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Open Questions

Item Help status answers
Anyone got peaches I can trade? Open 6
Anyone have a spare ABD they can...? Open 1
Anyone willing to give me a perfect orange or pear? Open 5
Can anyone give me a perfect orange? Open 4
Can anyone give me a perfect pear? Open 4
Can anyone help me reach my goals of getting the Toy Hammer, the Tweeter, and the ABD in New Leaf? Open 3
Can I catch a Giant Petaltail on a Tour? Open 4
Can i customize the home-computer rack? Open 1
Can I put things on the mermaid dresser? Open 2
Can someone share me some flower? Open 1
Can you help me for have steamed-bun case and buffet server ? Open 1
Could someone help me getting a Whirlpool Bath? Open 1
Do I need the wallpaper and flooring to complete a set? Open 4
Does anyone either have a spare violin or willing to let me catalog it? Open 2
Does anyone have a picture of Wolfgang or Chief? Open 1
Does anyone have a spare perfect pear? Open 2
Does anyone want to give me a perfect orange? Open 3
Does customizing furniture with ore change the Feng Shui item color? Open 3
Friend codes and overall dress? Open 4
HHA Showcase ordering items? Open 5
High turnip price needed? Open 1
How can I get my dream recorded? Open 2
How do I add special symbols to the letters I write to my villagers? Open 2
How Do I Buy The Fortune Cookie? Open 4
How do I get blue roses??? Open 4
How do I get Sable's mannequin? Open 6
How do I get shrunk to give me jokes? *new* Open 1
How do I set up Isabelle's lantern? Open 2
How many items are in the catalog (including items that are not yet released)? Open 3
Hunting for Mitten crab, sweet shrimp and spiny lobster? Open 2
I would like to buy Pink Roses ? Open 4
I'm trying to complete my museum! Do you have these fossils? I can pay you. Open 7
If I sell a fossil without donating or an uncataloged buyable set item from Re-tail will it show up again? Open 1
Looking for 2 Pave lamps? Open 1
Looking to buy someones Bow Hair! :)? Open 1
Mii mask? Open 1
My shrubs keep dying? Open 2
Neighbors not sending gifts back in mail? Open 6
OMG! I sold my wetsuit by accident? Open 7
Postmaster questions? Open 2
Question about badges (looking for clarification)? Open 1
Rice\seed box? Open 1
What clothes needed for animal costume & superhero zap suits? Open 1
What is a dream suite.? Open 5
What items do you have to pay Reese to get rid of? Open 3
What style attributes does the sleek series have? Open 3
What's the deal with replanting perfect fruit? Open 2
Where can I easily get all furniture in the same series/set? Open 2
Where can I find a Perfect Pear? Open 2
Where can I find a tweeter? Open 1
Where can I find Brown, Blue, and Rainbow Plaid Shorts? Open 2
Where can I find cherries? Open 1
Where can I find Japanese throwing beans? Open 3
Where can I find lemon tree? Open 1
Where can I find Lovely Kitchen & Pink Trees? Open 1
Where can I find mannequins? Open 1
Where can I find peaches (fruit)? Open 6
Where can I find the little dwarf/gnome? Open 2
Where can I find the Sea Cucumber? Open 1
Where can I get a christmas tree for my house? Open 3
Where do I sell assessed fossils? Open 5
Who can sell me their sci fi floor and wall? Open 1
Who wants to hang out? Open 2
Why did my items stop making noise? Open 3
Why did my villager's time capsule disappear and now reappear? Open 1
Why do I keep getting different DLC items than others? Open 1
Will someone sell me a perfect orange? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(create your own question)Will Turnips Rot if bought at someone else's town? Open 1
ACNL friend codes? :) Open 7
Animal crossing new leaf FC? Open 3
Animal Crossing New Leaf Friend Code? Open 7
Animal Crossing New Leaf Friend Codes? Open 26
Any Japanese players willing to exchange friend codes?^^ Open 1
Any tips on wiping towns? Open 4
Any Town with miranda, poncho, or bettina? Open 1
Are there any guides for the labyrinth tours? Open 1
Bananas? Open 2
Bleach (anime) town tune?.. Open 1
Breaking Bad town tune? Open 1
Buying Villagers? Open 4
Camper moving in but other villager moving out. What happens? Open 3
Can Designs cover up buried items? Open 1
Can friends participate? Open 1
Can i change the Police Station's look after i build it? Open 2
Can I get a perfect pear? Open 3
Can I get the same structure as my old town on New Leaf? (long story you have to read what I say in the information ;-;) Open 2
Can I give my items to somebody else? If yes, how? Open 1
Can I still get Reggie's house? Open 3
Can i use a powersaves to backup my save and put it on a new copy? Open 1
Can Player-Villagers also get Public Works suggestions? Open 2
Can someone give me a Gold Nugget? I'll pay 25K Open 1
Can you get back your deleted file? Open 1
Can you get sunburned? Open 1
Can you obtain k.k. music in other towns? Open 1
Can you play 2 physical copies of ACNL on one 3DS? Open 1
Can you rate my villagers? Open 1
Can you still convince villager to stay when they packed up? Open 2
Can you visit a town that's in a different file? Open 5
Catalog/ HHA Showcase Question? Open 2
Change Season... time? Open 1
Could that open up the city on February 2? Open 2
Deleting and re-starting my Animal Crossing town. Worth it? or Regret it? Open 2
Do any of you have grace unlocked so i can buy stuff? Open 3
Do the animal residents still have conversations with each other? Open 3
Do Villagers Move When Your Town is Perfect? Open 1
Do villagers use nicknames to other players? Open 1
Do you think they would ever make figurines of the villagers? Open 2
Does anybody have apollo for sale or trade? Open 1
Does anyone have an extra Varia Suit Pants/Samus Mask/Metroid? Open 2
Does anyone have Olaf in boxes? Open 2
Does chopping down fruit or evergreen trees yield special stump patterns? Open 7
Does dropping items on the ground prevent villagers from moving in? Open 4
Does Gracie Still Do Her Fashion Check After She Opens Her Store? Open 2
Does purchasing from the Nookling Catalog contribute to the next shop upgrade? Open 3
Does the gold shovel have the perks of the silver one? Open 1
Does time travel affect the town tree? Open 2
Does totaka's song exist? Open 1
Errors? Open 1
Expert Shopper Badge Help? Open 1
Forged Art? Open 1
Friend codes and dream addresses any one?? Open 6
Friend codes anyone??? Open 81
Friend Codes??? Open 10
Growing the Town Tree -It grows with multiply accounts? Open 1
Has anyone else experienced this? Open 1
Have you ever just hated a villager so much? Open 1
Hey anyone want to play Animal crossing new leaf? Open 1
HHA Showcase- All homes disappeared? Open 2
How can a resident become a major with just a different memory card? Open 1
How can I ban certain bugs? Open 1
How can I use the QR machine as a resident? Open 1
How do I bury a time Capsule? Open 3
How do I get "rest" or "sleep" in AC:NL? Open 1
How Do I Get A Villager To Move Out QUICK? Open 2
How do i get Nooklings to expand? Open 4
How do i get The Emporium FAST? Open 1
How do I get the ponytail hairstyle? Open 1
How do I tip when visiting another town? Open 1
How do I trade villagers in AC:NL? Open 1
How do villagers go on Main Street once they move out? Open 1
How do you "Time Travel"? Open 6
How do you get a villager out of the museum? Open 2
How do you get a wetsuite? Open 2
How do you get multiple people in the international island? Open 2
How do you get someone's picture in New Leaf? Open 4
How do you schedule events? Open 3
How do you unlock the police station? Open 1
How does HH Showcase work? Why cant i see any houses? Open 2
How does my nook store upgrade? Open 3
How does trading, buying, and selling work? Open 3
How many suggestions can you get for public works projects in a day? Open 3
How much total money to unlock Shampoodle? Open 2
How often do campers show up? Open 1
How often will villagers mention another villager moving? Open 4
How to dive? Open 3
How to get to Tortimer Island? Open 1
How to Interact with Interactive Items (such as a Storage Unit) When Smaller Item is on Top of It? Open 1
How valuable are the villagers I have? Open 1
I accidentally had the date set to 2013 instead of 2014. Anyway to change safely? Open 1
I can't bury my fruit? Open 1
I can't change my eye color? Open 2
I can't get the DLC items, pelly keeps telling me that I have them already. any solutions? Open 2
I cannot find Pascal? Open 2
I need help with gracies fashion to get the last up grade off nooklings? Open 2
I recieved an item,but it displays as a leaf. Why? How to fix? Ken Open 2
I seem to get the wrong DLC each month? Open 1
I want get a new town without deleting my first one, help? Open 1
I've been mean to a villager and want him to like me again. How? Open 5
If I time travel for three days will shampoodle be fully built? Open 6
Im lonely? Open 1
Is anyone online right now? Open 1
Is Bones the dog popular? Open 1
Is it possible to have a town with no villagers? Open 8
Is it possible to have two digital copies on the same system? Open 1
Is the eGuide that comes with the Prima players guide available offline? Open 1
Is the frontside of the cover lying? Is this game so cool? Open 1
Is there a technique to getting villagers to send you gifts? Open 2
Is there a type of butler clothing? Open 2
Is there any data specifically linked to the 3DS system that is used to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Open 1
Is there any glitches or easter eggs in this game? Open 5
Is there any way to keep a camper in the campsite for more than one day? Open 1
Katie not appearing? Open 1
LF Lovely Furniture whole set carpet and wall papper does any on have them? Open 1
My citizen satisfaction says that I need more PWPs even though I have already have ten. Does anybody know why? Open 2
My Publics Work List shrank to about 5 items, not sure how or why? Open 2
My residents are buged? Open 2
My tan will Not go away? Open 3
My town tree shrunk. Help please? Open 3
New leaf friend codes please? *new* Open 4
No sign of Gracie Grace... help? Open 10
Number of villagers? Open 3
Original/Japanese catchphrases? Open 2
Please if you have any gold items or ores will you dup with me so i can have them? Open 1
Public Work Projects? Open 1
Purple pansies? Open 1
QR Codes? Open 2
Question about pattern layout and houses? Open 1
Question about villagers moving in and out? Open 1
Random musical jingle? Open 1
Random villager in my cafe? Open 1
Sad villager walked into Re-Tail? Open 1
Selling Hero's cap, super mushroom, etc.? Open 1
Share Friend Codes to help with badges? Open 2
Should I make Greta or Rizzo move? Open 1
So.... Katie's in my town... what now? Open 1
Stone Path Design? Open 3
Time Travel doesn't work with Club LOL? Open 5
Tortimer island? Open 1
Town Tune, anyone up for helping? Open 1
Trade?? Open 1
Update Data option won't go away? Open 1
Wanna meet new people. swap friend codes? :) Open 12
What can I trade for Octavian ? Open 2
What is going to happen to HHA? Open 1
What time do snooty villagers sleep? Open 1
Whats the best way to earn bells in the daytime? Open 2
When I am making a Dream Address in the Dream Suit. It asks if I want my designs to be free. What does it mean by free? Open 2
Where do you catch a surgeonfish? Open 5
Where is my topiary? Open 1
Who are your dreamies? Open 1
Why do I keep stumbling? Open 6
Why Have I not seen Crazy Redd yet..? Open 2
Why wont club LOL open? Open 2
Working at the Roost? Open 3

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