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Coffee beans?

What are they for? Can I sell them or make coffee with them etc.... I just finished my first attempt at the part-time job and i was awarded some superb coffee beans

Accepted Answer

Ineptify answered:

It's the safe if you place your "Superb Coffee Beans" for 7.5k at Re-Tail Flea Market. Don't bother selling to Reese, she'll just take them for 2k each (Superb Coffee Beans)
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TameShrew444 answered:

You can sell your coffee beans for sweet, sweet profit.

Take your beans to Re-Tail and try marking them up beyond their default sell price to see how much you can make! My animals consistently buy for 300% or 400% their worth. How far can you push them? hehe
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squirtle24601 answered:

They sell at Re-Tail for 500, 1000, and 2000 bells each. Superb coffee beans are 2000. I don't know what the other two are called because I only ever get superb. You get a coffee maker on your second time at work, but it is for decorational purposes only. You cannot make any coffee with it.
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KrystalMagick answered:

I sell my Superb Coffee Beans for 7, 999 Bells on the flea market. If I try 8k, my animals all say it's overpriced or too expensive.
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