Question from ahdaph

Asked: 1 year ago

Where can I get silver shovel and rod?

I can't seems to find them in the shops . So where do I get them from ?

Accepted Answer

From: Thunderbird8 1 year ago

You need the museum gift shop. To get this, you must donate at least 20 items to the museum (and at least one of each type). After that, at some point Blathers will mention it (and if he's thinking about it when you walk in during the day, he'll be wide awake instead of sleeping). It will then become a public works project option. Choosing it will place the donation gyroid in the train station.

On top of that, the silver rod requires 30 fish donated, and the silver shovel requires 15 fossils.

It seems to be luck on whether Blathers will offer the gift shop. I'm at 134 items donated (including 2 works of art) and he STILL hasn't piped up about it =P.

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