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Asked: 1 year ago

How many Animals can move into your village at once?

I seem to recall up to eight in previous game but I've heard it goes up to ten in New Leaf.

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From: Corqren 1 year ago

The max number is ten.

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It does go up to 10, HOWEVER, it will normally go up to 9, in order to get the 10th villager, you must create the campsite. After creating the campsite, occasionally people will show up in a tent, and they say they may want to permanantly move into your place. Bring a decent piece of furniture, and they will offer up a game if you talk to them a few times. They will either want the furniture or some bells that you give up if you lose. If you win, they will move into your town, giving you that 10th villager. You have the campsite as a starting Public Work Project.

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10 is the max number of residents, and you can have another camper at your campsite even if you are at your 10 max. You do NOT need the campsite to hit the 10 max, the campsite just helps because animals can always visit it and you can try and get them to move in by playing games with them. Just keep your town clean and residents happy and people will move in!

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