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Do you unlock anything from Score Attack when getting all the Gold Medals?

Thought I would ask this question before I start. Is there anything to unlock from getting all the Gold Medals in either 3DS or N64 mode in Score Attack?

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KeyBlade999 answered:

Look, I'll settle this, because I know I'm right.

You'll just get the satisfaction of having done so.

To unlock Expert Mode, you need the 15 Main Game medals from either N64 or 3DS mode.

To unlock alternate title screen, you'll need the 45 Main Game medals from the N64, 3DS, and Expert modes.

All the Score Attack is for is to make high scores for fun, and nothing else by anyone's knowledge.
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jacksl answered:

Yes, you unlock expert mode.
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Kirbyman50 answered:

Jacksl, he's asking what do you unlock in score attack, with gold medals. Not the medals in normal mode. And as for JJOR64's question, I don't know. I'll try to get my way up to gold on each stage, but some isn't going to be easy.
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Jose095 answered:

actually Kirbyman50 you do unlock expert mode for getting all gold medals. getting the normal medals is just a way of the game saying "good now go complete score attack mode with all gold medlas for a special prize"
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