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How do i get the gold axe? plus 3ds FC swap

I also would like people to be able to visit.

BKIDBFRONTX asked for clarification:

How many flowers do I need for a perfect town???

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Shadow_Emerald answered:

Buy 50 tree saplings from the Gardening Store and speak with Leif afterwards.
He'll give it you.
For information concerning Leif and the Gardening Shop, please look elsewhere.
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lolkimmy answered:

Hi, my name is Kim ^u^
Town: RiV3n
Fruits: Mangoes, Durian, Bananas, Coconuts, Apples, Cherries, Lychees, and Lemons
Stores: T&T Mart, Garden Center, and Kicks
Friend Code: 2380-3160-0074
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Noodles8you answered:

Friend code: 1864-8649-4475
Dream address: 7400-2793-4375
Name: Noodles (Mayor)
Main fruit is peaches, also have cherries, lychees, mangoes, bananas, lemons, durians, oranges, persimmons, pears, one coconut that needs planting and bamboo shoots :)

please don't ruin the flowers and mess up my town which is called Sandingo. You may go crazy with my fruit I don't mind as they grow back :D
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Hi you can have my code but you got to let me know when u put mine then I put yours my code is 0189 8894 2614 remember tell me when u put my code then u gimmie yours
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