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Pitfall seed ?

What's a pitfall seed ? And what can I do with it ?

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Jacobanshee answered:

It is something that you can dig up from one of the star spots on the ground. If you, one of your friends, or an animal villager walk over it then they fall in a hole for like 5 seconds and flail around until they automatically hop out. They are good for pushing villagers that you don't like in or hiding them behind trees for friends to fall in.
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Powers46 answered:

It's something that you usually find buried in the ground. It looks like a white ball with a red !. When it is buried, if you or someone else walk over it, they'll sink into the ground (with hilarious effects). If you sink into the ground, mash A to get out. However, it doesn't do much, and I don't believe it can be sold.
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