy is near. The closer the 
enemy, the stronger the vibration. In First Person View, it will vibrate 
stronger when you are facing more towards the enemy. Uses up your battery.

Thermal Goggles
Location: Dremuchij North (Virtuous Mission), Rassvet (OSE)
Use: Allows you to see anything that gives off heat. Strong heat sources 
appear as bright silhouettes, camouflaged enemies, claymores, and traps can 
all be seen.

Night Vision Goggles
Location: Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch
Use: Electronically amplifies light to make it easier to see in the dark. 
However, if you look at a particularly bright object, it will burned onto your 
eyes, impairing your vision.

Cardboard Box
Location: Rassvet (A), Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall (B), Groznyj Grad 
Southeast (C)
Use: Put in on in a building and the guards will ignore Snake as long as you 
don't move. If you do, the guard will come over, lift up the box, and discover 
you. You can also use the boxes in Groznyj Grad by getting into a truck and 
equipping the box. Stay still for a moment and guard will read the delivery 
markings and drive you to the location on the box.

Mine Detector
Location: Rassvet, Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance
Use: Uses a sound beacon to alert you to the presence of Claymore mines. The 
faster the beeps, the closer the mines are. Uses your battery.

Life Medicine
Location: Various
Use: Highlight in the Item window and use with the Enter button to instantly 
replenish some of your life. When equipped as an item, it will automatically 
be used if your life drops to zero.

Location: Various
Use: Treats nervousness and suppresses involuntary trembling, giving you 
perfect aim for a short period of time. Highlight in the Item window and press 
Enter to use.

Croc Cap
Location: Chyornyj Prud
Use: Disguises Snake as a crocodile. Equip it while poking your head out of 
the surface of water, and the guards will ignore you.

Monkey Mask
Location: Get first place time on all mission in Snake vs. Monkey
Use: None. Simply makes Snake look silly.

Stealth Camouflage
Location: Finish the game with no alerts or get the Kerotan rank
Use: Increases camo index to 100%, regardless of uniform, environment, or 

-Weapons                                                                 [029]

Location: Initial

Snake's standard survival knife. Press the Weapon button repeatedly for a 5-
slash combo. Press the Weapon hard for a powerful stab attack that can kill an 
enemy in one hit. Useful for cutting objects and plants, and for hunting 
animals. Snake must have the Knife in order to use CQC, but it will 
automatically appear in his hand when performing a CQC maneuver, even if the 
Knife is not equipped.

Location: Initial (Virtuous Mission), given to you in Rassvet (OSE)

A semi-automatic tranquilizer gun. This weapon cannot kill the enemy but it 
will put them to sleep. A shot to the head knocks the target out instantly, 
but the anesthetic can take a while to kick in if the target is shot in the 
chest or limbs. The Mk22 uses a slide-lock system to fire and Snake must reset 
the slide after each shot, giving this weapon a fire low rate of fire. To use, 
press and hold the Weapon to aim and release to fire. Highlight in the Weapon 
window and press Enter to attach/detach suppressors. Can be used with CQC.

Location: Given to you in Rassvet (OSE)

.45 automatic pistol. Has a decent rate of fire but low power and a small 
magazine size make this gun unsuitable for combat situations. To use, press 
and hold the Weapon button and release to fire. Highlight in the Weapon window 
and press Enter to attack/detach suppressors. Can be used with CQC.

Cigar Gas-Spray
Location: Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West

A knockout gas spray disguised as a Cigar. To use press and hold the Weapon 
button and then release to disperse the gas. This can instantly put the target 
to sleep. Can be used in disguise. Can be used with CQC.

Location: Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West

A handkerchief soaked with chloroform, a powerful knockout agent. Press the 
Weapon button to wave the handkerchief around. Any nearby enemies will fall 
asleep from it. If you stand in place and wave the Handkerchief repeatedly, 
Snake will knock himself out. Can be used in disguise. Can be used with CQC.

Directional Microphone
Location: Initial (OSE)

This device will detect sounds from a distance. When equipped, you'll 
automatically go into First Person View. Aim the microphone in any direction 
to listen. Guards and other creatures can be heard by using the microphone.

Location: Rassvet (OSE)

Soviet-made assault rifle. This weapon fires quickly and is very accurate, 
making it a great weapon to use on the attack. It's not very accurate in full 
auto mode so you should use single shots when going aiming for the head. To 
use, hold down the Weapon button lightly to aim, and firmly to fire. Highlight 
in the Weapon window and press Triangle to switch between single shot and full 

Location: Dolinovodno (Virtuous Mission), Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside 

An early variant of the M16, the standard rifle for the US army. It is very 
similar to the AK-47, featuring a fast rate of fire in full auto mode, but 
being very inaccurate. To use, hold the Weapon button lightly to aim, and 
firmly to fire. Highlight in the Weapon window and press Triangle to switch 
between single shot, 3-round burst, or full auto, or use the Enter button to 
attach/detach suppressors.

Location: Rassvet (Virtuous Mission), Chyornaya Peschera Cave (OSE)

12-gauge pump action shotgun. At close range, a single blast will instantly 
kill the target. However, the weapon has a very low rate of fire, so avoid 
missing the target. To speed up the fire rate, rapidly double tap R2 to 
perform a tactical reload after each shot. To use, hold the Weapon to aim and 
release to fire.

Location: Dremuchij North (Virtuous Mission), Ponizovje West (OSE)

Druganov semi-auto sniper rifle. It has a decent rate of fire, but its main 
use is for taking out enemies at extreme distances. When equipped, you'll 
automatically go into First Person View. Use L1 to look through scope and 
Triangle to switch between x3 and x10 magnification. Press and release the 
Weapon button to fire.

Mosin Nagant
Location: Sokrovenno (get stamina kill on The End)

A bolt-action tranquilizer sniper rifle. This weapon cannot kill enemies, but 
it will put them to sleep. The darts take effect immediately if the target is 
shot in the head, but will take some time if shot in the chest or limbs. Since 
it is bolt-action, it has a very low rate of fire and your sights cannot be 
maintained between shots. When equipped, you'll go into First Person View. Use 
L1 to look through the scope and Triangle to switch between x3 and x10 
magnification. Press and release the Weapon button to fire.

Location: Svatogornyj East

American-made belt-fed light machine gun. The gigantic 100-round magazine 
allows you to fire constantly for an extended period of time. The high rate of 
fire enables this weapon to mow down scores of enemy troopers with ease. The 
weapon is extremely unstable while being fired, resulting in poor accuracy. 
Snake will also scream while firing. To use, press the Weapon lightly to aim, 
and firmly to fire.

Location: Krasnogorje Mountain Base

Russian-made rocket launcher. This weapon delivers rocker-propelled grenades 
that can destroy light vehicles and tanks. Groups of enemy soldiers can be 
killed with a single, but Snake must reload each time he fires. Use tactical 
reload to minimize reload time. When equipped, you'll automatically go into 
First Person View. Use L1 to look the scope and the Weapon button to fire. 
Cannot be fired from a prone position.

Location: WIG Interior (choose the right-hand revolver)

Colt .45 Single Action Army, standard issue sidearm for the US army in the 
late 19th century. This revolver features great stopping power and a decent 
rate of fire if fired from the hip (when shoulder aiming, Snake must cock the 
hammer after each shot). However, the weapon takes a long time to reload, so 
tactical reload instead. The shots will also ricochet when they strike any 
hard surface, enabling you to attack enemies even if they are under cover. To 
use, press and hold the Weapon button to aim and release to fire. While 
looking in First Person View, rotate the right analog stick to the twirl the 

Location: use up all of the ammo in a magazine for any weapon

This is an empty magazine received from reloading a weapon. When thrown, the 
noise can distract an enemy. To throw, press and hold the Weapon button, and 
then release. The harder the Weapon button is press, the harder the throw.

Location: Various

Standard fragmentation grenades. When it explodes, the blast and shrapnel will 
kill any enemies caught in the blast. To throw, press and hold the Weapon 
button, and then release. The harder the Weapon button is press, the harder 
the throw.

Stun Grenade
Location: Various

Flash or "flash-bang" grenade. When it explodes, it creates a very bright 
flash and loud bang, which will stun and disorient nearby enemies. To throw, 
press and hold the Weapon button, and then release. The harder the Weapon 
button is press, the harder the throw.

Chaff Grenade
Location: Various

When this grenade explodes, is disperses thin metallic strips of various 
frequencies into the air. This will jam electronic devices, including the 
enemy's radio. However, this can also disrupt your own equipment. To throw, 
press and hold the Weapon button, and then release. The harder the Weapon 
button is press, the harder the throw.

Smoke Grenade
Location: Various

This grenades creates a thick cloud of smoke. Enemies will not be able to see 
through it, and will not be able to attack. The smoke can be used as cover or 
as a distraction. To throw, press and hold the Weapon button, and then 
release. The harder the Weapon button is press, the harder the throw.

White Phosphorous Grenade
Location: Various

This grenades explodes in flames, which will set anything caught in the blast 
ablaze. To throw, press and hold the Weapon button, and then release. The 
harder the Weapon button is press, the harder the throw.

Location: Various

A potent plastic explosive with a radio detonator. Use the Weapon button to 
set the TNT and then press the CQC button to detonate it. The MAP in the 
Survival Viewer will show the locations of any TNT you have placed. The radio 
detonator has limited range and will not detonate any TNT if you're too far 

Location: Various

Magazine with adult material. Press the Weapon button to set one on the 
ground. If an enemy spots it, he will be thoroughly distracted.

Location: Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing

A light hip-fired sub-machine gun. It features a fast fire rate stable barrel. 
Snake fires this gun from the hip and therefore cannot shoulder-aim. However, 
it has a laser sight attached to it, giving excellent accuracy. To use, hold 
the Weapon button lightly to aim, and firmly to fire.

Location: Various

A directional anti-personnel mine. When the mine goes off, it releases 
hundreds of steel pellets to further maim the victim. Claymores can be safely 
traversed or eve acquired by crawling. Press the Weapon button to set one 
down. You can pick up any unused Claymores for later use.

Location: Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch

A medium sized stick soaked in turpentine. This torch will never run out, so 
it will provide a limitless amount of light in dark areas. However, having the 
torch on will greatly decrease your camo index. Press the Weapon button to 
light/extinguish the torch. Press the CQC button to swing it.

Location: Various

A small baited trapped designed to capture small animals alive. Press the 
Weapon button to set a trap down. Leave the area and come back to see if your 
trap(s) caught anything. Crawl over traps to pick them up. The MAP in Survival 
Viewer will show the locations of any traps you have placed.

Location: Groznyj Grad Torture Room

An eating utensil. Press the Weapon button repeatedly for a 5-slash combo, or 
press firmly for a stabbing attack. The Fork inflicts little damage and cannot 
be used for CQC moves. If you kill an animal with the fork, Snake will eat it 
right on the spot without putting it in his backpack first.

Location: finish the game

An XM16E1 with the barrel cut short. This weapon is fully automatic, featuring 
great stopping power and a fast fire rate. The internal feed mechanism is 
shaped like an infinity symbol, giving this weapon infinite ammo. To use, hold 
the Weapon lightly to aim, and firmly to fire.

EZ Gun
Location: Initial (Very Easy mode), get Markhor rank

A tranquilizer pistol with a laser sight for pinpoint accuracy. The EZ Gun can 
put enemies to sleep and features a suppressor that never wears out. Simply 
equipping the gun locks your camo index at 80%, regardless of environment or 
posture. The EZ gun also decreases stamina consumption.

-Food                                                                    [030]

Snake A - King Cobra
Stamina recovery: High
Additional: Poisonous and will attack you.

Snake B - Taiwanese Cobra
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Poisonous and will attack you.

Snake C - Thai Cobra
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Poisonous and will attack you.

Snake D - Coral Snake
Stamina recovery: High
Additional: Nothing.

Snake E - Milk Snake
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Poisonous and will attack you.

Snake F - Green Tree Python
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Only found hanging from trees.

Snake G - Giant Anaconda
Stamina recovery: High
Additional: Nothing.

Snake H - Reticulated Python
Stamina recovery: High
Additional: Nothing.

Snake I - Snake Liquid
Stamina recovery: Full
Additional: One of a kind snake, can only be found during the battle with The 

Snake J - Snake Solid
Stamina recovery: Full
Additional: One of a kind snake, can only be found during the battle with The 

Snake K - Snake Solidus
Stamina recovery: Full
Additional: One of a kind snake, can only be found during the battle with The 

Stamina recovery: Full
Additional: Can only be captured with Mousetraps. See secrets sections for 

Bird A - Parrot
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Only found during the fight with The End.

Bird B - White-Rumped Vulture
Stamina recovery: Varies
Additional: White-Rumped Vultures will feed on the corpse of a recently killed 
enemy. Eating a White-Rumped Vulture after it has fed increases stamina 

Bird C - Red Avadavat
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Nothing.

Bird D - Magpie
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Nothing.

Bird E - Sunda Whistling-Thrush
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Nothing.

Fish A - Bigeye Trevally
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Nothing.

Fish B - Maroon Shark
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Nothing.

Fish C - Arrowana
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Nothing.

Frog A - Otton Frog
Stamina recovery: Good
Additional: Nothing.

Frog B - Tree Frog
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Nothing.

Frog C - Poison Dart Frog
Stamina recovery: Poisonous
Additional: Nothing.

Fruit A - Yabloko Moloko
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Nothing.

Fruit B - Russian False Mango
Stamina recovery: Good
Additional: Also yields Digestive Medicine when acquired.

Fruit C - Golova
Stamina recovery: Good
Additional: Nothing.

Mushroom A - Russian Oyster Mushroom
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Nothing.

Mushroom B - Ural Luminescent
Stamina recovery: Poisonous
Additional: Nothing.

Mushroom C - Siberian Ink Cap
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Nothing.

Mushroom D - Fly Agaric
Stamina recovery: Poisonous
Additional: Nothing.

Mushroom E - Russian Glowcap
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Recharges batteries.

Mushroom F - Spatsa
Stamina recovery: Poor
Additional: Causes Snake to fall asleep.

Mushroom G - Baikal Scaly Tooth
Stamina recovery: Poisonous
Additional: Nothing.

Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Nothing.

Indian Gavial
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Attacks aggressively if provoked. Instantly kills underwater. 
Yields three pieces of meat.

Baltic Hornet's Nest
Stamina recovery: Very High
Additional: Also yields Ointment when acquired.

The Pain Hornet's Nest
Stamina recovery: Very High
Additional: Throw out regular Baltic Hornet's Nest during the fight with The 
Pain, then pick it up afterwards.

Kenyan Mangrove Crab
Stamina recovery: High
Additional: Nothing.

Vampire Bat
Stamina recovery: Low
Additional: Attacks aggressively. Can be avoided with Active Sonar.

Stamina recovery: High
Additional: Attacks aggressively is provoked. Yields two pieces of meat.

European Rabbit
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Yields Serum if killed.

Emperor Scorpion
Stamina recovery: Low
Additional: Poisonous. Attacks aggressively.

Cobalt Blue Tarantula
Stamina recovery: Low
Additional: Poisonous. Attacks aggressively.

Japanese Flying Squirrel
Stamina recovery: Low
Additional: Nothing.

Vine Melon
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Nothing.

Calorie Mate
Stamina recovery: Full
Additional: Never spoils.

Russian Ration
Stamina recovery: Moderate
Additional: Never spoils.

Instant Noodles
Stamina recovery: Full
Additional: Never spoils.

A note on spoiling food: Any creatures captured with the Mk22 will be stored 
in cages and will not spoil. Raw meat will spoil faster than vegetables, 
fruits, or mushrooms. Man-made foods never spoil.

-Uniforms                                                                [031]

Location: Initial
Use: Snake with no shirt on. Your stamina drains faster and you will have a 
very low camo index.

Location: Initial
Use: Solid olive green color. Not useful as camouflage.

Location: Initial
Use: Mimics a tiger's coat. Works well in almost any forest area. Particularly 
useful on grass and soil.

Location: Initial
Use: Has green leafy patterns. Works well against green backgrounds. Possible 
to achieve 90% camo in underbrush or tall grass.

Location: Initial
Use: Red uniform with black squares designed to disrupt contours. Useful 
against red or brown backgrounds. Works well when leaning up against brick 

Location: Initial
Use: Pasted with pictures of tree bark. Works well against brown backgrounds. 
Possible to achieve 90% camo when leaning against a tree.

Location: Solid black. Useful against black backgrounds or mud.

Location: Dolinovodno (OSE), under bridge
Use: Blue uniform with raindrops and splotches of red. Useful when raining.

Location: Chyornaya Peschera Cave
Use: White and green uniform. Useful against white backgrounds.

Location: Bolshaya Past South
Use: Mimics a tiger's coat but with gray colors. Useful in urban areas.

Location: Bolshaya Past South, Graniny Gorki 2nd floor balcony
Use: Brown uniform. Useful against sand and rocks. Works well in the 

Location: Bolshaya Past Base, on top of building
Use: Mimics the ripples in water. Useful when in or underwater.

Location: Given to you in Rassvet (OSE)
Use: Disguises yourself as a scientist. Press Triangle to adjust glasses.

Location: Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing locker (on returning)
Use: Disguises yourself as a Shagohod maintenance crew member.

Location: Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing
Use: Disguises yourself as Major Raikov when Mask is equipped. Press Triangle 
to salute.

Location: Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing locker (on returning)
Use: Not useful as camouflage. Reduces all damage by half, reduces stamina 

Location: Finish the game
Use: Not useful as camouflage. Disables face paint.

Location: Graniny Gorki 2nd floor bathroom.
Use: Not useful as camouflage. Smell sometimes repels enemies.

Location: Get stamina kill on Ocelot
Use: Mimics an ocelot's coat. Very useful in the mountains. Makes Snake's aim 
perfectly steady.

Location: Get stamina kill on The Pain
Use: Not useful as camouflage. Allows you to tame hornets. Shoot down a 
hornet's nest and stand near it. When the hornets swarm around you, get close 
to a guard and they will attack. Also keeps leeches and spiders away.

Location: Get stamina kill on The Fear
Use: Boosts your camo index to 80% regardless of your environment or posture. 
Drains stamina.

Location: Hold up The End
Use: Photosynthetic 3-D leafy pattern. Works well in any forest area. Possible 
to achieve 100% camo in Svatogornyj and Sokrovenno. Can recover stamina by 
standing in sunlight.

Location: Get stamina kill on The Fury
Use: Not useful as camouflage. Reduces all damage from fire and explosions by 
half. Prevents burns.

Location: Reach the end of The Sorrow's river
Use: Not useful as camouflage. Silences your footsteps. Allows you to drain 
stamina from a guard by strangling him.

Location: Get stamina kill on Volgin
Use: Has Soviet flag on the front and US flag on the back. Turn to face 
towards an enemy and he will stop attacking.

Location: Get stamina kill on The Boss
Use: Provides decent camo in any environment.

Location: Download to memory card
Use: Not useful as camouflage. Prevents all serious injuries.

Location: Download to memory card
Use: Not useful as camouflage. Grants infinite amount of all types of 

Location: Download to memory card
Use: Makes Snake look very silly.

Location: Get 1st record times on all Snake vs. Monkey missions
Use: Not useful as camouflage. Makes most foods taste better.

Face paints                                                              [032]

Location: Initial
Use: Green stripe on Snake's face. Works well in any forest environment.

Location: Initial
Use: Black stripes on the edges of the face. Works in urban environments.

Location: Initial
Use: Solid black face. Useful at night.

Location: Initial
Use: A mask that looks like Raiden's face from MGS2. Used to disguise yourself 
as Raikov.

Location: Bolshaya Past Base, in the trenches
Use: White stripe on Snake's face. Works well in snowy environments.

Location: Ponizovje Warehouse
Use: Brown stripe across the face. Useful in desert or rocky environments.

Location: Ponizovje South, after meeting Granin
Use: Blue stripes across the face. Works well under water.

Location: Graniny Gorki Lab: 1st floor in the ducts
Use: White face with lipstick. Not useful as camouflage.

Location: Tikhogornyj, in the water after meeting Eva
Use: White face with red stripes. Not useful as camouflage.

Location: See secrets section
Use: Various Japanese symbols on the face. Grants infinite ammo for all 
weapons. Not useful as camouflage.

-Kerotan Frogs                                                           [034]

Kerotan frogs are little green frog dolls hidden throughout the game. Shoot 
one with a weapon, and it will make a noise. If you find and shoot al 64 
frogs, you will get the Kerotan ranking and receive the Stealth Camouflage. 
Here are their locations:


Dremuchij South: Go up to the top of the hill in the north-east corner and 
look south. It is hidden on a ledge near the trees.

Dremuchij Swampland: Cross the swamp and make your way north up the hill. When 
you get to a spot with no tall grass, turn and look to the ledge on the east.

Dremuchij North: In the northern area with the large grassy hill, go east and 
examine the broken tree stump. It is sitting on top and can only be seen from 
a certain angle.

Dolinovodno: On top of one of the tall wooden posts on the southern side of 
the bridge.

Rassvet: In the center of the complex, go to the stairs and look through the 
hole in the northern wall nearby.


Dremuchij East: In the northern area, go to the western wall and look at the 
broken tree stump. It is sitting near some broken logs.

Dremuchij North: In the middle of the area, there is a split in the path that 
leads north or east. Go east to the center of the map and climb the tree. Look 
left on top of the hill.

Dremuchij Swampland: Go to the swamp and head for the north-west bank. The 
frog is between a tree and the cliff.

Dremuchij South: Go the southern cliff and then head west to the corner 
(you'll need to jump over a log). In this area, look up to the cliff on the 
top left.

Dolinovodno: On top of one of the wooden posts on the northern end of the 

Rassvet: Under the stairs near the canisters.

Chyornyj Prud: At the northern end of the swamp, just north-east of the ledge 
where the Croc Cap is. The frog is under water, wedged between a tree and the 
rocky cliff.

Bolshaya Past South: At north end of the area, to the to very last electrical 
fence and follow it east to a tree. The Frog is sitting next to it.

Bolshaya Past Base: Under the desk in the office building.

Bolshaya Past Crevice: During the fight with Ocelot, go east to the wall. Then 
turn south and go into First Person View. The frog should be there.

Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch: First go to the waterfalls. Opposite the 
alcove with the Torch is a cave path. Follow it to the end and crawl through 
to the next cavern, which has bats in it. Go through the cavern and crawl 
under the next space to the cavern with the hole and Night Vision Goggles. Go 
into First Person View and look carefully at the wall across the hole to spot 
the frog.

Chyornaya Peschera Cave: Stand on the southern island and look up at the large 
hole in the ceiling. The frog is sitting on the edge.

Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance: Follow the path until you can enter the 
small side area with the ammo and Claymores. Go to the wall and turn around in 
the First Person View. The frog is sitting on the ledge up above.

Ponizovje South: Move forwards as you enter and look to your left. The frog is 
sitting on land near a tree.

Ponizovje West: At the north end of the area, dive under the water and look 
for the frog behind the big metal grating.

Ponizovje Warehouse Exterior: The frog is sitting atop a large red metal gate 
in the south-western corner of the area.

Ponizovje Warehouse: Go to the first floor and stand at the south-west corner. 
Face north and look up way up above in the rafters to find the frog.

Graniny Gorki South: Go to the north exit and look up to the left. The frog is 
sitting on a branch.

Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls: Go the west and crawl under the 
fence. Go north to the crawlspace that leads to the interior walls. Face away 
from the crawlspace and go into First Person View. The frog is sitting up the 

Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls: Sitting in the window of the 
building on the east side of the area.

Graniny Gorki Lab 1F: Go the south-east corridors. Just outside the library 
room with a scientist is a group of lockers. Go a little ways north and then 
look at the lockers in First Person View. The frog is sitting on top in the 

Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East: Run down the corridor to the last jail cell. The 
frog is sitting on a small ledge inside the cell.

Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West: Head for the room with the scientist and the TV 
set. The frog is sitting on the north-west corner near the two lockers.

Svatogornyj South: Run forwards and then turn around look at where you just 
came out of. The frog is sitting on high ledge above the door.

Svatogornyj West: Run forwards to the hollow log. The frog is sitting on a 
hill just beyond it.

Svatogornyj East: The frog is sitting on the one of the shelves in the western 
room of the log cabin. He can be seen through the windows.

Sokrovenno South: Go the munitions building and run to the side of the 
building. The frog is sitting on a hill directly beyond the building.

Sokrovenno West: Follow the stream all the way to the south to find the frog 
inside a small opening at the end.

Sokrovenno North: In the middle-southern part of this area (just north of the 
southern entrances), you should see a narrow horizontal path with a hollow 
log. Just south-west of that log is a tree growing next to the cliff. The frog 
is in between the tree and the cliff.

Krasnogorje Tunnel: The frog is sitting on the left behind the first arch.

Krasnogorje Mountain Base: The frog is sitting on a hill in the very north-
western corner of the area. You'll need to run south a little ways to get a 
good shot.

Krasnogorje Mountainside: The frog is sitting on the top the building with the 
Calorie Mate and Rations.

Krasnogorje Mountaintop: Go the gun emplacement on the south-east part of the 
map. The frog is sitting on the cliff directly across from you.

Krasnogorje Mountaintop: Behind Ruins: Use the SVD to shoot the frog sitting 
on the large radio tower straight ahead. He's about halfway up.

Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins: The frog is sitting on a shelf just above the 
bed in the lower room.

Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel: When the fight with The Fury begins, run 
right in to the next corridor and face north. The frog is sitting on a pipe 
just above you.

Groznyj Grad Southwest: There are three large warehouses on the west side of 
the area. Go to the middle one and look through the small crack in the front. 
The frog is inside.

Groznyj Grad Southeast: Go to the southeast corner of the area. The frog is 
sitting on a corner on top of the prison building.

Groznyj Grad Northwest: In the middle of the area, just north of the tanks, is 
a car and some boxes. Climb the boxes and then look past the fences to the 
left. The frog is sitting on some stairs.

Groznyj Grad Northeast: Go to the provisions storehouse in the north-east 
corner and find the hole in the ground. Go down and crawl west until you reach 
a junction where you can turn right. Take the turn and the frog is right there 
behind a grating.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing: On the second floor room with the 
lockers, go all the way to the north end of the room. The frog is sitting on 
some shelves against the north wall.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: West Wing Corridor: Look south out the windows. A 
frog is sitting on the loud-speakers outside.

Groznyj Grad Torture Room: Go to the room with the desks. The frog is hiding 
underneath one.

Tikhogornyj: Follow the stream south to a log. Look underneath to find the 

Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall: Go the room with the ladder. Turn away from the 
ladder and look up and to the right to find the frog.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing: Go the fuel tank that's sitting next to 
the western wall (just west of the Shagohod itself). To the right of the fuel 
tanks are some control panels. The frog is sitting between two of them.

Groznyj Grad B1: During the fight with Volgin, turn and look up to your left. 
The frog is sitting on a pipe.

In the motorcycle sequences, I advise saving each time you get to the next 

First area: When Eva reaches the area with the tanks and the glass corridor, 
look to the right at the spotlight. The frog is in there.

Second area: When Eva stops the first time, look left to find the frog sitting 
in the seat of a forklift.

Third area: While Eva drives along, look to your left and you will eventually 
see a plane in the distance. There is a signpost out there that the frog is 
sitting on.

Fourth area: Sitting on the fourth signpost to your right. Eva will slow down 
when you get close to it, but it's still very difficult to hit.

Groznyj Grad Railbridge: While sniping the bombs, stand up and look down at 
the arches under the bridge. The frog is sitting on an arch between the second 
and third pillars from the left.

Groznyj Grad Railbridge: While fighting the Shagohod, look at the tall radio 
nearby. The frog is sitting on a ledge near the base.

More motorcycle sequences now. Save each time you reach a new one.

Fifth area: Near the end of this one, you will see some red and white 
barricades. The frog is sitting between the left and middle barricades.

Sixth area: Right when the sequence begins, look to your right. You will see 
the frog sitting next to a large boulder.

Seventh area: Right when the sequence begins, look to your left. The frog is 
sitting on top of the first large boulder.

Zaozyorje South: Go down the south-east path until you come to a log bridge. 
The frog is sitting on a ledge beneath you on the cliff face.

Zaozyorje East: When you get to the fork in the path, check in between the 
large tree growing next to a cliff and the cliff itself. The frog is in there.

Rokovoj Bereg: During the battle with The Boss, head to the edge of the area 
and use your SVD to scope out the trees. The final frog is sitting on the very 
top of one of the trees.

-Codenames                                                               [034]

When you finish the game, you will be given a codename ranking depending on 
your performance. Your stats determine what kind of ranking you'll get, 
although difficulty can change your ranking sometimes. Also, there are some 
codename rankings that can only be acquired through special means. Here are 
the requirements to get each ranking:

Alligator: 81-249 alerts, +41 continues, 101-299 kills

Bat: 0 alerts, Normal difficulty

Capybara: +30 hours play time, Normal difficulty

Cat: +100 saves, Easy difficulty

Centipede: 21-50 alerts, +41 continues, 1-100 kills

Chameleon: 0 alerts, 0 continues

Chicken: +30 hours play time, +300 alerts, +60 continues, +300 kills, +31 
meals, +100 saves, Easy or Very Easy difficulty

Cow: +300 alerts, Extreme difficulty

Crocodile: 81-249 alerts, 0-40 continues, 101-299 kills

Deer: +100 saves, Normal difficulty

Doberman: Less than 5:15 play time, 1 alert, 0 continues, 0 kills, 20 or fewer 
meals, 50 or fewer saves, 3 or fewer Life Medicine used, 10 or fewer bars of 
damage received, no special items, Normal, Hard, or Extreme difficulty

Eagle: Less than 5:00 play time, Extreme difficulty

Elephant: +31 meals, Normal difficulty

Falcon: Less than 5:00 play time, Normal difficulty

Flying Fox: 0 alerts, Hard difficulty

Flying Squirrel: 0 alerts, Easy difficulty

Fox: Less than 5:00 play time, 0 alerts, 0 continues, 0 kills, 20 or fewer 
meals, 50 or fewer saves, 10 or fewer bars of damage received, 0 Life Medicine 
used, no special items, Hard or Extreme difficulty

Foxhound: Less than 5:00 play time, 0 alerts, 0 continues, 0 kills, 20 or 
fewer meals, 25 or fewer saves, 10 or fewer bars of damage received, 0 Life 
Medicine used, no special items, Extreme difficulty

Giant Panda: +30 hours play time, Extreme difficulty

Hawk: Less than 5:00 play time, Hard difficulty

Hippopotamus: +100 saves, Extreme difficulty

Hound: Less than 5:15 play time, 2 alerts, 0 continues, 0 kills, 20 or fewer 
meals, 50 or fewer saves, 3 or fewer Life Medicine used, 10 or fewer bars of 
damage received, no special items, Normal, Hard, or Extreme difficulty

Hyena: 51-80 alerts, +41 continues, 101-299 kills

Iguana: 51-80 alerts, 0-40 continues, 101-299 kills

Jackal: 51-80 alerts, 0-40 continues, 1-100 kills

Jaguar: 21-50 alerts, 0-40 continues, 1-100 kills

Jaws: +300 kills, Hard difficulty

Kerotan: Shoot all 64 Kerotan frogs

Koala: +30 hours play time, Easy difficulty

Komodo Dragon: 81-249 alerts, +41 continues, 1-100 kills

Leech: Finish the game with a leech attached to your body

Leopard: 21-50 alerts, +41 continues, 1-100 kills

Mammoth: +31 meals, Hard difficulty

Markhor: Capture all 44 varieties of plants and animals, including the 4 
medicinal plants

Mongoose: 51-80 alerts, +41 continues, 1-100 kills

Mouse: +30 hours play time, +300 alerts, +60 continues, +300 kills, +31 meals, 
+100 saves, Normal difficulty

Night Owl: 0 alerts, Extreme difficulty

Orca: +300 kills, Extreme difficulty

Ostrich: +30 hours play time, +300 alerts, +60 continues, +300 kills, +31 
meals, +100 saves, Extreme difficulty

Panther: 21-50 alerts, 0-49 continues, 101-299 kills

Pig: +31 meals, Easy difficulty

Pigeon: 0 kills, Extreme difficulty

Piranha: +300 kills, Easy difficulty

Puma: 21-50 alerts, +41 continues, 101-299 kills

Rabbit: +30 hours play time, +300 alerts, +60 continues, +300 kills, +31 
meals, +100 saves, Hard difficulty

Scorpion: 1-20 alerts, 0-40 continues, 1-100 kills

Shark: +300 kills, Normal difficulty

Sloth: +30 hours play time, Hard difficulty

Spider: 21-50 alerts, +41 continues, 101-299 kills

Swallow: Less than 5:00 play time, Easy difficulty

Tarantula: 1-20 alerts, 1-40 continues, 101-299 kills

Tazmanian Devil: 51-80 alerts, 0-40 continues, 101-299 kills

Tsuchinoko: Finish the game with a Tsuchinoko captured alive

Whale: +31 meals, Extreme difficulty

Zebra: +100 saves, Hard difficulty


EXTRAS                                                                   [035]

This section explains all of the hidden extras that can be acquired or 
experienced in MGS3. All of this stuff is optional but really adds to the 
enjoyment of the game.

-Equipment                                                               [036]

Tuxedo: Finish the game once.

SAA: Finish the game and choose the right-hand revolver in your duel with 

Patriot: Finish the game once.

Camera: Finish the game once and pick up the Camera in the Groznyj Grad 
Torture Room. The Camera operates the same way as your Binoculars except you 
can hit the Weapon Button to snap a picture and store it on your Memory Card.

EZ Gun: Finish the game with the Markhor rank. This is accomplished by 
capturing all 44 different plants and animals in the game. You don't need to 
eat them, you just have to capture them. The 4 medicinal plants must also be 
acquired; these plants give up medical supplies when cut and will count 
towards your total once you do so. Even unique animals such as The End's 
parrot, the silver snakes, and then Tsuchinoko must be captured.

Infinity Face Paint: Finish the game in under 5 hours, 25 or fewer saves, 0 
alerts, 0 kills, 0 continues, and no special items. If you can't handle that, 
there is another way to get it: capturing a live Tsuchinoko.

The Tsuchinoko is a long, weird looking snake. The only way to capture one is 
to set down Mousetraps in certain areas. The earliest you can do this is 
Graniny Gorki South. Set down your Mousetraps, leave, and then return. The 
traps will have caught a variety of animals; the Tsuchinoko may be among them. 
If not, simply leave the area and come back again. Once you have the 
Tsuchinoko, do NOT eat it. You must finish the game with it alive. At one 
point in the game, all of your food is taken from you, including your 
Tsuchinoko. To get it back, get to cut scene where Eva gives you your 
equipment back. After that, go outside the waterfall and check out the tree 
just to the south-east; you should find your Tsuchinoko crawling around. 
Tranquilize it with your Mk22.

Stealth Camouflage: Finish the game with the Kerotan rank (shoot all 64 
Kerotan frogs) or finish the game with no alerts.

Banana Uniform: Get first place times for all Snake Vs. Monkey missions.

Monkey Mask: Get first place times for all Snake Vs. Monkey missions.

-Easter Eggs

Konami Code: When you see the Konami screens while the game first goes to the 
title screen, enter Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, 
Triangle. You will hear a confirmation noise and the credits in the opening 
movie will change to those of the people who created it.

Opening Movie Fun: During the opening movie you can press R3 to change the 
symbols and the right analog stick to move them around. Press L3 to change the 
language of the credits and the left analog stick to move them around. Use the 
D-pad to make circles appear. Press R1 and the singer will whisper "Snake 

Title Screen Fun: Using R1, R2, R3, L1, L2, and L3 can do all sorts of things 
at that title screen from changing the symbols to inverting shadows and 
colors. The left and right analog sticks can also move the symbols around the 
screen and change the basic color schemes. If you have a save where Snake has 
his eye patch, he will be wearing it on the title screen.

Konami Game Cameos: In Graniny Gorki, you will find several magazines 
featuring other Konami games like Silent Hill 3.

Naked Raiden: If you killed Raikov, he will appear naked in The Sorrow's 

Raikov's Bowels: During an ALERT phase in the Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab, Raikov 
will hide in a stall in the bathroom. When EVASION starts, put on your 
Scientist uniform and enter the bathroom. Throw some rotten food into Raikov's 
stall and wait. A while later, knock on the door for some funny responses.

Snake's Nightmare: Just after you get thrown into the prison cell, save your 
game and turn it off. Load up again and you will begin a mini-game where you 
must hunt down and destroy enemy monsters. Your character can also charge up 
and mutate into a werewolf after killing a number of monster consecutively. 
The game will end after a few minutes.

Fun With Eva: Eva can be a fun person to be around. Attacking her in any way 
causes her to retaliate with her own attacks. However, you can hear some 
strange and/or funny comments by putting her to sleep or interrogating her. 
For more fun, try viewing her in the Cure menu just after she joins you and 
she will be wearing hardly anything at all!

Cure Menu: When using the Cure Menu, hit R1 to see an X-ray of Snake. Press R1 
to return to your normal view. Now press R1 again and the X-ray will be doing 
several things from sneaking maneuvers to work-out moves. This also works with 

Radio Tricks: Holding R3 causes the silhouette of Snake to get larger. Also, 
you can move the right analog stick to move it around. The left analog stick 
flips through the pictures of the person you're talking to. The last picture 
usually contains more info on that person such as age, date of birth, and the 
voice actor who played that person.

Time Paradox: After getting a game over, the words "SNAKE IS DEAD" will 
transform into "TIME PARADOX." If you killed Ocelot or Eva, the same thing 
happens except Colonel Campbell will yell at you for disrupting the fabric of 

Hidden R1 scenes: During some cut scenes, the R1 icon will appear and you can 
view the scene from Snake's perspective. However, there are several instance 
where you can do this without being prompted. Hold R1 at the following 

-After Volgin kills Granin, Ocelot will comment on Eva's boots.
-After the torture scene, Ocelot will leave you and The Boss alone.
-After Volgin dies.
-After The Boss dies, while her horse is approaching you.
-As Snake received the Big Boss medal.
-While Snake is saluting The Boss' grave.

Hidden Cell Scene: While in the jail cell, pick up the food given to you and 
throw it back out. Doing this three times will trigger a hidden scene with 
Johnny Sasaki Sr.

Hidden Waterfall Scene: While in the jail cell, do NOT remove the transmitter. 
After reaching the waterfall there will be a rather humorous scene in which 
Eva removes it for you.


CREDITS AND COPYRIGHT                                                    [038]

This document is protected by copyright law, 2005. There is no illegal 
reproduction or distribution of this guide, and it may in no way be used to 
make money. So there.

On a lighter side, I will include a thanks section here for those readers who 
have brought corrections in the guide to my attention. I'd like this guide to 
be as complete as possible so feel free to contact me if you have any errors 
to report. Thanks to:

gamefaqs.com- For hosting my guide.

I'm out.