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Asked: 2 years ago

Y i no get gold kart?

Golden Standard kart body is unlocked when you get 20,000 coins or 10,000 vr. I have gotten past 10,000 vr. Soooo WHY I NO GET G0LD CAR?

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You don't always instantly get the kart parts that you have met the requirements for. You only receive kart parts when you finish a Grand Prix or start playing the game. You should receive the part the when you start playing Mario Kart 7 again.

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When you get to 10,000 VR, you don't get the kart instantly. You might have to play a Grand Prix or Time Trial, or restart the game to get it. You can try gaining coins to unlock another part and then your kart might appear when you check back.

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When you get 10,000 VR the gold kart might not unlock instantly, you could try doing a grind prix and it will unlock.

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What she said. jk.

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