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Why can't I connect to the internet in Mario Kart, but I can in other games?

My 3DS is connected to the internet, and every internet-compatible game and application so far works. But When I try to play online in Mario Kart 7, it searches for players for a long time before taking me to a page that says that a communication error has occurred.

super_luigi16 asked for clarification:

There are endless possibilities as to what could be causing your problems. I would need more info about differences between MK7 and the other titles that work (such as where you play them, the games themselves, the popularity of the games, etc.) before I could venture to give an answer.


flipzas answered:

It's because the Nintendo servers are clogged. Recently the errors have stopped for me, but you may be able to prevent frequent errors by getting closer to your router.
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rpgamer88 answered:

I had the exact issue and when i went to my friends house, there were no problems at all getting into a race. I recommend first checking to see if you have the most recent system update for your 3DS and then checking your router set up. Mine is Belkin but my friend's router was linksys and so that could be an issue. Also, make sure theres no firewall on your internet connection for your 3DS.
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peoplewhoplay answered:

Probably your internet conection is the problem, or possibly the server
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SkullBasherX answered:

Its either your internet connection stinks or the servers are full
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MichaelPRak answered:

I have been experiencing a similar problem. The MK7 server at Nintendo has countless people playing MK7 on it. Servers have a limit in their bandwidth. Bandwidth is how many people can be using the same thing at one, like when you can connect 5 wi-fi devices to you phone but you cannot add more. Servers act the same way.

If the server cannot fit you, wait about 2-5 minutes and try again. If that doesn't work, you may have a poor connection, such as free hotel wi-fi. This is nothing to worry about, it is NOT a 3DS issue and is NOT a MK7 issue.

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dooziexx answered:

So like flipzaz 3 said GET CLOSER.....:)
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tystle_game answered:


Yea to stop an communication error, when other people stop, you stop. So you can connect to it.
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StarSpriteZero answered:

If you do not have the most recent update of the new Mario Kart 7 server, then you have to install it from Nintendo eShop and it will work. If you did, then either the internet that you have is bad at those exact times or the other games that you have requires a lower connection than Mario Kart 7.
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BerryBob answered:

Maybe your game is corrupted.
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stevefelltodoom answered:

If you played at your friend's house then the problem might be that you have to go into your system settings at the home menu, and setup a second connection at his house.
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MasterYoshidino answered:

It can be any of the following:
1. Firewall - this tends to me "common" among some JP players as you will have difficulty getting good sync with racers that have their routers deny your packets
2. Poor internet connection - the game demands some level of latency e.g lack of. You can't expect to lag out at > 1000 ms and expect to race
3. The racers you are choosing to race against have poor connections themselves - The server tends to force you to disconnect
4. Server is overloaded - Hate this one. You just disconnect for no apparent reason.

You just have to keep trying and make sure you don't have a bad connection.
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SkullMan02 answered:

The server is most likely messed up, so I would just wait and try again every once in a while.
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