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Sight Rings number 63 and 75?

I've been looking for two sight rings forever without finding them.
Can anyone tell me where to find number 63 and 75?
I'd appreciate it a lot.
Thank you for your help!

Kevelinu provided additional details:

Ok I have found sight number 75, it's the mystery zone or sth like that.
But 63 is still missing! I just can't find it!


McMasters answered:

First, when yo find the answer to something, don't just say 'lol i found it', POST YOUR ANSWER. Other people are searching too.

THE LOCATION OF #63 (Sundown Point):

elevation: 200 ft.

position. halfway between the LIGHTHOUSE and THE ORANGE SWORDFIGHING CIRCLE. on the tip of a small outcropping.

You can find it at ANY TIME OF DAY with ANY VEHICLE.


elevation: 450 ft.

position. halfway between the TENNIS COURTS and THE SOUTHERNMOST OF THE THREE ISLANDS IN THE NORTHEAST CORNER. over water, in the vicinity of a single speedboat floating in the middle of the islet.

You can find it at ANY TIME OF DAY with ANY VEHICLE.
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