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Fastest way to get coins?

Has anyone figured out which cup is the shortest to beat to rack up coins? Or any other way if possible to rack coins up fast? I keep getting all the customs that I don't need or find useful for a light class.

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shrooboid313 answered:

If you can't access online I would recommend the Mushroom Cup (excluding Cheep-Cheep Cape) or the Banana Cup.
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nblasteroin answered:

Just do Coin Runners multiple times.
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Mega_Virus answered:

Play Online, It's Fast Paced & coins come in without it feeling like a chore, + it's fun too
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super_luigi16 answered:

There are plenty of Coin Farming Communities on the Board; in those communities, items are turned off, and everyone's just trying to get coins, so it'll be easy to get 10 coins and keep them. Good Luck! :)
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Ice_Dragon14 answered:

Coin farming communities. Banana cup is the shortest cup I believe, if you decide to get them offline
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Plooper951 answered:

Can anybody give me any tips for 150cc races and online races, too? Because I seem to absolutely BOMB on those races, I just flat-out stink...
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MetalMario4ever answered:

I Would say Flower Cup.It's easy enough,AND the courses do provide a good hand-full of coins in them.So...there you go.If not,then Mushroom and Banana Cup are also good too.
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casmaster82397 answered:

50cc mushroom cup. At least 50 coins every time
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super_luigi16 answered:

^Except any extra coins earned don't count...Only the first 40 count
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blueyoshi6725 answered:

I will just post the top 5!

5) A Tanooki tail helps you get 4 distant coins(like a cart away from each other).

4) Like above, coin farming communities!

3) Online Races

2) I heard lots of people saying to do Mushroom Cup, probably because it has lots of coins, and Banana Cup, because it's really short.

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Mikeisapoet answered:

Why do people keep saying Coin Runners? You can only get a maximum of 40 coins in it, just like a Cup, and they don't even count towards your amount.
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