Question from silvrdragn

Asked: 1 year ago

Blue frog in pond?

There is a blue frog that swims in the ponds at my town. It's not a fish shape it's actually a frog shape. Does anyone know how to catch it? I've tried my fishing pole and a net.

Accepted Answer

From: Danny00618 1 year ago

This is not a frog, but a Diving Beetle. These things are frustrating to catch. You catch them with a Net; whenever the surface near the edge (no longer a shadow) you have to catch them.

It took me 5 minutes once, glad that I don't need one any more.

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I don't believe this is the a frog. I think it might be the "diving beetle". The Diving Beetle is catch-able when it has surfaced and is near the edge of the watch within the reach of the net.

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