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Where do i find the Refrigerator sticker?

There's a point in the game where i need to put a Fridge sticker somewhere but throughout the game i didn't find a Fridge and i did everything in order.

Where do i find the Refrigerator?

yoda2323 asked for clarification:

Where are you in the game? I've beaten it (not 100% though) and you never need the refrigerator.

Accepted Answer

RandomHelper101 answered:

World 5 - Level 5 (W 5-5) - Rugged Road: THAT IS WHEN YOU NEED TO USE IT.
(I don't know where exactly in that level and whether or not it is required to progress through the story, but I do know that you will need to use it for "freezing the lava") P.S. I got this information from another "Q & A" faqs that was answered, here is the url for it:

You can FIND the Refrigerator in: World 4 - Level 3 (W 4-3) - The Enigmansion:
(Note: You WILL NEED the Refrigerator if you want any hopes of getting the Refrigerator Sticker.)
I don't know where exactly it is in the level, but by guessing from what others are saying, it should be near the OVEN in the KITCHEN.

Once you get the Refrigerator Thing, Go to the "Sling-A-Thing Shop" (it's free) to the LEFT of the main central area in Decalburg.

After that, Ta-Da, You got yourself a Refrigerator Sticker! Just remember that you use it in:
World 5 - Level 5 (W 5-5) - Rugged Road!
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XGamer80 answered:

The refrigerator is found in level 4-3. Inside the mansion, take the door in the lower back leading to the room with the cake on the table. In the kitchen further back, you can pick up the refrigerator (as well as the oven). You can then convert the fridge into a sticker in Decalburg.
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yoshipikmnghost answered:

Check world 4-3! In the mansion, check the kitchen area behind the stairs where you discovered all the boos. Check the back right
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