Question from Bludallas

Asked: 1 year ago

How do I get the bug net?

When I started up my game I had the option of buying the Shovel and fishing pole, I have seen other people say Nook's store had the bug net for sale. So my question is if the bug net did not show up in Nooks store do I have to wait till they add it? Or is there some other way of getting the Bug Net?

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From: brian_bessler 1 year ago

Do everything that Isabel says and that's another way to get the Net

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You can buy it at the shop

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Just be patient. I got the fishing rod on the first day, but the bug net didn't show up for another three days. It will be at the Nookling's store eventually.

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I feel the same way.
i've been playing for about a week and i have yet to get the slingshot, watering can or axe.
does it change on a weekly basis or something?

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