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Which designs get shared through Dream Suite?

There are:

- 10 designs carried on your character.
- Up to 144 designs saved with Mabel.

Which of those two, or both, does Wendell share when someone visits your dream town with design sharing enabled?

homogenized provided additional details:

lj_sephiroth: "You can only take 10 at a time."

Does this mean when uploading/updating your dream you select designs from those two options given above to share, or are you saying it's "10 designs carried on your character" option? You are not being clear.

Accepted Answer

lj_sephiroth answered:

Ah, sorry I wasn't clear. The person visiting your town can only take 10 patterns per visit because you only have 10 spots for patterns. That doesn't mean they can't come back to get more.

As for your patterns, all 144 of them (the 10 you possess, and the 144 you have saved) are capable of being shared with the dreaming visitor. The patterns just need to be your own in order for you to share them.

The only control you have is the option to opt out of pattern sharing.
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lj_sephiroth answered:

All of them that were made in the town can be shared.
Anything through QR codes are not sharable.

You can only take 10 at a time.
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