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Answered Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
0aaaa Trying to Unlock new players??? aaaa0 Answered 3
NPC's are jerks? Answered 1
Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
True Ending? Answered 1
Unclear True Ending requirements? Answered 1
Level Help status answers
Grumble Volcano? Answered 3
How to get 3 stars on star cup, mirror mode? Answered 1
Maku Wuhu: Time Trials? Answered 1
Time Trial Wheel? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
150Cc? Answered 2
3 Star Rating by your name online? Answered 1
Am I actually playing with the streetpass ppl? Answered 1
Best Acceleration? Answered 1
Best place to use Banana and Shells? Answered 1
Blue Shell?! Answered 1
Bullet Bill destroys obstacles? Answered 1
Can my total coin count decrease? Answered 2
Can someone list the stat/weight classes specifically? Answered 1
Can we change our kart colors? Answered 2
Can you delete your save? Answered 3
Can you send ghost data to other people via local multiplayer? Answered 2
Can you snake? Answered 1
Certain Godly AI characters in Single Player Grand Prix? Answered 4
Coin Farming? Answered 1
Coins? Answered 1
Combination Request? Answered 1
Community? Answered 5
Dodging Those Stupid Blue Shells. Is it possible? Answered 2
Does getting 3 stars do anything? Answered 2
Does the number of coins you have to get to unlock parts change after you reach 1000? Answered 1
Does this have save files? Answered 1
Does this have to do anything with the Wii version? Answered 1
Dry Bowser? Answered 2
Fastest Kart parts? Answered 1
Fastest way to get coins? Answered 11
Freind Code (not question)? Answered 5
Groups? Answered 3
Have they fixed the A.I from the last game? Answered 10
Hi, i was wondering how do you race as your mii character? Answered 1
How can you play as blue shy guy besides download play? Answered 6
How do i get a 3 Stars Rating? Answered 8
How do I search for communities without using codes? Answered 1
How do i switch miis? Answered 2
How do I use gyro control? Answered 4
How do they determine how many coins you start with in online matches? Answered 2
How does the Custom Grand Prix work? Answered 3
How much does it cost? Answered 2
How to get gold glider? Answered 1
Is it possible to get a 3 star rank on 150cc using Maka Wuhu glitch? Answered 2
Is the online better then mario kart wii? Answered 3
Is there a coin limit? Answered 2
Is there a Drifting Stat? Answered 1
Is there a shop? Answered 1
Is there a VS mode? Answered 2
Is Waluigi in the game? Answered 5
It won't let me join game? Answered 1
Karts and their Images? Answered 1
List of all the classic tracks? Answered 1
Mii character sounds? Answered 1
Nobody is joining my community, why? Answered 1
Online Leader Board? Answered 1
Online Username? Answered 2
Question regarding the 3DS Cartridge of MK7? Answered 3
Should i turn in my DS for a 3DS? Answered 5
Single card multiplayer? Answered 1
Staff ghosts? Answered 3
Stars won't work.what am I missing ? Answered 1
This was weird..? Answered 2
Weight status? Answered 1
What did nintendo say about the Maka Wuhu glitch? Answered 3
What is this noise? Answered 3
What mode do you have to play to get the gold steering wheel? Answered 5
When does it come out? Answered 5
When does your coin count accumulate twoards your total? Answered 4
Where do you find Creating Communites section? Answered 1
Where does the sudden burst come from? Answered 2
Why do the coins I collect in time trial mode not add up to the coins I collect in grand prix mode? Answered 1
Why is Lakitu (flag guy) sad? Answered 6

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