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Did Star fox 64 3D have the Landmaster mode in multiplayer?

In Star fox 64 (classic) if i win a Medal in Venom, i unlock the Landmaster mode, and to get On-foot mode i need get a medal in venom in expert mode.

In Star fox 64 3D, this happens too?

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Kart_Krazy answered:

The original N64 multiplayer mode is scrapped; there's no more Landmaster or on-foot multiplayer.
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Magna_Stryker answered:

Multiplayer mode on Star Fox 64 3D is not the same as the multiplayer mode on Star Fox 64. Multiplayer battles are strictly Arwing in the 3D version, and there is no way to unlock any other vehicle or method of battle within it.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

In the original Star Fox 64, you could have done this.

However, in the 3DS remake, BOTH on-foot and Landmaster gameplay were scrapped. So, no; it is strictly Arwing.
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