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Bed head?

Well, I was up late playing, and I decided to time travel to December ( 5 Months ). And I woke up with a bedhead. I have not unlocked any shops/ expansions (to shops) except Dream Suite and Garden store. I really regret it so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help (pouty face lol)

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Chrysanthema answered:

Yeah, you'll have to go to the Shampoodle, either spend the bells at the Able Sisters on random stuff and wait for her to build her salon in your town or find a friend or someone online who has it and go visit them.
Until either of those happens, though, hats are a good alternative lol
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Rhazel100 answered:

Sorry the only way is to unlock shampoodles and have her change your hairstyle.

Dream address: 4800-2305-7257
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