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Fast, faster,or fastest?

What is the best car combination for all wieght classes? to you

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Practically any combination can work. Just choose what you like aesthetically because it's actual stats probably won't make much of a difference on your ability to win. Of course, if stats are a big deal to you, then you need to create a cart that fits within those parameters.

I personally use Luigi/B-Dasher/Mushroom Wheels/Beast Glider, but I've won with Shy Guy/Cact-X/Wooden Wheels/Flower Glider of all things. It's all about preference.

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It's up to you, it depends on your racing preferences.

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I win with Toad/Zucchini/Slick Tires/Super Glider

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I stick with

Lakitu- Cloud 9, Roller, and Swooper.

Daisy- Bumble-V, Roller, and Swooper.

Shy Guy- Pipe Frame, Roller, and Swooper.

The combination is weak in Weight, but the acceleration is inches away from MAX.

All of the above are mostly the same good, so it's just a matter of who your favorite character is.

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Bumble-V, Wooden, and Gold Glider/Beast Glider is considered the best with a lightweight. You can also swap out the Glider for a Paraglider/Swooper

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I keep using Pipe Frame/Monster Red/Gold Glider for every single character

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These are the karts that i think you should use
Feather- Bumble V/Red Monster/Swooper

Medium- B Dasher/Sponge/Paraglider

Heavy- B Dasher/Mushroom/Swooper

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There is no "best kart" for any of the weight classes. BUT there is a best stat, and that is acceleration. This is because when you're hit by an item in a race you want very quick recovery time. With high speed you'll stay way ahead if you aren't hit by any items, but will most likely have low acceleration.

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I think they mean which kart wtih which character and wheels and glider are the fastest. not what other people use to win

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purely personal opinion,

My combo: lakitu, soda jet, red monster, standard glider

Really all around, and if you look at it's hidden stats, only real disadvantage is the handling. go to for the hidden stats. Hope I helped!

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If you are purely for high speed, most choose something like:

Metal Mario, Speed Dasher, Slick Wheels, and the regular Glider.

If you're for acceleration and handling, choose something like:

Lakitu, Bruiser, Small Wheels, and one of the lighter Gliders.

Hope this helps.

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I use Koopa Clown/ Monster tires/ Paraglider with Koopa Troopa and I win a lot. It depends on your driving style, really.

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Personal choice, but here are some of mine:
Lakitu, Barrel Train, Roller, Swooper

Bowser, Zucchini, Slick, Swooper

Wiggler, Zucchini, Roller, Swooper

Bowser, Soda Jet, Slick, Beast

Wiggler, Egg 1, Red Monster, Swooper

Koopa Troopa, Bolt Buggy, Swooper

Lakitu, Cloud 9, Roller, Swooper

Lakitu, Cloud 9, Wooden, Beast

Koopa Troopa, Gold Standard, Gold Tires, Gold Glider

Notes: That last one takes some work! Wiggler seems to do well with just about anything you throw at him. The Egg 1, Red Monster, Swooper combo appears to work with a lot of characters; In addition to Wiggler, it works well with Bowser and Yoshi. I got 3 stars on several of the 150cc and Mirror cups having Bowser use that. A variation of that, perhaps for more aquatic purposes, is using Roller wheels instead of Red Monster. Those are just a few of my dominant combinations! Hope these help!

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Mario - Speed Dasher, Slick Wheels, And A Regular Glider

(Cart) (Wheels) (Glider)

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For featherweigth/lightweights: Pipeframe, Sponge Wheels, and Peach Parasol make's Koopa go SUPAH FAST (and other lightweights)

For Meduim it's always B Dasher, Gold Tires, and Gold Glider or Peach Parasol

Heavyweight: same as Meduim.

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I use mii/b dasher/ mushroom wheels/ swooper

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I don't need car combinations: I did win with minimum speed and i got first online and with my friends.

Min speed or Max speed... I don't need speed. I have the best thing: Skill.

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What i use is Lakitu/Cloud 9/Mushroom Wheels/Swooper. Thats what use.

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Wario-B Dasher- Red Monster-Gold Glider

Wins alot for me- got me up to 8000+ VR

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I use Toad/Soda Jet/Slim/Flower Glider.

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The best one for me is Shy Guy/B Dasher/Mushroom/Flower Glider. That works for me because I am able to cut around corners very close to the wall and also able to fly very high in the air so I can skip over areas where it's off-road... But really, the best kart combination is something your used to. For example, someone can play with Mario with standard parts and still own everyone in the competition. What really matters is what you are comfortable at using. You can have slow speed but still own everyone in Online... Just use what you are good at... Also experiment with the parts, go to Time Trials and test them out. You are sure to find a combination that you are good with! Hope this long, but useful answer helps you! :) - bows -

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Metal Mario, B-Dasher, Slick, Paraglider.
Metal Mario, Gold Kart, Gold Wheels, Gold Glider.

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Mii, Zucchini, Red Monster, Paraglider
Koopa Troopa, Blue Seven, Slick, Super Glider

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I personally use Yoshi on the B-Dasher, with wooden wheels and the peach parasol.

It must've worked because Im now above 10,000vr!

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