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I heard that there was supposed to be fertilizer in the game, I haven't seen Leif sell any fertilizer nor do I know how it works if it does exist.
does anyone know the story with the fertilizer?
Was it just a rumor/lie that was spread before the game came out or is it an actual item?

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From: Cookies6498 1 year ago

Fertilizer is not available from Lief until T&T Emporium (Final Nookling Expansion) opens in your town.

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Fertilizer is not available from Lief until T.I.Y. Opens in your town.

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Fertilizer is an item sold in the fully upgraded Nookling shop, T&T Emporium.
It is sold in the garden shop located in the bottom right corner of the first floor it T&T Emporium. It is used to increase the chance of flowers breeding. Just bury it next to the flowers you wish to breed. The next day the fertilizer should disappear and there might be a flower that has been breeded. This is the only use for fertilizer.

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