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What is the purpose of Katt?

Where does she come in the story at? And she isn't in Adventures or Assualt, so what happened?

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Is she in the original Star Fox? Also, kohlrak2 said that her hatred towards Andross was strong- what happened there?

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Kirbyman50 answered:

Where Katt appears in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D is in in Zoness, and Sector Z(if you went to Zoness first) to give you assistance in the mission(s). The reason she wasn't in Star fox Adventure(Or at least mine), is because they were introducing Krystal. As for Star Fox Assault, I would assume she wasn't around at the time of the occurrences. However she was in Star Fox Command, if you play through the right story line.
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kohlrak2 answered:

Adventures was sort of isolated further out in the Lylat system with nothing that would interest Katt (or Bill, apparently). With Assault, she was probably hiding (wasn't Andross they were fighting, so she hadn't enough hatred to fight). Apparently she's got some (shady) past with Falco, hence why she appears at all.
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Kirbyman50 answered:

At the details:
From what I can tell she wasn't in the first Star Fox. And from my research: Before the events of the game, Katt was ambushed by a Venomian patrol squadron and her ship was crippled as a result. Because of this, she had a strong dedication to stopping Andross. She eventually managed to reverse-engineer an Invader III prototype that she had stolen from the Venomian Army, heavily modified into its present state in Star Fox 64, and called it the "Cat's Paw".

In other words: They nearly destroyed her ship before the Star Fox 64 events took place, she got really upset and stole one of the enemy's ship and changed it up, and re-named it into what you see in Star Fox 64.
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