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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I beat the really big fish?

Try as I might I can not seem to beat the really big fish that attacks the boat when you try to leave the port. I try using big stickes but he always just goes back into the water and heals himself.

Accepted Answer

From: PencilWielder 2 years ago

Your going to need to use the Fish Hook. Go to the the shop in World 3 that sells the blue doors, and use one on the ledge south of the shop. There you should find the hook. In the battle with the Cheep Cheep, use the hook as soon as he jumps in the water and heals himself. That should fish him out. Then you have to pummel away at him quickly, before he grows too big and blows up, dealing 99 damage.

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Or, if you don't mind tanking some damage, when he puffs himself up, simply use the Thumbtack sticker to end it right there.

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You can also use one of the spike helmet stickers to end the battle instantly after you fish him out with the hook, but like with the thumbtack you'll still take damage

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