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2-5 Puzzle?

How do you tell which sticker is the one thats needed in the towers? I know about the murals holding said items, but some them have multiple ones on one wall.

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I know that sometimes you have to swap the positions, but I feel like I worded the question wrong. The side murals have multiple symbols for different stickers. What I want to know is how to tell which symbol is the right one. Right now I'm assuming the symbol has to be in the middle and that the other mural Toads are looking at it. Is that correct?

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shakekingpwner answered:

For the puzzle you're referring to, go to the locked door and look at the direction the toad's head and feet are facing. Then, look around for the other toads whose feet and heads face the same direction. There will only be two and each one is holding an item in either their left or right hand. Those items are the answer.
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mew4ever23 answered:

Circle the floor. The side murals show which sticker to use. For ones with multiple items, the left wall appears to equal the right hand and vice versa.
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scy1192 answered:

Look at the hand that the mural is holding the item in. Holding the hammer with the left hand? Stick it to his left hand. Note it may *seem* backwards because the door mural is in a different position than the wall mural.
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