Open Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Anyone willing to help me get the rest of the floral furniture? *new* 0
Anyone got peaches I can trade? 6
Anyone have a spare ABD they can...? 1
Anyone have peach or pear to trade? 4
Anyone selling Rosie? 1
Anyone willing to give me a perfect orange or pear? 5
Blue Marlin Grinding? 1
Can all hybrid flowers breed with themselves? 1
Can anyone give me a perfect orange? 4
Can anyone give me a perfect pear? 3
Can anyone help me reach my goals of getting the Toy Hammer, the Tweeter, and the ABD in New Leaf? 5
Can I catch a Giant Petaltail on a Tour? 4
Can i customize the home-computer rack? 1
Can I put things on the mermaid dresser? 2
Can villagers wear clothes from the island? 2
Can you help me for have steamed-bun case and buffet server ? 1
Could someone help me getting a Whirlpool Bath? 2
Do I need the wallpaper and flooring to complete a set? 4
Does anyone either have a spare violin or willing to let me catalog it? 2
Does anyone have a picture of Wolfgang or Chief? 1
Does anyone have a spare perfect pear? 2
Does anyone have any ornate pieces? 1
Does anyone have cherries? 5
Does anyone have perfect cherry? 3
Does anyone want to give me a perfect orange? 3
Does customizing furniture with ore change the Feng Shui item color? 3
Does the celebration hat and tingle hood still count as lucky items if you order them from TIY Catalogue? 1
Friend codes and overall dress? 5
Hairbow Wig? 3
Help?! 1
Hey will someone give me apples? 1
High turnip price needed? 2
How can I get my dream recorded? 2
how can I get the golden watering can? 1
How do I add special symbols to the letters I write to my villagers? 2
How Do I Buy The Fortune Cookie? 5
How do I get blue roses??? 7
How do I get Sable to sew my pro design? 1
How do I get Sable's mannequin? 6
How do I set up Isabelle's lantern? 3
How do you get rid of a bush? 1
How many items are in the catalog (including items that are not yet released)? 3
How/Where do I get a wetsuit? 2
Hunting for Mitten crab, sweet shrimp and spiny lobster? 3
I am in desperate need of a Rococo bed! Can someone let me catalog or sell it? Name your price! 2
I need fruits, where to get? 1
I would like to buy Pink Roses ? 5
I'm looking to purchase a witch hat? 1
I'm trying to complete my museum! Do you have these fossils? I can pay you. 7
is the hair bow wig rare to get in Gracie's shop? 1
Is there a prize for collecting all the deep sea creatures? 1
Is there any way I can get the region exclusive items without bothering anyone? 1
Korean DLC? 2
Looking for 2 Pave lamps? 1
Looking for pearssss! or perfect fruittt ( except peaches )? 2
Looking to buy 7/11 Set!? 1
Looking to buy someones Bow Hair! :)? 1
Nearly complete Astro Set. Help please? 1
Need double neck guitar to buy or catalog- will pay. Can you help? 1
Neighbors not sending gifts back in mail? 5
Perfect fruit? 3
Postmaster questions? 2
Question about badges (looking for clarification)? 3
Rice\seed box? 1
Rock, Tree and Ground Easter eggs not showing up? 3
Someone has a Royal Crown to sell/dupe? 1
Wanted items for dream village. (buy/swap)? 1
What clothes needed for animal costume & superhero zap suits? 1
What happens if I sell items, but don't have any room for bells? 1
What is a dream suite.? 6
What items do you have to pay Reese to get rid of? 3
What style attributes does the sleek series have? 3
What's the deal with replanting perfect fruit? 2
Where can I easily get all furniture in the same series/set? 2
Where can I find a gold shovel? 1
Where can I find a Perfect Pear? 4
Where can I find a tweeter? 2
Where can I find Brown, Blue, and Rainbow Plaid Shorts? 2
Where can I find cherries? 2
Where can I find Dr. Shrunk before Club LOL? 2
Where can I find hairbow wig? 1
Where can I find lemon tree? 2
Where can I find Lovely Kitchen & Pink Trees? 1
Where can I find Majora's Mask today? 2
Where can I find pears? 2
Where can I find the little dwarf/gnome? 2
Where can I find the Royal Crown? 1
Where can I find the Sea Cucumber? 2
Where can I find this mysterious item? 1
Where can I get a christmas tree for my house? 4
Where can I get the Flower Set? 1
Where do I sell assessed fossils? 5
Where do you get ladybugs? 1
Who can sell me their sci fi floor and wall? 1
Who wants to hang out? 2
Why did my items stop making noise? 3
Why did my villager's time capsule disappear and now reappear? 2
Why do I keep getting different DLC items than others? 1
Why isnt Lyle giving me any prizes? 2
Will someone sell me a perfect orange? 3

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Bushes and Acres (Perfect Town)? 4
Can Katrina and Crazy Redd arrive at the same week ? 5
Do I need to water flowers on days when it rains? 2
Do upgrades pertain only to the mayor? 1
Does Brewster still offer gyroid storage? 2
Emoting villagers? 1
Feng Shui - more items = more luck? 1
Friend codes anyone want to play ? 2
Going back to ACNL? 1
HHA: Fairy Tale Theme Challenge Help? 1
How can I stop playing Animal Crossing without having Villagers move? 2
How Do I Earn A Decent Amout Of Bells In A Timely Manner? 5
How do I get my Dreamies? 1
How do you display someone's QR design? 1
How many trees have 100 bells? 3
How much should I sell fossils for? 4
How to make villagers notice you? 4
How to prevent and remove a tan? 2
I can't catch waterfall fish? 1
If a villagers asks you for a rare item you don't have, Is it better to deny them or accept and forget? 1
Is there really a villager placement glitch? 3
Jacob's Ladder growth and qualities? 1
Need advice...? :-) 1
No bugs fish or sea creatures? 1
Special red rose spawning with purple and orange roses HELP? 5
Specific Strategies for Solving Grass Deterioration? 3
Theme challenge help? 1
Unlocking certain locations (Club LOL, Police Station, ETC.)? 9
Villager won't move to other town? 2
Villager won't move to other town? 1
What are the limits on how many trees can be grown in a set area? 2
What is the best combination for pink lilies? 1
What is the best strategy for (modern theme for gracie)? 2
What is the best strategy for catching scorpions and tarantulas? 1
What is the best strategy for getting "rest"? 4
What is the best strategy for getting dreamies to move in? 2
What is the best strategy for HHA theme challenge? 3
What is the range/effected plants of fertilizer? 1
When does Isabelle fall asleep before you can get the Dream Suite? 1
Why can't I catch really thin fish or Sharks from Tortimer's Island?! 2
Would this type of duping work? 1

Other Help Answers
Any place to download the new item sound from Animal Crossing New Leaf? 0
Anyone want Naomi? 0
I accidentally blacklisted a Club Tortimer how to reverse the black listed status without restarting the game over?? *new* 0
Xenoblade fiora's dress qr code? 0
(create your own question)Will Turnips Rot if bought at someone else's town? 1
3DS Powersaves now not working with 2 characters? 1
?? So 1
?Catalog Party! *new* 1
?Trying to get a villager from a friend but villager refuses.. HELP!! 1
ACNL Friend Code Exchange? 1
ACNL friend codes? :) 11
ACNL: who wants to trade friendcodes? 4
Add my fc? 2
Am I able to transfer digital save data to another 3DS? (by data transfer) 1
Animal crossing new leaf FC? 9
Animal crossing new leaf friend code exchange? (please answer urgent!) 7
Animal Crossing New Leaf Friend Code? 14
Animal Crossing New Leaf players? C: 1
Animal crossing new leaf. Wanna trade friend codes? 4
Animal Crossing: New Leaf friend codes? Willing to trade? 14
Any Banjo Kazooie related dream towns? 1
Any Japanese players willing to exchange friend codes?^^ 2
Any tips on wiping towns? 4
Any Town with miranda, poncho, or bettina? 1
Anybody have Gracie's store? 2
Anybody willing to buy for me or trade with me for a Soft-Serve Lamp? 1
Anyone interested in exchanging friend codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on 3ds? 13
Anyone looking to give up Fang or Goldie from AC:NL? 1
Anyone need a perfect fruit? 3
Anyone need to sell turnips? 1
Anyone wanna exchange friend codes? 4
Anyone wanna play Animal Crossing New leaf with me? 3
Anyone wanna play animal crossing new leaf? 1
Anyone wanna play? 2
Anyone want A Pink Tulip/Rose Or Orange Pansies? 1
Anyone want to excange friend codes? 1
Anyone want to exchange friendcodes? 1
Anyone want to play Animal Crossing New Leaf with me? 11
Anyone want to play animal crossing with me? 3
Anyone want to play? 2
Anyone Want to Swap Friend Codes? 3
Anyone with high turnip prices? 1
Are there any guides for the labyrinth tours? 1
Bananas? 2
Besides streetpassing, How do you get houses to show up in hh showcase? 1
Bleach (anime) town tune?.. 1
Breaking Bad town tune? 1
Buying Villagers? 5
Camper moving in but other villager moving out. What happens? 3
Can anyone give me Katie? 1
Can Designs cover up buried items? 1
Can friends participate? 1
Can i change the Police Station's look after i build it? 3
Can I erase QR codes after displaying items in my house? 1
Can I get a perfect pear? 3
Can I get the same structure as my old town on New Leaf? (long story you have to read what I say in the information ;-;) 2
Can I give my items to somebody else? If yes, how? 2
Can i go to someones town for a petition? 1
Can i have someones friend code? 1
Can I play the town tune in my house? 1
Can I still get Reggie's house? 3
Can i use a powersaves to backup my save and put it on a new copy? 1
Can my boyfriend move into my town and live there without sharing the same DS? 1
Can Player-Villagers also get Public Works suggestions? 2
Can some one friend me? 3
Can someone add me in Animal Crossing: New Leaf? 1
Can someone give me a Gold Nugget? I'll pay 25K 1
Can someone help me complete modern and minimalist furniture set? 1
Can someone help me get Beans? 3
can someone please tell me the friend code I need help? 1
Can someone trade with me? 1
Can you check ACNL Played time? 1
Can you earn a gold rod for the island? 1
Can you get sunburned? 1
Can you obtain k.k. music in other towns? 1
Can you play 2 physical copies of ACNL on one 3DS? 2
Can you rate my villagers? 3
Can you still convince villager to stay when they packed up? 3
Can you visit a town that's in a different file? 7
Catalog/ HHA Showcase Question? 2
Change my name? 1
Change Season... time? 1
Choosing which villagers you start out with by resetting game? 1
Citizen Satisfaction: Whats the deal here?! 2
Clearing my void? 1
Controlling the gate? 1
Could anyone sell me a Silver or even a normal axe? 1
Could someone help me get an afternoon tea set? 1
Could that open up the city on February 2? 2
Deleting and re-starting my Animal Crossing town. Worth it? or Regret it? 6
Do any of you have grace unlocked so i can buy stuff? 3
Do the animal residents still have conversations with each other? 3
Do villagers use nicknames to other players? 1
Do you have my DREAMIES? 2
Do you think they would ever make figurines of the villagers? 2
Does anybody have apollo for sale or trade? 1
Does anybody still play ACNL? *new* 2
Does anyone can help me to became Beans and Sushi rolls? 1
Does anyone have a 3DS Friend Code? 5
Does anyone have an extra Varia Suit Pants/Samus Mask/Metroid? 3
Does anyone have hats on premium in their town? I really need to sell crowns. 1
Does anyone have marina the octopus? 1
Does anyone have Olaf in boxes? 2
Does anyone have perfect apple ? 1
Does anyone still play this game? 1
Does anyone wan't to share there freind code?????? 3
Does anyone want to be friends? 2
Does anyone want to exchange friend codes with me? 2
Does anyone want to sell these items to me? 1
Does anyone want to share their Friend Codes to join up? 2
Does cloning/duping still work? 2
Does dropping items on the ground prevent villagers from moving in? 5
Does Gracie Still Do Her Fashion Check After She Opens Her Store? 2
Does Pete do anything? 1
Does purchasing from the Nookling Catalog contribute to the next shop upgrade? 3
Does the gold shovel have the perks of the silver one? 1
Does time travel affect the town tree? 3
Does Tom Nook's Home Store upgrade? 1
Does totaka's song exist? 1
Dream Town Review? 2
Errors? 1
Exchange friend codes? 1
Expert Shopper Badge Help? 1
FC Codes?! 1
Forged Art? 1
Forward the time as second player? 1
Friend Code Exchange Anyone? 11
Friend Code Exchange anyone? 1
Friend Code(s) ? 4
Friend Code? 4
Friend code? add me ill add you back? 1
Friend codes ? bsaunders1 1
Friend codes and dream addresses any one?? 11
Friend Codes anyone? 11
Friend codes anyone??? 98
Friend codes? 7
Friend codes? 11
Friend Codes? 2
Friend codes? 9
Friend codes? 3
Friend codes? Trades? 1
Friends to add/ visit with? 2
Friends? 1
Fruit needed? 1
Fruit Trading? 2
Funny stories? 1
Gaston is moving tomorrow! Anyone want him? 1
Getting a specific villager to move in? 1
Got a 3DS for Christmas. Totally new to gaming. Game suggestion? 3
Gracie the ghost? 2
Growing the Town Tree -It grows with multiply accounts? 1
Hairstyle? 1
Has anyone else experienced this? 1
have I lost my upgrade? 1
Have you ever just hated a villager so much? 2
Help for successful dream town? 1
Help on Train Station renovation/exchange FC's? 1
Help with a QR Code? 1
Help!Isabelle wont stop telling me the same citizen satisfaction report ??? 1
Hey is anyone willing to trade Ankha or Lucky? 1
HHA Showcase- All homes disappeared? 2
Hi guys! I need friends on animal Crossing new leaf :) ? 6
How can a resident become a major with just a different memory card? 1
How can I ban certain bugs? 2
How can I use the QR machine as a resident? 1
How do I bury a time Capsule? 3
How do I get "rest" or "sleep" in AC:NL? 1
How Do I Get A Villager To Move Out QUICK? 9
How do i get Nooklings to expand? 4
How do i get The Emporium FAST? 1
How do I get the ponytail hairstyle? 1
How do I get the train station remodel suggestion? 3
How do I tip when visiting another town? 1
How do I trade villagers in AC:NL? 1
How do villagers go on Main Street once they move out? 1
How do you "Time Travel"? 6
How do you get a villager out of the museum? 2
How do you get a wetsuite? 2
How do you get multiple people in the international island? 2
How do you get someone's picture in New Leaf? 9
How do you get the floating presents? 3
How do you schedule events? 3
How do you unlock the police station? 2
How does HH Showcase work? Why cant i see any houses? 3
How does my nook store upgrade? 3
How does trading, buying, and selling work? 3
How long does it take for a villager to move from a friends town to your town? 1
How long does it take for each type of fruit tree to give off fruit? 3
How many days until the next villager moves? 1
How many golden axes can we get and how? *new* 1
How many suggestions can you get for public works projects in a day? 3
How much total money to unlock Shampoodle? 3
How often do campers show up? 1
How to dive? 3
How to get more money, more specifically for a house expansion and public works project? 1
How to have more paths? 1
How to Interact with Interactive Items (such as a Storage Unit) When Smaller Item is on Top of It? 1
How valuable are the villagers I have? 1
I accidentally had the date set to 2013 instead of 2014. Anyway to change safely? 1
I can not request King K.K from K.K. Slider? 1
I can't bury my fruit? 3
I can't change my eye color? 2
I can't get the DLC items, pelly keeps telling me that I have them already. any solutions? 2
I cannot find Pascal? 4
I cant get the museum gift shop? 4
I have 2 3DS consoles, but only 1 physical copy. Does that mean I can have 2 towns? *new* 1
I have lost my perfect fruit. Will anyone help me get a new one? 1
I lost my gold and silver watering can? 1
I need a Christmas themed town name,any ideas? 3
I need help saving my items for resetting... Can anyone help? 2
I need help with getting a perfect town!? 2
I need help with gracies fashion to get the last up grade off nooklings? 2
I need help with laying down paths and storing them in Abel's? 1
I need some friend codes can someone friend me? 1
I need? 1
I only need one more fossil. Will pay for it? 1
I recieved an item,but it displays as a leaf. Why? How to fix? Ken 2
I seem to get the wrong DLC each month? 1
I want get a new town without deleting my first one, help? 2
I want the crowwwwn!? 1
I want to play with others, but I don't have any friend codes, please would you give me your friend code? 14
I'm addicted to resetting my town? Help? 2
I'm from europe i search someone to exchange dlc?:) 1
I'm lonely! Anyone want to exchange friend codes? 4
I've been mean to a villager and want him to like me again. How? 5
If I time travel for three days will shampoodle be fully built? 7
If you tell a villager not to move out, can you change your mind? 1
Im lonely? 1
In New Leaf why won't phineas show up? 1
In-game issues??? 1
Is anyone online right now? 1
Is anyone selling the sloppy furniture set? 1
Is Bones the dog popular? 1
Is it alright for me to make a guide site about Animal Crossing NL? 1
Is it possible to have a town with no villagers? 11
Is it possible to have two digital copies on the same system? 1
Is it possible to trade StreetPass balloons with other players? 1
Is Stinky a good villager? 2
Is the eGuide that comes with the Prima players guide available offline? 1
Is the frontside of the cover lying? Is this game so cool? 1
Is there a bottle item in Animal Crossing New Leaf? 1
Is there a Japanese player who want to exchange friends code with me? 1
Is there a technique to getting villagers to send you gifts? 2
Is there a type of butler clothing? 2
Is there a way to time travel back to the present day with losing villagers? 1
Is there any data specifically linked to the 3DS system that is used to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf? 2
Is there any glitches or easter eggs in this game? 5
Is there any way to keep a camper in the campsite for more than one day? 1
Just started playing AC and I was wondering if anybody wanted to exchange FC? 1
K.K. Slider won't play Kk birthday? 3
Katie not appearing? 1
Kicks not Building? 1
LF Lovely Furniture whole set carpet and wall papper does any on have them? 1
Lolly is MOVING?!? 1
Looking for FC's, just got the game? 1
Looking For Food Items :D ACNL/Animal Crossing New Leaf? 1
Looking for friend codes? 2
Looking for other acnl players to visit n share cuase i live in an odd timezone and dont get out much anyway? 1
Looking for people who will share their friend code? 2
Looking for pink/ blue hydrangea bushes or olive ones? 1
Looking for these villagers! (?) 2
Lunar rover? 1
May I visit your town to Change my Hair at your Shampoodles? May I purchase Bow Wig for 100k bells? 1
Mic chat? 1
More than one save state in the game? 1
Moving from one town to another? 1
Multiplayer session of new leaf???? 2
My citizen satisfaction says that I need more PWPs even though I have already have ten. Does anybody know why? 2
My Publics Work List shrank to about 5 items, not sure how or why? 3
My residents are buged? 2
My tan will Not go away? 4
My town is ahead 4 hours, and I can go back in time because of turnips...Can i visit other town/have people visit me? 4
My town tree shrunk. Help please? 4
Need friend codes? 12
Need help on AC! (?) 1
New friends anyone? 4
New friends? 2
New Friends? 3
New Town Layout/House Help!? 1
Number of villagers? 4
On ACNL how do you get into the reset centre ? 1
Perfect Town Rating Question? 2
Please be my friend, I have no friends!? 1
Problem with Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Datel Powersave? 2
Ps3 Animal Crossing? 1
Public Work Projects? 1
Purple pansies? 2
QR Codes? 2
Question about pattern layout and houses? 1
Question about the Bell Saver badge[?] 1
Question about villagers moving in and out? 1
Questions about flower beds? 1
Random musical jingle? 1
Random villager in my cafe? 1
Resident petitions? 1
Restarting my town because it won't gain perfect status? 1
Restarting my town? 1
Restarting? 1
Sable won't let my 2nd character to use the sewing machine? 1
Sad villager walked into Re-Tail? 1
Selling Hero's cap, super mushroom, etc.? 1
Share Friend Codes to help with badges? 2
Should I get this game from Club Nintendo as my Platinum reward? 1
Should I make Greta or Rizzo move? 1
Should I reset my town? 1
Should I restart? 2
So.... Katie's in my town... what now? 1
Stone Path Design? 3
Time Travel doesn't work with Club LOL? 5
Time Travelling for Gracie? 2
Tortimer island? 2
Town Tune, anyone up for helping? 3
Toy Day Request??? 1
Toy Day Time Travelling??? 1
Trade?? 1
Troubles in Club tortimer ? 1
Unknown villager comes to cafe??? 1
Update Data option won't go away? 1
Uploading PR codes? 1
Villager Conversations? 1
Villager doesn't ping me? He wants to move!! 1
Villager moved out, help? 1
Villager moving/time traveling? 1
Villager wanting to move out is at a party? 1
Villager won't move out?! 8
Villagers moving in? 4
Villagers won't move in?? 4
Wanna meet new people. swap friend codes? :) 13
What can I trade for Octavian ? 2
What colors of hybrids can I grow and how? 1
What does the Move In Option Mean in Animal Crossing New Leaf? 2
What is going to happen to HHA? 1
What shirt should each of my villagers wear? 1
What time do snooty villagers sleep? 1
What time does the recycling shop close? 1
What's, a easy way to make money? 3
Whats the best way to earn bells in the daytime? 3
Where do I get my friend code? Or is there a friend code on New Leaf..? 1
Where do you catch a surgeonfish? 8
Where is my topiary? 1
Where to find a translation of Item and Character Names? 1
Which bugs get into houses? How do you get them out? 1
Which uchi villager is the best? 1
Which villager personality is most likely to move out? 4
Who are your dreamies? 2
Who has the best Dream Town? 1
Who wants Lily the Normal Frog or Vic the Bull? 1
Who wants to exchange Friend Codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf? 7
Why did I get two pictures from one villager? (Olaf) 1
Why do I keep stumbling? 6
Why Have I not seen Crazy Redd yet..? 2
Why wont club LOL open? 2
Will anyone let me visit their town during weeding day new leaf? (2015) 2
Working at the Roost? 3
Would anyone sell me a Golden Axe? 1

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