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What's the point of the dream suite?

Is there really any gain or benefit to having it, or is it just a way to show off your town build or see other people's town? Did I waste a chance to build something with profitable purpose by building the suite?

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NeoGalaxyStorm answered:

All that the dream suite really does is let your see other people's towns and do what ever you want(Trample flowers, cut down trees, etc.) without it effecting the player's town. the only profit you can get is 5000 bells a day by uploading your town everyday. the money goes to(considering you have more than one player)the first player that goes to the dream suite that day.
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Pokegirl answered:

Pretty much, it's just to show off or get an idea of what you can do with your town. I'm reasonably certain that you didn't waste a chance to build something useful; there's plenty of space on Main Street and in the town for all the shops.
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AC1234567 answered:

The dream suite lets you visit other players town all around the world and you can make your town available to other players by siting on the sofa and getting a dream code for your town you can share your patterns with other players as well if you chose to if your 3DS doesn't have access to the Internet then there is no point in getting the dream suite
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