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So, is it possible to get Izanami/other new demons that are over 80+ lvl without StreetPass(Nemecchi leveling)?

So, as the question implies, I know we can get Izanami and other powerful demons by leveling Nemecchi through StreetPass, but that would require a bunch of people around me to have a japanese 3DS and SoulHackers, obviously. I'm still experimenting with Copernicus/Albert install softs, but as of now I've only got the most powerfull demons of Saturn/PSX version.
If anyone can provide info, please do.

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Dragnock answered:

You don't need to rely on street pass you can use play coins to get D-Soul which u can then use to either lvl him up or buy demons from him.
you can cash in 40 play coins a day and lvl him once a day too.
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Inwspin answered:

Nope you cant , its only way to get them is street pass
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