Question from Kirby321

Asked: 1 year ago

Can I give fish and bugs to friends?

I recently caught a fish in my friend's town, thinking I'd be able to give it to them afterwards. However, I just found out I can't drop it, wrap it, or mail it. Is there any way to gift it to my friend?

Additional details - 1 year ago

Which one is it? Can you or can you not donate it to a friend's museum?

Accepted Answer

From: chilTran 1 year ago

danigrillo and JosJuice are right. It's impossible to give other people fish/bugs or to donate them in the other person's museum.

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No, but you can put it in their Musuem.

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Nope, although I wish you could donate to your friend's museum.

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It's impossible to give fishes or bugs to others.

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I believe it might be possible if you put it for sell at your retails they can come over and buy?

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oh and you cannot put them up for auction either. basically its what JosJuice said :P

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