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Asked: 3 years ago

What is the true ending?

I want to know what is but dose it mean by every class like every part or every single kart possible because if thats the case I'll just forget about it thats alot of work and if thats the case what the heak is true ending anyway?

Additional details - 2 years ago

If you go to mariokart7 cheats-Gamespot you'll know what I mean it says place fitst in every cup WITH EVERY KART CLASS

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I guess it would be unlocking all of the parts and getting three stars on everything... I think thats what you're asking anyway.

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It means when you get the THANKS FOR PLAYING! screen at the end of the special cup or lightning cup, it has 17 characters instead of 8. I think you have to unlock all characters to get it.

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and to boshirulz, I don't have 3 stars or all parts and i've seen the true ending.

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ninjasrule_23 is right,
You get it when you beat every cup with a gold (i forget if it counts mirror)
and it shows all 17 (Mii) then the original 9 (he forgot mii)
And Mario says:
"Thanks for playing, you da best!"
instead of: "Thanks for playing, way to go!"

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The "True Ending," or "alternate ending," is what you see after the credits when you have beaten all cups (including 150CC Mirror mode) and finish in first place. It is all the characters in the game rather than the ones you normally see at the end. You must finish the race in first however, it has nothing to do with stars, coins, etc.

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Unlock all parts and complete mirror mode both ending (last on new and retro) cups and you will get all the characters and your mii in a neat little victory animation all lined next to each other and Mario will exclaim "Thanks You dah best YAHOO!!"

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Thats not true, all you have to do is watch the credits, witch can only be watched when you get gold on every cup

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I dont have all the parts and i have seen the ending. by the way, also after the credits you get the alternate title screen

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I already beat all the classes and have seen the true ending. After you beat the final cup in the 150cc mirror class, there will be a short clip (its a little longer than the first clip you see after you beat the special cup in the 50cc class). after the clip, all the characters will be at the toad circut starting line and mario will then say "Thanks for playing, you the best!". Trust me I accually saw it AND heard it myself. after all this has happened, you will unlock the gold wheel!

I hope this helped.

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If you want to unlock the gold wheels, you have to complete all the cups with at least 1 star for every cup.

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Every kart class is 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and Mirror.

And the True ending is everyone in their Stardard Karts in the Toad circuit. It's easy to do that.

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All the kart classes are 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror mode. There are obviously 8 cups in each, so for all 32 cups, you need to achieve a first place/gold trophy on them. Once you do that, the true ending is revealed.

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