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How do I get past 1-3 to get to 1-5?

I can't seem to get to level 1-5 and the circle on the map for 1-3 is yellow, so I know I'm missing something. I talked to a retainer that said "I saw a sparkling star fall near Water's Edge waterfall" but I can't seem to find anything out of the ordinary.

Accepted Answer

G___Bax answered:

In the screen before the Bowser faucet, there should be a waterfall with coins behind it and a bridge in front of the waterfall. Stand on the bridge, look toward the waterfall and jump into it. There should be a secret room with the other Comet Shard.
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TerrFury answered:

There should be a hidden entrance that you have to peel a bowser sticker off of then an entrance should appear.
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pingufetch5 answered:

Try jumping from the bridge into the water fall.
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Toad_and_Pit_co answered:

After you beat Kamek go down to the next entrance you see. keep walking till you find another entrance. there should be a holethat you cant fall into yet, and a speedy goomba. after getting pst the goomba, look at the bridge, and walk straight toward the waterfall. I found this by accident. XD
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