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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find (Faucet)?

The I've check the walkthroughs and all I find is a 'Tap'.

Is there differences between those released in Australia and the rest of the world?

If there is, can someone please make a list of name changes?

Additional details - 2 years ago

I find the (tap) the same way I find the (faucet). Is there any other name changes?

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You can find the Faucet in 1-3 Water's Edge Way. There should be a Bowser head vomiting water. Next to it, there should be an entrance next to it. The Faucet should be there. The 'Tap' and the 'Faucet' are most likely the same thing if you find it the same way.

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In 1-3 Water's edge way. You first have to beat Kamek, find a cave next to a cardboard Bowser head, and climb stairs. Jump on the Faucet 3 times to get it off.

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