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Snow Rise Comet?

How do you get the other comet in 4-1?

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Err ok iam just going to tell you both. one you need the heater and melt the snow away where the coolpangwins slide.(the spot you put it is on the right hand side of the snow in a ~brocken corner i think). then that should open a cave under that snow. the other one you need to go through a pipe to the right of those snow ball throwing guys. the pipe is in a cave you cant jump to but if you go up you will see a small hill of snow thats really a hole just jump down there.

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Ok go to 3-10 and play snifit or wifit again and take the special challenge and if you win you can get the radiator now go back to 4-1 and before going on the hill again paperize and put the radiator in the one spot and you shouldn't have to worry about the penguins any more and then go in the little cave dodge by using the hammer and at the top there should be a comet piece

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A. Get Heater and put it on top of hill where the Checker place is and go in Cave. <-- Second one
Or B. I Forget

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On the far right of the level there is a large pile of snow. If you walk into it you find a pipe once you are in the pipe go left and then you will find the comet.

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