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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked 

Title Guide

What about?

This guide is intended to help you get all the possible titles 
on Devil Survivor Overclocked.

Title point does not exist in the DS edition. 
You carry over macca and demons instantly into New Game+.

Here, new to Devil Survivor Overclocked, fulfilling certain 
requirement will allow you to get a title. 
From the title, you will get certain points for, and  can 
spend them on the reward to make your game easier on New Game+.


This guide is free to view, and not for profit use.

Hosted on Gamefaqs only, unless stated otherwise. Hosting 
on other sites without mine or Gamefaqs' agreement will be 
considered as copyright infringement, and legal action may 
be taken.

Important Notice

This guide is by no means a guide to help you how to get 
through the battles. For enemies detailed stats and strategy 
to get though storyline battle, please refer to the walkthrough 
posted here on Gamefaqs.

The walkthrough for DS version also works, with the exception 
of 8th day that are exclusive to the 3DS version, of course.

There are also new demons that are added to the 3DS version. 
Some are fusionable demons, and some just serve as optional 

How to Use the Guide

Title as listed in the game - Points that you get for NG+

In-game description.

Short description about the title.

My explanation and instruction how to accomplish it. 
Length depends on how hard and / or complicated it is.

List of Title

Survivor - 70 P

Finish the game once.

Any ending after you completed on day 7 counts, 
except the bad ending on day 6.

Haru's Savior - 20 P

Prevent Haru's death.

Save Haru on day 4.
The time is 17:00

You can have Yuzu reminds you at 17:00. 
Do so if you cannot remember.

Keisuke's Savior - 20 P

Prevented Keisuke's death.

Recruit Keisuke on day 5.
The time is 12:00.

Go battle Keisuke. You have the option to get him without battle, 
at the cost of releasing Midori from your party, or battling him, 
win and keep both Keisuke and Midori for your party.

Mari's Savior - 20 P

Prevented Mari's death.

Defeat Kudlak on Day 5.
The time is 12:00.

Go battle Kudlak. In order to win this battle, you must have Mari's 
bag, give it to her on day 5 prior to 12:00, and let Mari deal the 
finishing blow to Kudlak. Whether you kill Kudlak or not on day 4 
is no consequence.

Gin's Savior - 20 P

Saved Gin in battle.

Help Gin defeat Azuma on day 6.
The time is 12:00, after you did the sidequest involving Aya on day 4.

This one is a hidden battle. To trigger the battle on day 6, you 
will need to talk to Gin on day 4 before noon (approximately 11:00).
In the conversation, offer your help to find Aya. 

Afterwards, do the conversation in blue that appears throughout Tokyo. 
The conversation will not consume any of the in-game time. 
Report back to Gin within the same day after you get the Shomonkai 
member to spill the beans.

Proceed to the day 6 battle and win.

Muckraker - 20 P

Discovered the government's secret weapon.

This involves series of important event that will secure Atsuro's route.
Also a bit of Shoji's background.

Before day 3 or in day 3 before noon, you will need to learn about 
Atsuro's friend that suddenly disappeared. The place is Ikebukuro, 
be sure to check on the 3rd day if it does not appear on the 2nd 
day for you. 

Later on day 3, between the first encounter with Beldr and the second 
encounter (13:30 to 16:30), you will need to view Atsuro's event on 
Enkoukuji temple, which involves 10BIT. Then shortly afterwards, you 
will need to help Atsuro crack 10BIT dying message, in order to learn 
about the EUM field.

Then, on day 5, after the plot battle where you help Izuna makes contract 
with demon, the option, "The EUM field....." should appear on your choice, 
pick that option to clarify the truth about what the Japanese government 
plan to do when the deadline is reached. 

Reinforcer - 20 P

Strengthened the barrier on Yuzu's 8th day.

The first thing you should know is that you need Gin alive as well on 
Yuzu's 8th day. Whether you did the battle with Azuma or not seems to be 

To start the sidequest, the moment you go back into the lockdown, go to 
the Eikokuji temple, view the event with Bishamon, Zouchou, and Koumoku 
discussing about restoring the barrier after the defeat of Jikoku. Offer 
your help to find Jikoku's sword.

The said sword is located on Shomonkai's Headquarters, unsurprisingly.

In order to access the place, however, you will need the card key. 
There are two ways to get the card key, the first one is to do an 
optional battle involving Naoya on the Graveyard, and another one is 
from the plot battle after defeating Belzeboul and Azuma on Roppongi's 

It's better to do this as soon as possible, so I suggest you to get it 
from Naoya between the two.

Afterwards, you need to go back to Shomonkai's Headquarters and Atsuro 
will proceed to steal the sword, somehow.

After you get Jikoku's sword, go back to Eikokuji temple to meet the 
remaining Devas, only to find out the sword have been weakened a lot, 
and you need to find a demon that can replace Jikoku.

Now, this is where the game left you clueless, but fear not, because 
all you need to do is simply progress the game until you beat Belzeboul 
and Azuma on Roppongi's Hills.


Rather, now you need to find Gin, he will then reveal his Take-Mikazuchi, 
some sort of protector of Japan and whatnot. They will agree to replace 
Jikoku in any case.

For the final touch, go back to Eikokuji again and see how Gin complete 
the replacement ritual--- ONLY TO BE SWARMED BY DEMONS.

Anyway, the battle itself should be easy, even if the sword get stolen, 
all you need to do is to kill the demons who stole it. Just massacre 
all the enemies, in short.

After the battle, the barrier is restored, and feel free to defeat 
Belberith to finish the 8th day.

Demon Collector - 100 P

Registered all generic-fusion demons.

While it is entirely possible to do this on the very first game, it 
involves you to get to level 95 in order to fuse all the possible 
non-special demons. The highest being Yurlungur.

It is recommended that you do this on New Game+, where you have 
removed the level limit and fusion limit, making it significantly 
easier to check what you miss using the search function, and simply 
fuse them all by using the demons from your compendium.

Demon Wrangler - 400 P

Registered all possible demons.

To put it in an easy term, this one concern the demons that does 
not available to fuse initially compared to the title above, 
and requires you to unlock them first before able to fuse them.

Unlockable demons are;
Yama - Recruiting Keisuke on day 5 by crushing Yama.

Kresnik - Help Mari defeat Kudlak on day 5 (let her has the 
	  finishing blow).

Kudlak - Same as above.

Pazuzu - Naoya / Kaido route day 7.

Take-Mikazuchi - Complete Gin's Savior title.

Bishamon - Defeat Bishamon on day 7 (not available on Yuzu's 

Zouchou - Defeat Zouchou and Konmoku on day 7 (not available 
	  on Yuzu's route).

Konmoku - Same as above.

Loki - 	On either Yuzu's route day 7 or Amane's route day  7, 
	defeat Loki.

Baphomet - Yuzu's route 8th day, defeat Baphomet.

Remiel - Finish Yuzu's route day 7.

Okuninushi - Finish Amane's route day 8.

Metatron - Finish Amane's route day 7, or Naoya / Kaido's route 
	   day 8.

Lucifer - Take the "Fallen Star" reward on NG+ and defeat 
	  Lucifer on day 7 (not available on Yuzu's route).

Skillful - 150 P

Cracked all possible skills.

Generally, you will need to play the new 8th day route to 
complete this. Minimum would be Yuzu's 8th day, Naoya's 8th day, 
and Amane's 8th day.

Other than that, general tips is to always prioritize Auto skill, 
since you can only crack them from human enemy, while Active and 
passive skills can be gotten from demons as well.

Some of the rarer Auto skill are Shield All+ and Pierce+. 
Shield All+ can be gotten from Naoya on Atsuro day 7 or Amane day 7.
Pierce+ can be gotten from Honda on Yuzu day 8 or Overlord day 8.

Vanquisher - 60 P

Finished the Gin route.

Requirement to get into the route;
1) Complete Gin's Savior title.
2) Haru needs to be alive.
3) Get Naoya's notes from Azuma.
4) On day 6, after completing Gin's Savior title, speak with Gin 
again, agrees to have all the demons gone, then go view the event 
with Gin and Remiel. If you have Naoya's notes, Atsuro will 
convince Remiel to help Gin's cause.

Master - 60 P

Finished the Atsuro route.

Requirement to get into the route;
1) Complete the Muckraker title.
2) Haru needs to be alive.
3) Keisuke needs to be alive and join your party.
4) Show interest and agrees when he show the possibility to control 
all demons.
5) Simply answer no to getting set to rid all demons on Tokyo when 
talking to him on day 6 (this will not prevent you to access Gin 
and Haru route).

Escapee - 60 P

Finished the Yuzu route.

Yuzu's route is the default route, you will always get to choose 
this route no matter what you do.

Peacemaker - 20 P

Finished the Yuzu route's 8th day.

Simply choose to proceed to the 8th day after you complete the game 
with Yuzu's 7th day above.

You can also get "Reinforcer" title along with this. See above.

Overlord - 60 P

Finished the Naoya / Kaido route.

First of all, I want you to understand that they are the same route, 
you will naturally get different set of dialogue depending on whether 
you get into the route via Naoya or Kaido, but they both really the 
same once you start day 7. 

As with all other day 7 route, except the default one, Haru needs to 
be alive.

To get into Overlord route via Naoya;
1) Get Naoya's notes from Azuma.
2) Defeat six demons within three turns as per instructed by Naoya at 
the end of day 5 battle.
3) Speak with Naoya on day 6, agree on God being the enemy that 
humanity must defeat.

To get into Overlord route via Kaido;
1) Save both Keisuke and Mari on day 5.
2) Do not let Midori go away from your party on day 5. Choose to defeat 
Yama instead of reasoning with Keisuke, after saving Mari.
3) On day 6, speak with Kaido about Keisuke, then speak with him again 
about stealing COMPs from Shomonkai's Headquarters, agrees to do it, 
eavesdrop two Shomonkai's members talking (blue conversation, does not 
take the game time). Report back to Kaido about the location.

Do not waste the time to get into this route by completing both. 
Generally, you would want to get into the route via Naoya, as Kaido 
will consume three free time, as opposed to Naoya only taking one free 
on day 6, leaving you extra two free time to get other people route, 
if you so prefer.

Only get into this route via Kaido, if on any event, you forget to get 
Naoya's notes from Azuma, or fail Naoya challenge in defeating six 
demons within three turns.

However, both tasks should be significantly easier than saving both 
Keisuke and Mari. One false move and giving Mari the bag before day 5, 
and you are screwed with Kaido.

Warlord - 20 P

Finished the Naoya / Kaido 8th day without killing.

The choice should be obvious in the beginning on 8th day before you 
get into any battle. Mari will stay with you if you choose this.

Despot - 20 P

Finished the Naoya / Kaido 8th day while killing.

The choice should be obvious in the beginning on 8th day before you 
get into any battle. Mari will NOT stay with you if you choose this.

Blessed - 60 P

Finished the Amane route.

This is honestly the easiest route to access, not counting default route.

To get into Amane route;
1) Haru needs to be alive.
2) Talk with Amane on day 5, where Remiel will reveals himself.
3) Talk with Amane (Remiel) again on day 6, agrees to be the Messiah.

That's it. You don't actually need Naoya's notes, and can ignore all 
the sidequests.

Messiah - 20 P

Finished the Amane route's 8th day.

No branch or hidden sidequest like Yuzu's 8th day or Overlord's 
8th day.

Focused - 200 P

Finished the game with no free battles.

Easy on your 2nd NG+ onwards, just quickly finish the game with 
your overpowered demons.

Unkillable - 200 P

Finished the game without any deaths.

Deaths here means your party leader only, not your demons.

Easy on your NG+, as long as you choose remove level limit. Grind 
yourself to the point where storyline enemies will not be able to 
damage you much.

Save before every storyline battle as precaution.

You CAN get this along side "Focused" title above, but I would 
suggest you choose Yuzu's day 7 route without doing the day 8 to 
make it less stressful.

Prize Winner - 30 P

Emerged Victorious from Ghost Q's challenge.

The time is 18:00 on day 3.

Available on your first NG+ onwards.
Should not be too hard If you take your strongest demon with you.

Ghost Q himself will not move, so take out all the Pyro Jack first 
If necessary, then just go ahead and take out Ghost Q.

Sleepwaker - 60 P

Saved Sage of Time's victims.

The time is 18:00 on day 6.

Available on your first NG+ onwards.
Not recommended to challenge this until you can carry 8 powerful 

Ghost Buster - 90 P

Thwarted Yomotsu Ikusa's scheme.

The time is 18:00 on day 4.

Available on your first NG+ onwards.
Not recommended to challenge this until you can carry 8 powerful 

Hell Fighter - 120 P

Emerged victorious from Nebiros' challenge.

The time is 18:00 on day 5.

Available on your first NG+ onwards.
Not recommended to challenge this until you can carry 8 powerful 

Star Destroyer - 200 P

Emerged victorious from Lucifer's challenge.

Get the "Fallen Star" reward on NG+, Lucifer will be unlocked as 
optional battle on day 7 after you beat Belzaboul (not available 
on Yuzu's route, even her 8th day).

You will need to this title in order to get the "Demon Wrangler" 

Hardest optional boss in the game. 

Grind your demons to level 90+ to stand a chance.
Make sure they have 3 more agi than Lucifer to attack before him.
Lucifer have 28 agi, therefore your demons must have 31+ agi.
Use Mitama as stat boost. Generally, you can disregard either 
str or vit.

Good choices of demon to use are Divine (recover mana with racial 
skill), Deity (boost your magic attack), and Tyrant (recover mana 
after skirmish and delay enemy turn). Other high level base can be 
used If you are not sure what else.

Good passive to have are physical repel, elec drain, and victory cry.
Physical repel and elec drain will null two out of four Lucifer 3rd 
phase attack. Victory cry will make your demon recover hp and mana 
after skirmish, this is to slightly counter Lucifer drain attack, 
which will most likely drain your mana to 0, should he uses that.

For Tyrant Race, you can also consider to switch out physical repel 
and elec drain for Race-O and Race-D. You will be vulnerable to all 
his attack, but will take less damage in exchange, including his 
megidoloan, while dealing more damage to him at the same time.

Other general tips include the abuse of recarm spell, as revived 
party member will get to move right next after the one that revived 
him / her. You may want to purposely suicide against Lucifer to 
get more damage with your demons while delaying his inevitable 
map attack megidoloandyne that gets stronger with each cast.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Which titles should I aim for on the first run?
A: You should try to get a bare minimum of 190. First six titles 
that can be gotten in one go, then the ending of your choice.

Q: Which ending do you suggest for the first run?
A: Yuzu's route, plus her 8th day while restoring the barrier. 
Doing so will net you the 190 points above, and additional 40 
points while finishing her 8th day and strengthening the barrier.
That will be a total of 230 points.

Q: Is it possible to get "Focused" and "Unkillable" title on the 
first run?
A: While hard, it is possible to get Unkillable by grinding on 
free battle before every storyline battle on your first run, 
and keep abusing the generous battle save system. 
Focused on the other hand, will make the game very hard for 
you unless you can find a storyline battle where there is an 
endless reinforcement. 
I really will not recommend trying to get both titles at on 
your very first run, unless you are indeed purposely looking 
for extra unwarranted challenge.

Q: What if I just end the game at Yuzu route day 7?
A: That will make Unkillable a very easy title to get. Focused 
maybe still be hard though. I would say go for either one only.
Doing so will net you 200 points, in exchange for not doing 
Yuzu's 8th day. 
If you can really do both, then you will get a grand total of 
590 points from your very first run.

Q: Which reward do you suggest for the first NG+?
A: The most important would be carry over your strongest demon 
(10 P), cracked skills (10 P), removing level limit (60 P), 
and fusion limit (70 P). That would be a total of 150 P. 
Decide the rest as you like. 
Generally, I like to get the compendium discount set first, 
then carry up to 8 demons, and macca. Carrying all demons and 
Fallen Star for last.

Q: If I fail to do all sidequests, what should I get for NG+?
A: I'm going to assume the lowest point one can get is a bare 
minimum of 90 points, which is finishing the game (70 P) plus 
the ending you get at the end of day 7 (20 P). 
For people who fail that much, I'm going to suggest taking over 
your strongest demon (10 P), cracked skills (10 P), and 
removing fusion limit (70 P). That is exactly a bare minimum 
of 90 points.

Version history

29th october 2013 - First version.

15th November 2013 - Version 1.1. Added the title for Atsuro 
ending and revised Muckraker title.


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