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Asked: 2 years ago

Coin Income?

So ive basically destroyed everything in mario kart except for the kart custimization. i win gold nearly everytime i do a grand prix. do i need to use other karts? its really annoying since i never get ANY coins..... And i know there are still more because the ? symbol is still on ea. please write down ideas.

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You get coins by collecting them on the track. That's it. I suggest playing online since you can also unlock parts by having a high VR in addition to collecting coins.

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Play a difficulty level you can very easily get first on , then focus only on coins and you will reach high coins online, alternatively you could go online , but there is more chance of you losing coins by red shell/bannana ect.

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How are you not getting coins? You get them by racing on the tracks and collecting them by driving over them and they are on ALL courses. Easy as that! How are you not being able to collect coins, they are EVERYWHERE.

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Winning gold trophies only unlock characters. There is still a certain amount of coins you must collect. You get a new kart customization option with every 2000 coins you collect, if you play a lot, you can rack up new customizations, and to add a bonus: You gain just a little speed when you get 10 coins in a course, but lose it when you lose them, but thankfully the game doesn't take them away from your attempt for 2000 extra coins. so that's good!

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Well, play MANY 50cc grand prix's. It's SUPER easy.

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Like Mutigerfan said just do the 50cc races and you can get max coins in a grand prix because your luck is always better on the lowest one.

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You can only gain coins online and on grand prix, you don't get any coins on time trials.

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