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How do I get a villager to move out? 4
How do you get villagers to suggest more Public Works Projects? 5
What can I do with the coffee beans? 1
How do I delete My Animal Crossing New Leaf town on the pre-installed copy??? 1
No sign of Gracie Grace... help? 15
When does Cyrus wake up? 4
How are you supposed to get Gracie to come visit your town? 2
How Do I Get A Villager To Move Out QUICK? 16
How often does Gracie come to town? 1
Where can I find the slingshot? 1
Recent Questions Answers
Is there anything I need to know before starting the game? (please read description) 3
Can someone give me only one infinite fruit basket except oranges? 1
Anyone have an Infinite Fruit Basket? 2
Is it possible to hack in more then 4 save files? 2
Red riding dress? 1
There are two things. 1. How do I get the watering can back? 2. How do I unlock Shampoodle? 2
Perfect town? 1
Is there any possible way to get my town back!? 2
Anyone Want To Be Friends? 2
Can anyone help me complete the minimalist and sleek series? 1
Unresolved Questions Answers
Specific Strategies for Solving Grass Deterioration? 7
How can i visit other towns? 2
I don't play on the mayor character. Will villagers still ask me for public works? Mainly Blathers and Museum 3
Tortimer island? 3
Is there a technique to getting villagers to send you gifts? 2
Stone Path Design? 3
Feng Shui - more items = more luck? 1
Wifi connection error.. is it because I'm using a 4G personal hotspot? 2
Town Tune, anyone up for helping? 3
Does anyone can help me to became Beans and Sushi rolls? 1

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