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How do I use gyro control?

I don't see any options about it anywhere.

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Neku_Phones answered:

Press up on the Control pad while racing. Personally, I like first person without gyro. To turn the gyro off, go to the Mario Kart Channel, tap your mii, and go to settings.
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KiwiLuv answered:

At the very beginning of the race, press up on the Control Pad, and when you don't want to race in gyro control anymore or you dont like it, press down at any time during the race to exit out of gyro mode.
Hope this helps,
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peoplewhoplay answered:

Anytime during a race, press up on the control pad. Steer by tilting your 3DS around, to turn back into normal view just press right, down, or left on the control pad. To disable gyro controls just go the mario kart channel and go to your settings, switch gyro controls off.
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SkullBasherX answered:

During a race press up on the control pad
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