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Does drift not charge nitros with the auto-charger?

I've noticed that of the nitros types you can by both the quad nitros and the auto-charge have an extra tank. Now that quad does only that while the auto adds the extra tank and charges without drift, and also costs less than the quad. I have to assume there's some other down side to the auto nitros or else there would be no reason for the quad to exist. So does the auto-charger only charge on it's own and not charge during drift?

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Minor_Annoyance answered:

I tested it. Auto-charge fully charges four tanks in 1:37 regardless of the drifting you do.
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DudeElLoco answered:

I have finished the game but I have not bought any alternate nitrous kits so I have to go on what I remember from RR7 on PS3.

Quad Nitrous gives 4 tanks of small capacity & a max of 3 can be used at once leaving on reserve.
Auto-Charge gives the normal 3 tanks but does not charge in addition to drifts or UC. If you drift with Auto-Charge, it will continue at it's normal rate & will not increase charging speed & will also not be able to UC.
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