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How do I get past (Snow Rise)?

I've already beaten Shy Guy Jungle first, and I got through the AWESOME mansion so it's not through lack of trying. I've tried to use the radiator, the Air Conditioner and the lighter. Am I missing something somewhere? I've also used the bellows and the stupid magnifying glass. I'm stumped. Kersti is no help, as usual. There's only about eight things that can 'warm things up'. So yeah. Little help? And if I don't have to melt the ice cream cone then how do I advance upward toward what I'm assuming is the mountain?

pygmiegoat provided additional details:

Seriously? It was that simple? Sheesh. Thanks a lot!

Accepted Answer

DRayX answered:

You melt the ice cream cone with a fireflower. Anything with a small box needs a normal sized battle sticker. All of the thing spots have the 2x2 box.
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