Question from pygmiegoat

How do I wake up the sleeping Alphaca?

I think his name is Rea or something like that. He's the blue one snoozing in the corner. I've been playing for a couple of days, have all kinds of fruit, got some public works projects done and sold plenty of crap to Re-Tail AND Nookling Junction, I have the flower shop now and I still can't wake up the lazy bum up. What am I doing wrong?

pygmiegoat provided additional details:

Good lord that's a lot of furniture! Thanks!

Accepted Answer

SweetEevee9 answered:

Blue alpacas name is Cyrus and he wakes up after you played for a week, own 50 furniture items, 10 clothing tops, and made 10,000 Bells in transactions with Reese(pink alpaca)
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