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How does trading, buying, and selling work?

I'm new to the world of online trading in Animal Crossing. I've looked everywhere and still can't find an answer. How exactly do people trade? For example, if I wanted to buy a hat, would I have to drop the amount of bells on the floor and the other player would drop the hat? So everything would be based of trust? Or are there different options I haven't seen before?

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So from what I understand, the average trade IS dropping the items on the floor then collecting them? Can't things happen like someone taking both items before you can pick it up? Please, I need a detailed answer.


naz_bee answered:

Usually if you're playing with people online then it would be a based on trust, unless you would visit their town and sending the item through a letter perhaps.
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Sam258New answered:

It is all trust based but if it all goes wrong you can always turn wifi off with the switch on the right of your 3ds. Do this before the player your trading with leaves and you wont lose out.
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Laaverosada answered:

Typically, yeah, it's trust based. But if you really have a hard time trusting another player, you can always set up the item you want to sell to them in Re-Tail. That way, they HAVE to pay the price you agreed on and can't short you bells. On their side too, they get to see that they are in fact getting the item that they paid for.

When trading art, a lot of people use Re-Tail on principle, since you can go and check to see if it's fake or not, since the fake art still has the legit art's name if it's just dropped as an item.
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