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How can I get the golden parts?


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Ardian164 answered:

The Gold Glider can be unlocked by making 100 StreetPass connections or by collecting 10000 coins.
The Gold Tires are unlocked by obtaining a minimum of one star ranking in all cups of every engine class or by collecting 15000 coins.
The Gold Kart can be unlocked by obtaining 10000VR or by collecting 20000 coins.
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ferb12321 answered:

Collect 10,000 coins total for the glider, Collect 20,000 coins total for the body, and 1star higher on every cup on every cc and mirror mode for the wheels.
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SkullBasherX answered:

Gold Glider:Connect 100 via Streetpass or collect 10,000 coins from Grand Prix

Gold Kart:Have 10,000 VR or by collecting 20,000 coins from Grand Prix

Gold Tires:Get at least one star of every cup of every class or collect 15,000 coins from Grand Prix
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