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Asked: 1 year ago

How to get town tune?

How do you create one?!

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From: Threebdog 1 year ago

CheatFreak is correct although once you talk to her, you can change it to any tune you want, mine is the beginning of Saria's song in which you can look up on the internet. You can find plenty of different kinds or create one of your own liking.

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After you talk to Isabelle about you're house's down payment, talk to her from the front desk and she'll explain about a bunch of things she can do, one of which is have you change the town tune.

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As mayor you cannot change the town tune until the second day. As for other players they are able to change the town tune their first day, as well as the flag.

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The town tune will also play at 12:00 its cool add 3883-5602-0805 im mostly on...

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Talk to Isabelle without sitting in the mayor"s chair, then you will be able to change the town tune.

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