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Where can I find (Flash Hurl Hammer, Flashy POW Block, and Flashy Spike Helmet)?

Ok so I've read up on the various FAQs on here tellin' me that I can find all 3 of these stickers in the Secret Doors of 1-2 and 2-5 but when I checked both, they just had normal stickers???

Is anyone else havin' this problem and if they are can you tell me an alternate location to find 'em?

Accepted Answer

super_luigi16 answered:

If you've already gotten these stickers from behind the door once, they will revert back to normal form. However, to find those stickers, you only have on option: upgrading. You can head to a place like 3-2, 5-1, etc. that has plenty of places to upgrade stickers (the stumps, ring of flowers, etc.), paperize, and make your normal versions of each sticker into shiny and then flashy versions. It's somewhat tedious, but it's the only way to get another version of those stickers. You might want to buy the Shiny versions from 4-4 to make things easier. Hope this helps! :)
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megaflashmario answered:

Ok go to 5-1 go to where all the trash was and you will see foot prints similar to birdo's follow them to three tree stumps put a shiny sticker if you want flashy put regular if you shiny NOTE: does not work with big shiny sticker hope this helped
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