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Asked: 3 years ago

How do i get this medal?

Iv'e just unlocked a medal on the main game (not in score attack).How do i get more

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From: Kirbyman50 3 years ago

Magna is right. Depending on what stages, some require more then others. But regardless on which type of game you are playing in main storyline, all the medals require the same hits, like Venom needs 200 hits for a medal, but that's not all. You also need to keep your wingmen alive too. Or else you won't get the medal even if you hit a certain amount.
Each stage needs as many hits as follows:
Aquas Destroy 150
Area 6 Destroy 300
Bolse Destroy 150
CorneriaDestroy 150
Fortuna Destroy 50
Katina Destroy 150
Macbeth Destroy 150
Meteo Destroy 200
Sector X Destroy 150
Sector Y Destroy 150
Sector Z Destroy 100
Solar Destroy 100
Venom Destroy 200
Zones Destroy 250
Titania Destroy 150
~ Answers taken from the original Star Fox 64 Game

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Each level in the main game has a set number of kills that must be reached in order to receive a medal for that level.

The number of kills required to receive a medal vary from level to level. Some levels require less than others, and a select few levels require what seems to be an overwhelming number. I assure you though, you're able to grab a medal for all 15 levels.

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Did you get the medal for no continues after beating this game. That is what I got.

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