Question from Nimretth

Asked: 1 year ago

Time Capsule?

So one of my neighbors asked me to bury a time capsule for her. I went and buried it inside my Fence (PWP). She told me that she would ask me to dig it up one day so I should remember where it was. However, the next day it was not where I had buried it. Does burying stuff in your fence PWP make it go away? Nobody else lives in my town and I haven't had any visitors so I don't know what happened to the Time Capsule. It is no longer where I buried it.

Accepted Answer

From: Rhazel100 1 year ago

It's suppose to go away. You didn't have to dig it back up. Everything's fine. It went away the next day for me. And I talked to the person and he acted like nothing happened. And burying it in your fence does not make things go away.

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