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Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, Oni Akuma?

Does it include these four new characters from SSF4 Arcade Edition? I already have SF4 & SSF4 on xbox so if it does not have these four I may not buy it, I will see what I can do about playing an arcade machine when they are available in the UK.

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Well, ElectricNerd, I have since bought the game anyway & was going to write today that I have now done so. About playing it in an arcade, I live in the UK & the arcades here are very behind, so it is doubtful that I will play them like that.

I was just now going to post:

Will they be available as a Spotpass download?

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Deadring3 answered:

Since all characters are unlocked from the start, you can see they're not in the game. Unless they made some super-secret unlocks nobody knows about.
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For now not aveilable.
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ElectricNerd answered:

First off, you know damn well they're not going to be in it. And, if you're going to make empty threats, don't tell Capcom you're going to give them money anyways by saying you're going to try to find it in an arcade. Yes, playing Street Fighter at home on your 3DS is far less enjoyable then playing it in an arcade surrounded by minors and the smell of tears.
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